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Why Celebrate Halloween

If people consider themselves Christians, then why do they still celebrate Halloween when the Bible tells us, Come out from amoung them and be ye separate, and don't be conformed to this world, etc.,?

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 ---Donna on 10/30/07
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The Holiday is Passover. WE ARE JEWISH!
(Like it or not). He died on April 4th 33 ad. Hung at 9am and died at 3pm.

Easter was decreed holy in 375ad by the Pagan Emperor Constantine. Passover (Jewish/Christian) and Easter(Pagan) are not the same holidays. If you knew about Passover you would see Jesus in all it celebration. He and the disciples celebrated Passover for his death and ressurection. .."DO THIS IN REMEMBERANCE OF ME"

Christmas again has nothing to do with Christ and is more Evil and Wicked than Halloween. A Celtic celebration of Wood Sprites roaming in the corn fields.

We know the date is early September likely on Sukkot. but we definitely know it was NOT on Dec 25th.
---John on 11/6/10

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3) I personally enjoy the different costumes. I love treats. I like the fun associated with Halloween. That's it. The bible did not say to avoid Halloween,specifically. Why do people want to add their 2 cents? Celebrating Halloween won't send anyone to Hell. I don't think.I know pastors/ wives/their kids/congregants who celebrate Halloween. It is a personal preference. If you choose not to celebrate,that's fine. Just don't hinder anyone else.
---Robyn on 11/6/10

John: The problem with Easter is simply the Name. The date (sometimes calculated incorrectly) is fine - it is the day after Jewist Passover celebration, when Jesus rose fromthe dead.

The means of celebrating Easter are often problematic, but itis not a problem with the day but the method.

Christmas is a problem in the date (real date unknown), and the means of celebration, but finding a date to celebrate the birth of Jesus is fine.

You may disagree either with the date (probably a month or two too late) and the celebrations, but once we are not sure about the date, and have no special way of celebrating, use any date you want (even today), and celebrate it in a way appropriate to a believer
---peter3594 on 11/6/10

No true Christian is going to celebrate Halloween. WITCH-CRAFT, yes it is. You all should stay home and read the Bible and be a praying....Be celebrating Jesus, cross, Blood. You should be lifting up of hands, begging GOD not to rain down His judgment upon all these wicked people, that's coming to my door. HALLELUJAH.
---catherine on 11/6/10

I realize that history means nothing to you, but Constantine did NOT establish the Feast of the Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.
---Cluny on 11/4/10


Yet ignorant Christians celebrate these Pagan Holy days! Blindly thinking they are Christian Holy Days.

So they celebrate the gods of lights and burn Yule logs effigies and have Evergreen trees to appease these gods to return in spring. Constantine added Jesus to the list since he heard he was a god of light as well. Jesus was born on Sukkot in Sept.

Easter worships Ister. The goddess of the rising sun. The pagans would climb a mountain and have a "Sunrise Service" as she rosed from the sea.


---JOHN on 11/4/10

The "come out from among them and be ye separate" argument has been used for everything from booze and illicit drugs to skirts above the ankles and electricity.

If you want to avoid a celebration that features witches, ghosts and devils (and more recently characters from horror films)...that is quite understandable. What about these characters is worth celebrating?

IMHO, little children begging candy, dressed like Superman or little Bo Peep, are no endorsement of the occult. Satan's deceptions are generally far more subtle than this and are present 365 days a year.
Be aware every day.
---Donna66 on 11/4/10

I'm a Christian and I dressed up as a fairy for fun (I collect fairies lol), I will NEVER dress up as something evil and I merely enjoy good costumes and of course candy. I also wore a cross necklace stating my faith in Christ.
---Mary on 11/3/10

\\Because many people are unknowledgeable to the origination of halloween,\\

That's right. A lot of professing Christians think that Hallowe'en is the Druid holiday Samhain, which is impossible as the pagan Celts did not follow the Roman solar calendar (which is, in its way, just as pagan as they think Hallowe'en is).
---Cluny on 11/2/10

Because many people are unknowledgeable to the origination of halloween, and also a lot of NonChristians consider themselves to be Christian.
---Eloy on 11/1/10

\\People who don't have the Spirit within them CANNOT discern. If you had the Spirit, you would know the "answer" to this question. It is the Spirit that leads us into all truth. And, we would all be on the same page, so to speak.(in one accord)
---Patti on 11/1/10\\

And that means you all would be Orthodox.

I don't suppose it's worth pointing out that only in the United States is Hallowe'en observed the way it is?

And how many Christians here "come out and are separate" on 4th of July, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving?
---Cluny on 11/1/10

...throughout world fires set "in fun" other "pranks" actions costing businesses and personal property damage ..."christians" ignore turning blind eye to reality of day - deceived by ministers of light (2Corin 11) taught LIE believing they are holier than thou above all evil associated with ancient traditions of this day and TODAYS halloween filled with violence destruction immoral behavior ...and by professing "christianity" their "christianity wand" makes the day holy

to live in world and be separate is not an easy road ...celebration of pagan rituals that God HATES very easy to go along with family friends by rejecting Gods Word rather than face mocking or wrath for not participating
---Rhonda on 11/1/10

People who don't have the Spirit within them CANNOT discern. If you had the Spirit, you would know the "answer" to this question. It is the Spirit that leads us into all truth. And, we would all be on the same page, so to speak.(in one accord)
---Patti on 11/1/10

Rebecca Demons know who Jesus is clearly calling him by name in the New Testament. Santa Clause is not demonic but a figment of someones imagination, However Demons, witches, spiritualists, mediums and warlock, activity is high on this thet exists. Oh no they are just good clean fun right! WRONG!!!!! your trifling with the devil it's clear from your response your eyes are half open! and what makes it even more sad(evil) is you encourage this practice :(
---Carla5754 on 11/8/07


You cannot feast on evil and even try to sound Holy theres obvious something not right! many will say on that lord, Lord have not done this or that in your name and sadly hear depart from me I know you not ye workers of iniquity. It's a sad revelation to to ignore, even I am learning from that scripture!!!! :) you have been rebuked on many occasions don't be angry by using rude connotations grasp the wisdom of the advice and make that change as only a wise person will.
---Carla5754 on 11/8/07

"Adam, I find your responses contradicting.
You said: That scripture means we should have a different attitude than that of this world - Well not celebrating Halloween, the devil's holiday is having a different attitude than of the world, isn't it?"

No, that's having different actions than the world.

Let me put your words in another situation.

"The world eats food, so not eating is coming out from the world"

See that's absurd.
---Adam on 11/7/07

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#3 The Scriptures are clear a little leaven leavens the whole lump and we are to commanded to have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather REPROVE them. But one cannot reprove the works of darkness when they are having fellowship with them. Hence nary a word is said by most about the obvious wickedness of Halloween. And I'm not talking about just the dark side of sacrifices, black masses, etc, but rather the more insidious nature of evil which comes as an angel of light.
---ShaunT on 11/6/07

#5 This is where we are so easily deceived because most people, even of the world, can see pure evil, yet these very same people are blinded to evil that comes as an angel of light. This is exactly what happens when one tries to sanitize Halloween. For all one does by undertaking such an endeavor is to put a white-washed facade on an evil day that is filled w/ death. It may appear pretty on the outside, but on the inside it is full of wickedness and abominations and nothing you do will change that.
---ShaunT on 11/6/07

Christmas is in the Bible? Easter? I think we need to re-read the Bible and study history. Christ-Mass which is what Christmas stands for was not celebrated by the apostles, early church or taught by Jesus. Hence, you cannot find its celebration anywhere in the Bible. It wasn't until the forth century that Rome via the Pope created the day as part of their program to allow the pagans to join the church and yet keep their Saturnalia which was the festival to celebrate the birth of the sun god Mithra.
---ShaunT on 11/6/07

#2 - I just have a general question not directed to anyone. I ask, is anything in this world evil? I mean I get the view from a lot of Christians that all Christians have to do today is take something which is obviously evil and simply slap a "Christian" veneer on it and presto we have something of God. This I see with Halloween. You cannot put a different mask on Halloween. It is what it is regardless of any good intentions to try to sanitize or "Christianize" it.
---ShaunT on 11/6/07

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Rebecca D,You said: There isn't any difference. Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Verterns Day, Marting Luther King Jr, All of these are not in the bible.
Christmas is in the Bible. Easter-the Resurrection of Jesus is in the Bible. The holidays you listed are not all the same. My only point was that none of these holidays you listed have satan worshippers chanting and sacrificing babies on Halloween night except Halloween, so why should true Christians celebrate it?
---Donna on 11/6/07

I'd also like to apologize to Rebecca D for bringing out the anger in you. I did not mean to do that. I'm not so sure what triggered such anger when all I was doing was asking questions as to why Christians celebrate a satan-worshipping holiday such as Halloween. Rebecca, we are all entitled to our level of faith in Christ Jesus, so please don't get angry at me because I'm stating my opinion on Halloween.
---Donna on 11/6/07

1) Richard...if you are going to "leave" Christianity because of people...then perhaps you should consider the fact that by "leaving" Christianity you are in essence "leaving" Jesus. If you really have a relationship with Jesus, you would never leave HIM because of people. People are imperfect and mess up, that's why we should NEVER look towards people for our relationship with Jesus.
---Holly4jc on 11/5/07

2) Keep your eyes on Jesus for HE is the one and only TRUE picture of Christianity. Come to truly know Jesus and you will never want to leave HIM no matter what those who call themselves "Christians" do, for we are all just a work in progress.
---Holly4jc on 11/5/07

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My can you feel the "Christian" love in the room? Just intolerant christians angry with other intolerant christians. Hear the "anger" in the posts? No wonder the church is so weak and people are leaving Christianity by the droves! I think I will join them!
---Richard on 11/4/07

This year I passed out handfulls of candy to each child with scripture on each and every piece. I also handed out invitations to my church to each trick or treater. You never know who is going to knock on the door and you can count on the parents to eat some too.
---nina on 11/3/07

Donna: There isn't any difference. Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Verterns Day, Marting Luther King Jr, All of these are not in the bible, but yet Donna, millions and millions of people celebrate them. So how could I be wrong and they be right? You are part of that million that celebrate these holidays. So don't you dare tell me what holiday is wrong to celebrate, because technically none of the holidays are in the bible. So why do you celebrate one and not the other?
---Rebecca_D on 11/3/07

Sue I hear what you say and can understand why many feel that way. I believe that if we did that it would be better for it to be on a different day (perhaps the day before). That way it would stand out as something different, good, healthy etc. not just as a 'religious alternative' on the same night.
---RitaH on 11/3/07

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Hi Andrea, kudos to your church--awesome way to spend the day ministering and planting seeds! :) I pray you guys get really blessed for it :)
---Mary on 11/2/07

Rebecca D, you said, "Why do you believe it is a sin for a family to have clean fun?"

I encourage you to go to God with your questions. Halloween is not "clean fun." Where did you get that idea from? Please give scripture verses where Jesus or Paul or Peter said Halloween is "clean fun." I'm just curious why there's so much compromising in the Body of Christ. If Halloween isn't in the bible, why celebrate it?
---Donna on 11/2/07

Roman Catholic Church in Mexico condemns Halloween!
finally someone is taking a stand!
Who can honestly celebrate when the occult is using human infant sacrifice on this night!
You all should be praying on Halloween, attending church and weeping for those little ones being murdered!
---Lisa on 11/2/07

The Catholic Church specifically picked November 1st as All Saints Day BECAUSE of the Satanic holiday of October 31st. The Pope wanted to conquer evil, not be afraid of it. December 25th has been a pagan holiday for centuries. That's the same reason why December 25th was chosen for Christmas. "Yea, though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me" Simply replace the evil rituals with pure ones.
---Greyrider on 11/2/07

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God also made me give up Halloween as well as many other things such as going go bars, drinking, watching soap operas, fornication, and so on....
---Holly4jc on 11/2/07

Rita: well then lets take it from the devil and turn it into something NOT evil. Won't that make him mad! We used to have so many fires and bad things happen around here at this time of the year: the night before halloween was even called 'devils night' but now it's all changed! It's called 'Angels night' and believe it or not, there are no more fires and people are actually coming out and being nice and supporting one another in the neighborhoods! I love that!
---sue on 11/1/07

I bet the devil is mighty angry how our city has taken over 'his' night and turned it into a fun, loving, innocent thing for little kids. No more fires, no more property distruction etc. Just little kids having fun with their mom's and dad's. Some even get taught about Jesus by recieving tracks in there treat bags. Whats not to like?
---sue on 11/1/07

First of all, all your origin stories are wrong. Secondly, "celebrating" is a very tricky word and putting on a costume like a flower, trick or treating, and carving a pumpkin are NOT celebrating satan. Lastly, if you really want to compare halloween to the very first tradition the pagans were dressed up to PROTECT themselves from the evil spirits "the bad one" may send to roam the earth. So uhm isn't "protecting oneself" from evil considered Christian? I rest my case.
---Leigh on 11/1/07

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Well we gave out hotdogs on the street - set up a sign from the church and the pastor was out - it was a gorgeous day and we met dozens of people. 5-6 expressed an interest. Even the guy with a pentagram on his lawn. Two neighbors are coming to church this week. It was very friendly and we intend to do it again. One young girl was very interested and we will keep in touch.
---Andrea on 11/1/07

witch's are mentioned, read deut 18,and ghosts are familiar spirits or demons or fallen angels whichever you wish to call them,

and by placing up ghosts and witches in the windows you are going against the scriptures,the demons were out like fierce last night, it is there night.familiar spirits are called that because they are familiar with the person, that is what those mediums are seeing and or hearing or speaking too!

I gave up Halloween, this was my second year without it
---Dawn on 11/1/07

Satan didn't invent Halloween. Donna: I didn't know that celebrating the Holidays was a sin. I find that you are being very, very judgemental to others who do not believe the same as you. Why do you believe it is a sin for a family to have clean fun? Why do you feel that just because one celebrates this holiday they do not belong to God? When you look in the mirror, do you look like you've been eating sour grapes? Or is it just your judgemental attitude?
---Rebecca_D on 11/1/07

I like Halloween. Even though my kids are grown now. I gave candies and gospel tracts to the kids, just last night. The tracts talked about the love of God for them and how to be born again. The kids definitely liked the candies and other goodies they received. Everyone enjoyed the evening.
---Robyn on 11/1/07

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A little compromise, a little sin and before you know it, we're ensnared by the devil's worldly ways. Does anyone remember the Joyce Meyer story about putting a little poop in the brownies? Halloween reminds me of that story. If you see "no harm" in Halloween, then you're not seeing the Holiness of Respecting God by not celebrating the devil's holiday. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
---Donna on 11/1/07

Sue, Why let the devil take this fun day? He isn't taking this day - he invented it.
---RitaH on 11/1/07

Carla: Some people make a mountain out of a molehill. Did I say I was for the devil? No I didn't. You need to read more closely to one's statement before you assume something. It isn't wrong, it is good clean fun. And besides there is nothing wrong with me and my kids dressing up for Halloween and it be okay for another family to dress up as Santa Claus for Christmas. Yes Jesus is Lord. And according to the bible if I was demonic I couldn't say that, right?
---Rebecca_D on 11/1/07

For the second year running I had no hallowe'en callers last night. I guess the word has got around and they do not want the treat that I was handing out in previous years - a tract. I was grateful for a very peaceful evening.
---RitaH on 11/1/07

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Your statement it one of compromising with things that you could not understand because you clearly partake in the traditions of sutle but very real demonic activity. If you are for the devil YOU cannot be For God PERIOD. It is very wrong of you to suggest it innocent fun. Pray and ask God to OPEN YOUR EYES.... (OO) You are Obviously not fully Persuaded Thst JESUS IS LORD!

---Carla5754 on 11/1/07

Yeah, I said 'lighten up'. It's just fun for little kids. When I die and meet Jesus I don't think he's going to send me to hell for dressing up like a hobo and getting free candy on halloween. It's all in what your intentions are, what is in your heart.
---sue on 11/1/07

I thought about "would Jesus celebrate halloween" and it kinda made me laugh. Would Jesus go trick or treating? I honestly dont know. Maybe he would've if he was 3 yrs. old and wanted to have some fun. Not to worship the devil but to have fun and get candy! I mean absolutely NO disrespect and it's hard to explain in this small space what I mean. Why let the devil take this fun day? Teach the kids.
---sue on 11/1/07

Halloween is an American merger of ancient Christian and Pagan celebrations from Europe in the Middle Ages. Catholic Churches used to have parties with candy and games for kids where they dressed up as Biblical characters or famous Christians. At the end, they sat on the floor and stood up one by one as an adult told their character's story. I have always restricted my kids to dressing up along those lines or as heroic figures. Anything occultic is banned at our house.
---Greyrider on 11/1/07

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1) AMEN RitaH and Bob! Last night there was a story on the Yahoo homepage entitled "Witches Celebrate Halloween" along with another video clip of an actual practicing, male witch who won the lottery (33 mil) who is going to open a school for witches fashioned after the one in Harry Potter. For all those who claim HP is just innocent is it that an actual, practicing witch thinks the school is authentic enough to be copied in real life?
---Holly4jc on 11/1/07

"If a family is not into the satanic rituals, and just having fun, then why not celebrate Halloween?" If this is your attitude why not also celebrate every other festival that your are 'not into' e.g. the muslim festival of Eid to mention just one?
---RitaH on 11/1/07

RD::: Someone with the gift of discerning of spirits would not be able to partake of Hell-o-ween. It would not be in them or a part of them.
---Bob on 10/31/07

If a family is not into the satanic rituals, and just having fun, then why not celebrate Halloween? When people judge others for having good clean fun, chances are they are not happy with themselves and are miserable, they want others around them to be miserable as well. I am very much a Christian. But I love life. I love having good clean fun with my family, and there is nothing wrong with that. Donna: just because you think it is a sin doesn't mean that everyone else thinks that way. cont,
---Rebecca_D on 10/31/07

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Adam, I find your responses contradicting. If God says, "COME OUT", what difference does it make if I take it to mean "COME OUT" from celebrating worldly Halloween?
You said: That scripture means we should have a different attitude than that of this world - Well not celebrating Halloween, the devil's holiday is having a different attitude than of the world, isn't it? See how contradicting your response was? COME OUT means to COME OUT, amen?
---Donna on 10/31/07

AMEN Donna!! :-)
---Holly4jc on 10/31/07

sue, "big deal, lighten up?" Did you really say that? I admit I was tempted years ago to dress up as Cher or Elvis or even Santa Clauss, but I believe if Christians celebrate, get dressed up for Halloween that's compromising and God frowns on those who compromise because the bible says, "Be Ye Holy for I am Holy," Says the Lord." "Avoid all appearances of evil." Just like the devil doesn't participate in Christmas, we shouldn't participate in halloween.
---Donna on 10/31/07

Pray for them every day of the year too, because people do the same thing on other days of the year also.
---Adam on 10/31/07

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I just want to remind everyone who calls themselves a "Christian" pray for protection for all the little ones that are going to be sacrificed to Satan this very day, this very evil day of Halloween. Maybe your prayers can save an innocent life. Do some good this day to offset the evil!
---Holly4jc on 10/31/07


"...why do they still celebrate Halloween when the Bible tells us, Come out from amoung them and be ye separate, and don't be conformed to this world, etc.,?"

You've taken that scripture out of context. That scripture means we should have a different attitude than that of this world, and that we should not conform to the spirit of this world such as pride, lust, greed etc.
---Adam on 10/31/07

It's a great Day for satanists, Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, Spiritualists, Mediums and suchlike. However it's a sad day for Christ he came that we should be free from Satan's devices NOT CELEBRATE his organisation and BUY into his and Traditions. Go ahead ''celebrate'' His demonic procession I know the Holy Spirit won't be joining you for SURE!.
---Carla5754 on 10/31/07

Would Jesus celebrate Halloween? Would the Apostle Paul? Would Peter, the disciple of Jesus? "Love not the world, nor the things of this world," And "Do not participate in the deeds of darkness." Folks, let's not compromise our faith. Halloween is a demonic and satan worshipping holiday. This is not casting judgement on anyone, it's bringing out the fact that some still compromise and participate in worldy/demonic things.
---Donna on 10/31/07

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Would Jesus celebrate Halloween? Would the Apostle Paul? Would Peter, the disciple of Jesus? "Love not the world, nor the things of this world," And "Do not participate in the deeds of darkness." Folks, let's not compromise our faith. Halloween is a demonic and satan worshipping holiday. This is not casting judgement on anyone, it's bringing out the fact that some still compromise and participate in worldy/demonic things.
---Donna on 10/31/07

I am a Christain, my children are Christians and my parents are Christians. I used to let my kids celebrate halloween, and my parents used to let me too. I'd dress up like a hobo and walk around and get free candy. Big deal. Lighten Up!
---sue on 10/30/07

Bob, I'm not sure if it was Andrea's reply or both of ours you were calling wishy washy, but rest assured I do not follow that philosophy. If the Bible says it's sin, there's no getting around it, but in the "gray areas" of life we can't always convince everyone that our way is the right way, hence the reason we should be careful not to judge others, but to pray for them, as well as examine our own hearts, that we may all be taught by God, and not be deceived in any area.
---kady on 10/30/07

Christians who are celebrating Halloween are still clinging on to the world and what it has to offer.
---Susie on 10/30/07

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As to how I will celebrate Halloween. I will go to church as it is a Holy Day of Obligation "All Saints Day".

If you use the day to celebrate Christ and all that God has done for us then it is no longer a pagan Holiday. Also by remembering the lives of the Saints it will help you to gain strength in your own life.

Remember what Jesus said "Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood shall never die".
---Francis on 10/30/07

It's time to unmask satan.
It's time to celebrate the supremacy of Christ over the devil.
Oh how the devil hates the Bible.
It records his defeat and impending doom in the Lake of Fire.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

All this so called demon stuff for Halloween was brought forward by the church. We have no idea of it's origins and the only records we have are from the Romans, who also stated that Christians ate babies. Not exactly a source I trust.
---dan on 10/30/07

Oh, how the devil hates the Bible.

All through the ages, he's blasted the pages and fooled others into downgrading it's authority.

When satan fell, he was stripped of all power but one, satan was left with the power of illusion.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

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If the devil had any physical authority, he wouldn't need to lie.

"If you eat this it will give you power."
"Lucifer" has merely been allowed to exist. All of his wicked deeds and acts will recoil back on him.
He is limited to lying about his position through pride.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

Beelzebub had access to all of the Old Testament prophecies, Satan knew but he didn't know.
When you're celebrating the Prince of Darkness with your illusion/costume on, and the Wizard of Oz is screaming in your ear,
"Ignore the man behind the curtain!", remember something.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

It's God that allows the devil to exist until his use is complete.
Rev 20:10

The devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

Celebrate Halloween? You leave out the Cross.
No mention of satan's defeat can leave out the Cross.
"Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them."
If satan had grasped what the Cross was going to do, he never would have crucified Jesus Christ.
Halloween? It is an illusion.
Jesus' grace would not be possible without His death, how quickly you forget.
---Rebekah_Martin on 10/30/07

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What a nice wishy-washy way of saying, it's only sin, if it's sin to you.
---Bob on 10/30/07

We have to remember something...we are living in a totally different society from that which Halloween was originated out of. We don't celebrate holidays for the same reasons nor in the same fashion as "they" did years ago. We cannot judge someone for celebrating a holiday based on what other people did in another place and another time. God knows our hearts, and instructs his children. Pray for the saints that NONE would be deceived, and recognize we are all wrong in areas.
---kady on 10/30/07

Even though we are Christian everybody has the right to celebrate Halloween if they choose to do so, the only one that should be judging them is God not us. Remember he who is without sin cast the first stone, so it doesn't matter what other Christians are doing or not doing what are u doing because we all sin no matter what we celebrate or don't celebrate.
---ANN on 10/30/07

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