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Are Human Spirits Ghosts

Do disembodied human spirits ever become earthly ghosts? Is there any Biblical support for the view of many modern ghost-hunters that they are dealing with dead people? Or is it a demonic deception?

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 ---John on 10/29/07
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Uhm, you DO know that there are no such things as ghosts, don't you?
---Nancy on 12/1/07

Familiar spirits are counterfeit spirits trying to impersonate the real but are demons in disguise. And have never been a human, though they can enter into one, and then when exorcised they seek to find to enter into "embodyment", which is the case of the "swine" after expulsion from "man of Gadara" when Jesus performed excorcism on him. Many pigs lost their lives that day.
---Whisper on 10/30/07


II Kings 21:6******And he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with FAMILIAR spirits and wizards, he wrought much wickedness in the sight of GOD.

II Kings 21:11*******BECAUSE Mannasseh king of Judah hath done these abominations, and hath done wickedly above all that the Amorites did, which were before him, ......CONTINUED.....
---Whisper on 10/30/07

Part II

And hath made Judah also to sin with his IDOLS:

12: Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Behold, I AM BRINGING SUCH EVIL upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whosoever heareth of it both his ears shall tingle. 13 And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab, and I will WIPE JERUSALEM AS A MAN WIPETH A DISH, WIPING IT, AND TURNING IT UPSIDE DOWN......Continued..
---Whisper on 10/30/07

Part Iv. 14, And I will forsake the remnant of mine inheritance, and deliver them into the hand of their enemies, and they shall become a prey and a spoil to all their enemies, 15 Because they have done that which WAS EVIL IN MY SIGHT, and have PROVOKED MEE TO ANGER, since the day their fathers came forth out of Egypt.
---Whisper on 10/30/07

A medium, like the witch of Endor whom Saul consulted (I Sam. 28:7), is a go-between which forms a communication link between the earthly world and the demonic realm.
Anyone who becomes a channel of communication for an evil spirit is a medium. He has a familiar spirit.

A familiar spirit is something that a person has, because it is identified with a certain individual. In the same sense that one has a friend , one can be personally identified with a demon, familiar spirit.
---Michelle on 10/30/07

Evil spirits can can reason, decide, express emotions and communicate. Familiars have the capacity to relate to one another.
Likewise, a person can form and develop a close relationship with an evil spirit. When a person forms a relationship with an evil spirit (which can be done either willfully or through ignorance), he then has a familiar spirit.

Communication is the chief characteristic of a familiar spirit. The spirit responds quickly to the summons of the medium.
---Michelle on 10/30/07

"Familiar spirit" is a specific type of evil spirit. Chief characteristic: familiarity. It is a familiarity, with a person or personality. For example, a woman, whom Paul encountered in Macedonia, had a familiar spirit which gave her powers of divination. (Acts 16:16-18)

Familiar spirits are common among the practices of spiritism and witchcraft, but their activity is not limited to persons and practices in the occult.
---Michelle on 10/30/07

Can I high-jack this blog and ask my own question? Who are these 'familiar spirits'? Are they the devil? Why do they haunt people? What is their purpose? Thank you,
---sue on 10/30/07

Blessings John, I definitly believe that it is a demonic deception. Ghost hunters, physics who claim that they can see your future or read your mind to me is satanic. But these people make a fortune off of this. The only one who knows your future and can read your mind is God Almighty Himself. The only ghost I believe in is the Holy Ghost or rather the Holy Spirit. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 10/29/07

100% the answer is demonic deception. These are nothing more than 'FAMILIAR SPIRITS' posing as departed dead people. Of course they know things because they've followed those people all their lives. That's why they're called FAMILIAR SPIRITS.
---jack8937 on 10/29/07

Hi, John . . . the Bible doesn't say anywhere that humans get to stay around a while after they die. But I can see the evil spirit who accompanied a sinner in this life could be the spirit who stays and pretends to be that person's ghost. And since the selfish demon gave the person that one's selfish personality, then of course it can pass oneself off as that person. So..."reincarnation" could be just an evil spirit coming back to mess up another person's personality with the same-o same-o.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/29/07

It is demonic deception.
---RitaH on 10/29/07

They're chasing familiar spirits.
Human spirits do not become earthly ghosts.
There is a great gulf, division between heaven and earth.
Humans do not travel back and forth. Your dead uncle Charlie is not visiting you or sitting on your beds. If you have one of those, it's a familiar spirit in your house.
---Michelle on 10/29/07

Professional ghost hunters are chasing familiar spirits in castles, dungeons, prisons, hospitals, etc.
Orbs, lights, ojects dropping, doors creaking and ghostly figures are all familiar spirits.
Humans go all out for unholy ghosts/spirits, but wouldn't dream of seeking the Holy Ghost.
---Michelle on 10/29/07

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