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Emergent Church Movement

Any one know much about the "Emergent Church" movement?

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 ---Gilbert on 10/26/07
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Yes, I don't go to an emergent church but so far what I've seen has been interesting. My thought is that the next revival will not look like what we expect in our churches. Revival usually doesn't look normal bc it is supernatural.I do not see EC as a new age religion,I'm a little uncomfortable with it but I'm old and revival starts in the young. Its a good thing to be young and fall in love with the Lord. The Jesus movement was real it took the church years to catch on that God was doing something new.
---Andrea on 10/29/07

Why must there be an Emergent Church movement to accomplish what the early church did? The Word hasn't changed, why do we?
Why are you unable to accept the unlovely, lovely coming in through your church doors without a newer, better way.
---Bob on 10/29/07

Emergent Church - it's false, it's blurry and fuzzy. No biblical absolutes required, mission statements, diversity of beliefs all merge into one. All cultural beliefs merge into one. It's a feel good move, one big sky, no gates, no fences, happy.
---Bob on 10/29/07

Andrea, does your church have a mission statement or credos?
---Bob on 10/29/07

All things 'new' bring out the fundamentalist in us. My thought on 'emerging church' is it is relevant, its theology (if you can call it that) is personal. They seemingly encourage people to explore their own relationship with Jesus not hold on to their parents (old school) view. Now if you have an old school view that's alright but their idea is an exceptance of you. They intentionally had not listed their doctrine bc they want all seekers to be in a place of continually seeking personal revelation.
---Andrea on 10/29/07

Last I checked it is not a church but a movement within churches to bring people together on a human level. we all have a convoluted personal theology - they just believe we should be allowed to express it and join in worship together. They want to have a conversation not a dogma. Its great for the counter-culture socially aware green and or politically motivated christian.
So far I had not seen it trying to be a power structure or invade any church system - just the opposite.
---Andrea on 10/29/07

Blessings to all, and I hope this does not sound like a stupid question, but what is the Emergent Church? I have seen this "phrase" several times, but I do not understand what it is. Any insight from anyone would be appreciated. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 10/28/07

Some have already been in the Emergent lake long enough that your hands are pruny.

As with any new and better way, than the Biblical Way, which is too narrow and always will be too narrow, emergents are merging together. Some will blindly fall in line, not even knowing what it is. Some have family members are already in the deep water, and you might be standing by in the lifeboat, thinking about jumping in, too.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent Church - A generic spirituality that is more acceptable to postmoderns than it has been to moderns.

As we see everyday on the blogs, any exclusive claim to revelation-based truth or morals is now thought to be arrogant and philosophically untenable.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent Church Postmoderns believe that Biblical absolutes is an illegitimate attempt to manipulate others and exercise power over them.

"Christians who embrace the Bible have no room for others proclamation of an ahistorical, Objective, Universally Authoritative meaning of a scriptural text.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent church postmodernism is hostile to the objective and exclusive claims of biblical Christianity. While Christians must be sensitive to the culture they find themselves in, and while we must contextualize our methods to reach those in that culture, we must never alter the Gospel itself to fit the prevalent worldview of any given culture.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent Church Postmodernized Christianity is a seriously compromised Christianity.

Emerging Church movement is a Biblical compromise through embracing postmodern epistemology and accepting practical implications.
---Bob on 10/27/07

I know that some are in the process of emerging into the Emergent Church.

By it's nature, the Emergent Church, just as there is diversity in postmodernism, there is diversity in the Emerging Church movement and there are many things within it that are in themselves good.

---Bob on 10/27/07

With diversity, even now, Emergent churches are differing on theological and practical issues.

Emergents share many things with non-emergents such as a belief in contextualization, caring for the needy, friendship evangelism, and fellowship. But these commendable elements are not part of the distinctive essence of emergent movement.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent Church, some are swimming in its deepest spot, others wading in at a shallower depth.
Some enjoy boating on the lake and occasionally drinking its water, enjoying friendship with the movement while maintaining a distinctly Evangelical identity.
---Bob on 10/27/07

The Emerging Church movement, a diverse group of people who identify with Christianity, but who feel that reaching the postmodern world requires us to radically reshape the churchs beliefs and practices to conform to postmodernism. Postmodernism is a term that has been dissected and broken down into various schemes of subcategories. There is not absolute unanimity among postmodern thinkers.
---Bob on 10/27/07

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Emergent church postmodernism the rejection of certain central features of the modern project, such as its quest for certain, objective, and universal knowledge, along with its dualism and its assumption of the goodness of knowledge. It is this critical agenda, rather than any proposed constructive paradigm to replace the modern vision that unites postmodern thinkers.
---Bob on 10/27/07

Emergent churches follow mission statements, like a business or corporation.

A belief or statement is true only if it matches with, reflects, or corresponds to the reality to which it refers. For a statement to be true it must be factual. Facts determine the truth or falsity of a belief or statement.
Emergent Church - The Bible does not relate a technical view of truth, but it does implicitly and consistently advance the correspondence view in both testaments.
---Bob on 10/27/07

There appears to be two distinct movements
one the Emergent church or (Emergent Village)
one the emerging church they say they offer a new way of doing church

although for obvious reasons the terms over lap.
I'm not crazy about movements and this one seems to be stirring the old school pot. But God is and will be on the throne past our feeble attempts to control His will.
They have some interesting approaches to the counter-culture peoples
---Andrea on 10/26/07

It's false, it's fuzzy, blurred and travels nicely with postmodernism.

God's Word is absolutes.
The emergent church is for those that find God's Word too absolute and frankly, offensive.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has offended many down through the ages, it's too clear.
When Jesus spoke in parables it was to help the young and old to understand and believe.
---Bob on 10/26/07

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Jesus Christ, through His Word, parables, was able to define exactly where the child or adult was in their belief in God, what level of belief and who they really were. The parables of Jesus still do that today, they are sharper than a two-edged sword, defining exactly who someone really is and who they are.
The greater the offense, the farther they are away from God.
---Bob on 10/26/07

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