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Second Death In Revelation

Please explain the "second death" spoken of in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

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 ---trey on 10/31/07
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The "Second Death" is aanother name for the Lake of Fire that burns forever.
---Gprdon on 1/9/08

second death, well you die once physically, then you either beat the second death through Christ, or God destroys your spirit, that is the second death
---dawn_gordon on 1/9/08

The first death is when man falls from grace.
The second death is reserved for those who
are not born again. They will suffer the second death.
---duke on 12/15/07

Eternal death-eternal separation from God.Man chooses to remain separated from God in sin.Death in Scripture means separation from the purpose for which one was created,never annihilation or extinction of being.Physical death is separation of the inner man from the body.Only the body dies at this time and goes back to dust.The spirit and soul are immortal and are either dead in sins or in possession of eternal life in Christ at the time of physical death.They continue in conciousness in heaven or hell.
---Tommy on 11/1/07

The term "Spiritual deat" Where does this come from? God never speaks of spiritual death. THe term is absurd. God says the soul of the man that sins will die and fear God who can destroy your soul. Souls are not inherently immortal, immortality is a gift from God.
---Ryan_Z on 11/1/07

The first death is of the flesh, second death is spiritual. This extends from Genesis when Adam was told he would die if ate of the tree of Good and Evil, that death was a spiritual death, a separation from God. Physical death came later.
---jerry on 11/1/07

I agree with Ryan. "The wicked shall perish (Greek word "apollume' be destroyed, come to an end) and the enemies of the LORD shall be as the fat of lambs, they shall consume away (evaporate, 'kalah' in hebrew>be completely finished). They shall be as though they had not been. As a whirlwind passes, so is the wicked no more. You shall consider his place, and it shall not be." The final destruction of the wicked is the second death. Psa.37:20>Obad.16>Prov.10:35>Rev.20:14
---joseph on 11/1/07

The soul will live forever.It does not cease to exist.When scripture states the soul that sinneth will surely die,it is not a reference to non-existance,but to spiritual death.Seperation from life,apart from God.The Rich man had conciousness for he was able to communicate with Abraham.He felt pain and every other emotion,feeling except love,peace,joy etc.He knew and understood where he was and had knowledge of his brothers still alive.The second death is the eternal physical,spiritual seperation from God.
---Tommy on 11/1/07

On point, Ryan.
---Geoff on 10/31/07

The second death is cessation of existence. It is having the license of life revoked by the One who gave it. That is why the "worm dieth not" worms do not feed on living beings and the term "...dieth not" means their death is age-enduring. They will never have life again. Matthew 10:28 speaks of God destroying souls and Ezekiel 18:4 tells us the soul of the man that sins will die, when? In the second death.
---Ryan_Z on 10/31/07

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