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Should I Become A Christian

What is the most important reason why I should become a Christian?

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 ---John1944 on 10/25/07
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Jesus came into world to seek and to save that which was lost(Lk 19:10). Man is lost in sin.Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the life(John 14:6). Acts 4:10-12 states that there is no salvation in no one else. Only Jesus can save a person from eternal punishment. From the Bible, it is clear that one needs to be a Christian in order to receive salvation.To be saved one needs to confess that Jesus is the Son of God(Matt. 10:32-33).He needs to repent and be baptized(Acts 2:38). See(2Cor 5:20).
---denna9368 on 11/16/07

I like you too whisper
---Andrea on 11/1/07

I like you too Andrea.
---Whisper on 10/30/07

PT 1
John1944 - I can tell you this.... run like crazy from anyone who tries to put you in bondage to the law or a system of does and don't. 85 words is not enough to explain the love and joy found in a heart relationship with Him. But if it could be attained by deeds, Jesus did not have to die.
---Andrea on 10/30/07

PT 2 When we keep our eyes on Him and allow ourselves to bless Him in whatever our circumstances, He does the changing. While we're in control-He lets us do that too.
When God tries to teach you something-if you won't learn it-it can turn into one long lesson LOL.
I have some good teachers I listen to who have taught me how to not stand in condemnation and how His righteousness is perfected in us. It's a life of joy and freedom not a solemn procession of rules/regs.
you can contact me Andre 5846
---Andrea on 10/30/07

Andrea, you make more sense than most people around here, and you are pretty much not negative. I like what you say and do consider it. Bless you.
---John1944 on 10/30/07

John - its a wild ride and a love worth dying for....I've never met anyone that was sorry....but being a christian is not about becoming a catholic or a protestant it is about coming to know your savior as Lord.
If you ask Christ to forgive you and to come into your heart then just keep your eyes on Him and He will be the author and finisher of your faith.
Be blessed, it a real good thing!
---Andrea on 10/29/07

If everybody answered honestly the answer would simply be so you'll go to heaven when you die.
---sue on 10/29/07

Okay, thanks everyone for your answers.
---John1944 on 10/29/07

John I would not make a rush to judgement. Every answer to this blog that you posted is the truth based on the question that you asked. As far as following the Catholic faith, that is entirely your choice.
---Cynthia on 10/28/07

God created the universe and all of its natural laws. He gave us the bible so that we may know him. He also gave us free choice.

I believe that we were created by God for and love and fellowship with God. It is our purpose.
---Marty on 10/28/07

John, have you ever lied? Have you ever wanted to steal anything? Have you lusted after anyone in your heart? Have you ever hated anyone? If you have then by your own admission you are a liar, thief, murderer and adulterer according to Jesus. This means you are condemmed to hell without a savior.
---MichelleS on 10/28/07

To save you from Hell, God willing sent his son to die for your sins as a sacrifice so you don't have to go to hell. This reconciles you to the father so you can have a relationship with him (walking with him daily) and have the Holy Spirit live in you. Who would want to stand before God on judgement day without that?
---MichelleS on 10/28/07

Well, for starters to avoid having worms eat your rotting body as you plummet into a hole with no bottom as flames burn not only your body, but your eyes and tongue as well. To avoid pain so bad that you chew your tongue. To know that you traded eternity for this life which is but a moment and remember every sin and horrific thought, word and deed that seperated you from the love of God.
But, that's for you to decide.
---Frank on 10/28/07

john, its not people that make sense.the word of God,and the holy spirit teach us.scripture tells us that the things of God make no sense.follow jesus.
---tom2 on 10/27/07

simply, Obedience.
---Eloy on 10/27/07

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john, if you do not want to be a christian, then don't, because God does not want people whom do not really want to be Christianed.
---Eloy on 10/27/07

John, here's some questions for you:

Do you love the Lord?
Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
Do you feel a burden because you haven't taken up your cross and followed the Lord in baptism?
If you answered "no" to any of these three questions then my answer to you is, "Do not become a Christian!"

It is a burden on a church when one joins only to leave later due to the fact that the Holy Spirit had not done a work on that one's heart.
---trey on 10/26/07

Yes John maybie you should, because I don't think God has ever done any thing that makes much sense or order to our natural mind, Gods ways are not mans ways they are mysterious, and PAST FINDING OUT. You will never find God, If you are looking for what is normal or makes any sense, if you don't beleive that, read EZEKIEL. or Genesis..or Revelation....or whatever.....
---Whisper on 10/26/07

Yes John maybie you should, because I don't think God has ever done any thing that makes much sense or order to our natural mind, Gods ways are not mans ways they are mysterious, and PAST FINDING OUT. You will never find God, If you are looking for what is normal or makes any sense, if you don't beleive that, read EZEKIEL. or Genesis..or Revelation....or whatever.....
---Whisper on 10/26/07

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Which law do you prefer? The law of sin that leads to death of which this world has fallen to or the law of love that leads to life which we can partake of through Jesus.
---robin8683 on 10/26/07

John1944:: Jesus said "come to me all who are laboured & burdened and I will refresh You""Follow me I am the way the truth and the life"Those who seek eternal salvation must do that.
---Emcee on 10/26/07

The people who seem to make the most sense around here are the Catholics. Maybe I should be one of them.
---John1944 on 10/26/07

Because Jesus Christ paid the price for your sins with his precious blood. He loves YOU that much. You will have peace and joy beyond measure. There truly is no other love like God's love. He is waiting for you, please don't wait.
---Angela on 10/25/07

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A lot of people never even think about where they will spend eternity. When I came to a saving knowledge of who Jesus is and I heard and understood how He willingly laid down His life to pay my sin debt in full for me and for the whole world, everything changed. To sum it all up I would say everyone needs to think about where do you want to spend eternity after physical death? To spend eternity with Jesus, or to go to hell and be seperated from God forever. This is why I became a Christian! God Bless..
---Cynthia on 10/25/07

Your answers so far are those I've heard many times. Anything else?
---John1944 on 10/25/07

Because God loves you enough that HE sent HIS only SON to die on a cross for your sins. You no longer have to make sacrifices for your sinful life. Jesus paid it all. God sacrificied HIS own SON.
---Susie on 10/25/07

Well you can go to heaven and live forever free from sin or go to hell spend the rest of your life in tornment.
---ANN on 10/25/07

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To be reconciled to your Heavenly Father.
To spend all eternity with Him and to have Him with you as you travail through this life.
It is a blessing beyond measure
---Andrea on 10/25/07

To spend eternity with Jesus Christ and to stay out of HELL--
---carol on 10/25/07

So you can have eternal life with God. Why not? Why play around with your life and take a chance on going to hell and around all the murders, rapists, ect, because they will be your neighbors. But in heaven your neighbors will be God, angels, and the other righteous people. It is your choice.
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

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