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Why Does God Kill People

Why would a loving God send fire and brimstone down from Heaven intentionally to kill the people of Sodom & Gommorah?

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 ---Whisper on 10/24/07
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Matthew, yes, Jana's reasoning is extremely disconcerting. Can you imagine trying to have a loving relationship with a God who planted ideas like that in people's heads? Can you imagine living for eternity with such a God? Yikes!
---John1944 on 10/30/07

Amen Leon. We were warned about WWII before it happened, and the remedy was repentance and prayer. The Jews were just one target of a number and not the first to be taken out. The Nazis were evil and they were eventually removed from power. But they were our (human) problem and it was our responsibility to take them out. We humans allowed them to gain authority, and this will happen again if we are not vigilent.
---lorra8574 on 10/30/07

Matthew: Emissaries? Of course not! The time for talking (diplomacy) had passed. "Devine" military "intervention" was necessary & used to deliver (save) the oppressed & defeat the diabolical Nazi & Facist regimes of Hitler & Mussolini. (For example see Neh. 9:26-31)
---Leon on 10/29/07


So God destroys those who don't accept Christ? And God would have intervened in Nazi Germany if they did? But Jews don't accept Jesus.

So the history of God in WWII is that Nazi's murder of millions was actually the destruction of unbelievers? Were the Nazi's agents of God? Was the Holocaust then something like the destruction of Babylon?
---matthew on 10/29/07

Why didnt God intervene in Nazi Germany? I would rather ask, "Did these people love God and follow His ways?" the only answer would be No..otherwise I am very sure that God would intervene..Yes they mayb Jews yet millions of Jews didnt accept Christ as God or Son of God..God destroys those who does not listen to His voice n are evil..
---jana on 10/27/07

Whisper, these sinners were doing great harm to others and to their own children. Our Loving God did the rest of the world an enormous favour by ridding them and setting an example for the rest of us. The Nazis were not as evil as they were, but wicked enough and God took care of them through conventional means. But we are growing more wicked by the day as a people. Pray.
---lorra8574 on 10/26/07


I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that the Allied forces could be seen as emisaries of God?
---matthew on 10/26/07

Seems like there are 2 john's on Christianet blogs. I don't know how that works. But to answer the question, It says in the Bible that God was tired of their wicked, evil ways. That's a good enough reason. How can we question God's reason?
---john on 10/26/07

John: "Why"? :) We find quick answers to some questions. Only God can answer other questions. I believe He answers some but not all questions based on our level of comprehension. I'm okay with that. I know no matter what, He has our best interest at heart.

By the way, God did send "someone" (people) to Nazi Germany. They were the armies of the Allied Forces (U.S., UK, USSR & France) that defeated Hitler & Mussolini during World War II.
---Leon on 10/26/07

So God stood by and watched millions of people get gassed and incinerated? And none of them were innocent enough to deserve his attention?

If God intervened in the past as the Bible says he did, why does he not do so today? When did he stop? Do we know for sure that he ever did?
---john on 10/25/07

So why didn't God send someone to Nazi Germany?
---john on 10/25/07

Well because they were sinning. Abraham pleaded with God for him not to destroy the city. He asked God if he could find at least 50 people righteous people would he still destroy the city, God said no. Later on Abraham couldn't find at least 10 righteous people. So God sent Lot to warn the people in the city. This is a prime example of what happens to people if they don't listen and take heed to God's word.
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

Because the people of Sodom and Amorah asked for it by their own actions. Please Read- Genesis 18:20+ 19:4-8+ Jude 7.
---Eloy on 10/25/07


Why do you think that God didn't intervene in Nazi Germany?
---john on 10/24/07

Looks like the disciples asked Jesus to rain down brimstone on the Samaritans but he refused to do it.
---John1944 on 10/24/07

Bill B, God intervened in Nazi Germany? History shows the allied forces "intervened" Would God have waited 10 yrs. to stop the holocaust? 6 million of "His" people gassed and burned? No God allows tyrany, this is satan's world!
---1st_cliff on 10/24/07

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God is life... the wages of sin is death....
---barry on 10/24/07

God is LIFE..... the wages of sin is DEATH
---barry4748 on 10/24/07

Whisper: Just like today, "because their sin [was] is very grievous" to God (Gen. 18:20), unrepentent humanity is raising hell to their own destruction. Holy God can't & won't tolerate it!

God made an example of the Sodomites, etc., (like He did with the rebels in Noah's day). Lost humanity would do well to heed the Lord's "loving" warnings. Scripture shows permanent death faces all rebels. It won't be in the Dead Sea region, but in the Lake of Fire!
---Leon on 10/24/07

Sin is unfair. Look at what happens if God does not intervene...Nazi Germany if they had not been stopped, what men in Africa do to women if they are not effectively stopped, etc. It would be worse if God permits.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/24/07

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Because of their sin and wickedness.

Do you believe sin deserves a reward?
---Bob on 10/24/07

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