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Is The Anti-Christ Alive

What are your opinions on the anti-christ? Do you think he will be a Gentile or a Jew or neither one? Do you believe that he is alive today?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/26/07
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anti Christ been around since the beginning, ,someone who does not take Christ as savior, anti Christ is not used in revelations, the BEAST, which is MANY people, not just one, like the prophet Daniel who interpret dreams of symbolism, John saw one false prophet, and one beast, but it meant MANY individuals,the scriptures prove the anti-Christ was ALWAYS around...Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist he denies the Father and the Son.1 john 2:22
---dawn_gordon on 1/9/08

The anti-christ is natural man(sinner).
He is spiritually dead.
---duke on 12/15/07

Andrea That is interesting ... I had heard about article 666, but doubt that makes him the antiChrist
You are quite right .. We do not hear of a peace being brokered in Israel ... what is the position there now?
and Tony B is quite unreported in the UK ... generally our people are sick and tired of him as a discredited prime minister.
---alan_of_UK on 11/10/07

Is his name not Java Solana?
---alan_of_UK on 10/26/07

It may be an English translation but Javier is his name it means SAVIOR (Solana means - sun) the article that put him into power as the EU prez is article 666. He's the one that just brokered the peace in Israel that no one is talking about. He also told T Blair to get out of Israel and he did - right.
Go to 'Cuddy' Javier Solana or see me at andre 5846 for more info
---Andrea on 11/1/07

The anti-christ would have to copy what Jesus did so he most likely be coming out of the same birth place like he did. And most likely he would be a Jew like Jesus was. Remember in order for ppl to believe he is Christ he would have to do the samething he did in order for ppl to believe him.
---ANN on 10/29/07

It looks like the anti-christ is Judas Iscariot.

Just at Moses and Elijah will most likely be God's resurrected prophets, so will be Satan's man.
---Mr._Graham on 10/29/07

He's in the White House.
---John1944 on 10/27/07

I am sure the anti-christ is alive tooday.Who is it? A this time I would say that the anti-christ is the devil himself. But more and more tthe anti-christ will become more and better identified and at that time (in the end)we will see the antichrist as a combination of people who are teach/preaching falsehoods in regards to Jesus.
---Pierre on 10/27/07

Cynthia, does it really matter what our OPINIONS are about Antichrist, or any other Biblical subject?

"Opinions" in this sense will be dealing with unreality to a certain extent.

The Apostle John said that the Spirit of Antichrist was active during his own lifetime. Isn't that sufficient for even you?
---Jack on 10/26/07

The spirit of the Anti-Christ is here, always has been since Adam. But no he is not in a man as of yet. Because Jesus hasn't come back yet. Andrea: no one knew anything about Melchizedek either, except he was a high Priest and Abraham loved him. So you can't really say that the man you speak of is the Anti-Christ, when it hasn't formed into a man yet.
---Rebecca_D on 10/26/07

Andrea "Javier Solana (heads EU) is the most powerful man in the world and no one knows his name"
What do you mean?
Is his name not Java Solana?
---alan_of_UK on 10/26/07

The Bible gives multiple identifying features of the antichrist. Examining these identifying texts CLEARLY identifies the antichrist. Study your Bibles! Prayerfully!
Key texts: All of Daniel esp chap 2, 7,8,9,11, All of Rev esp chap 12, 13, 17, Matt 24, Jere 44, 1 John 2, 2 John 7, 2 Thess 2,
---robin8683 on 10/26/07

Javier Solana (heads EU) is the most powerful man in the world and no one knows his name. Why is that? Is it bc he has not been revealed yet?
---Andrea on 10/26/07

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