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Holy Spirit Confuses Us

If there is only one Holy Spirit, and if "you have an anointing from the Holy one who teaches you all things," (First John Chapter 2 or 3), then how come there's so many different opinions on this blog about one subject matter?

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 ---Donna on 10/31/07
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the holy spirit is only dispersed to those who are willing to go all the way, change all together and preach the word, and bring people to Christ, when you have holy spirit you will know..they will persecute you like they did christ.
---dawn on 1/9/08

The Holy Spirit for ONE is our teacher. What is He teaching?

The Problem is very few people read Scripture, and rely on man's interpretation.

BUT, as many can see, even with the multitude that follow Rick Warren, he's a false prophet. Are you reading HIS books, or God's Word.

Stick to the Word, and throw that junk food's bad for your health, among other false junk food books. You only need ONE...The Holy Scriptures. The Holy Spirit doesn't anoint man's interpretations.
---kathr4453 on 12/21/07

The Holy Spirit is the connection between Father and Son(s)
---duke on 12/15/07

theres much difference bcos the majority prefer to go by man's teachings and the truth bearers stick to total scriptura..many has been deceived by modern teachings instead of the bibles teachings..
---pammy on 11/8/07

there are no doctrinal differences in Gods word ,or within the holy spirit.the holy spirit is not confused,and speaks no confusion.the fault lies within the hearts and minds of US.THERE IS ONE TRUTH, but as usualwe totally clammer in full of issues trhat mean jack.yes I agree there are many false prophets,and false teachings.but thats not of God.
---tom2 on 11/5/07

For some reason the Holy Spirit can't seem to get anyone to agree on anything. Everyone seems to think they understand things by the Holy Spirit leading them, but the next person to come along will have a different interpretation. Seems like the Holy Spirit is doing a poor job. God my need to recall him and send somebody else. Oh, wait, the Holy Spirit is God. Now what to do?
---Noogatiger on 11/5/07

One Lord Jesus One Faith Jesus one Baptisem Jesus said when you see me you have seen the father Jesus said he would send back a comforter which is Jesus own spirt he is coning back for one bride not 3 the bible speaks of one thrown not three and and it speaks about the right hand of the father it's talking about power God is a sprite and has no hands
---Betty on 11/4/07

If you are talking about sin If it is sin to one it's sin to all take smoking one lady said to me smoking may not be sin to everyone
Belive you me if he took the time to speak autable and tell me that i was sinning against him by smoking if is a sin to all
i will never forget that. His voice filled the whole room and it was gentle when he spoke and i had just receive the Holy Ghost a few days before.
---Betty on 11/4/07

That inner voice is heard through our conscience and if we are not properly spiritually educated, that voice might not be the voice of the truth.

We have to be very careful and have to know that that "voice" is the voice of truth and not the voice of what we had learned and/or obsessed with.
---Caring on 11/3/07

God is not the author of confusion but God is not the one that is confused.

Our doctrinal differences would not be a problem if we handled them more maturely
---Andrea on 11/2/07

Universalism Quiz

15. There are three distinct persons of the Trinity of God.

The correct answer is True.

Matthew 28:19 - Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

---Bob on 11/2/07

Universalism Quiz

16. Those that believe they have power within themselves are deceived.

The correct answer is True.

Galatians 6:3 - For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

---Bob on 11/2/07

the holy spirit is that small quiet voice within you that makes you know when you are going to do something wrong and displeasing to God, you know it as such when you are christian and as a nion believer you would have the tendency to call it your sixth sense, God instructs us in the form of the Holy spirit through that still small voice, all shoud heed it and obey the spirit. I got a 92 on that quiz they gave about
---Ralph_Ramos on 11/2/07

Ask yourself "Who is the author of Confusion"He is the bad spirit!!!whom do you wish to Follow.Ask the bad spirit do you believe Jesus is your God,the only God Nothing is greater than Him,when & if you get an answer wait for directions.There is only one answer THE TRUTH.Then Follow .
---Emcee on 11/2/07

There are many different opinions because there are many different people. There is only ONE Holy Spirit, but unfortunately people view Him differently. Take the story of the blind men explaining the elephant, one who has the tail explains that an elephant is like a rope,one who felt the body thought he was like a wall, etc. Those who have a relationship with Him (Holy Spirit), know Him, those who don't, can't.
---Allie on 11/2/07

The Holy Spirit it seems teaches one thing to one person and something totally different to another person. Just my observation. He is a Ghost after all, so maybe he has memory problems.
---Noogatiger on 11/2/07

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God is not the author of confusion. There many reasons why humans disagree but the Holy Spirit is NOT one of them. The Bible teaches that sometimes knowledge "puffs-up" meaning that we may let spiritual pride get in our way and possibly compete for the'BEST' blog answer or maybe we have been influenced by a false teacher. Sometimes people misread statements or misunderstand questions. Sometimes we lack knowledge. Sometimes we respond out of an emotional state... Sooo many variables but NOT GOD!
---jody on 11/2/07

P1 - As seen in these blogs, most evangelicals claim they are filled with the H.S.

I have stated this before: Many abuse the H.S. and claim they are filled with His wisdom.

Many are misguided & believe they are holy because they themselves preach to all of us that they are.

Perhaps they are hyped up by what they hear in the sermons or perhaps they are full of themselves. We have "prophets", "miracle workers", and others with such supernatural gifts.
---Caring on 11/1/07

P-2 Methinks, no one here is supernaturally gifted except those who speak with prudence and humility.

We can learn a lot from Luke 1 from what Mary said about her humbleness. Yes, that same Mary whom many of you treat like an ordinary person and who in fact is She, who gave birth to our Savior.
---Caring on 11/1/07

People do not fully understand the anointing of God. Some people believe that the gifts from the Holy Ghost can be taught by man to practice on a daily basis to get the hang of it. I was in this one church were an announcement was made:"Those of you who want to learn how to speak in tongues, stay after the service". All the gifts from God are by one spirit....his spirit.
---Rebecca_D on 11/1/07

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We aren't always being led by the Holy Spirit or even listening. The flesh is deceitful, and causes us to be misled here and there, which is why it is SO important we continue to pray for all the Saints. I know I don't have my act together entirely, and I certainly don't know it all, but try telling my flesh that! LOL. I am frustrated by the lack of unity in the body of Christ, but I've only myself to change.
---kady on 11/1/07

Because most people since 1054 are not listening to the Holy Spirit, but to what their own itching ears hear.
---Jack on 11/1/07

Not everyone is open to the Holy Spirit. We can be open to it, but many let earthly knowledge interfere with spiritual understanding.
---lorra8574 on 10/31/07

we should always test the spirits too many people do not testRead IJn4:1-6
---Emcee on 10/31/07

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God is not the author of confusion. If you don't believe in a triune God, or in the Trinity, you don't really know Who the Holy Spirit Is.
Those who follow Oneness have different definitions. To them, the Holy Spirit is a What and not a Who.
Their descriptions will be in terms of oneness, one baptism, in Jesus Name Only, and the only job of the "What" Holy Spirit is to point back to the Son, Jesus Christ.
---Michelle on 10/31/07

A What cannot teach you. Only a Who can teach you all things.
Every believer can and should flow in the Holy Spirit.
I think the Church has just touched the surface when it comes to the realms of God that are available to us.
The eyes of the Lord run to and fro across the whole earth - He is looking for someone to whom He can show Himself strong. But the Holy Spirit is a Who and not a What.
---Michelle on 10/31/07

donna, you answered your own question.false doctrines ,beliefs,teachings,abound within the church.
---tom2 on 10/31/07

Because some do not believe the Holy Spirit is God, they deny the power of the Holy Spirt to be equal to the Father and the Son.

This is where most of the confusion comes.
For them, baptism of the Holy Spirit, also occurs at salvation, and they believe they received it all. So what they assume is a gift of the Holy Spirit, is often times out of their natural perceptions.
---Bob on 10/31/07

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If you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it's not confusing, at all.
Five offices of ministry and nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The fivefold offices have a stronger measure of the gifts of the Holy Spirit than the laity.
Laity can have the gifts, but God has order in the Church.
---Bob on 10/31/07

If you don't understand the order, a Shepherd will find nothing but disorder in the Church. 'Prophets' and 'Apostles' coming out of the woodwork, everyone has a word, or interpretation, and before you know it, everyone's looking crazy.
---Bob on 10/31/07

Because the devil is flipping out mad! Acts 1:8 says the Holy Spirit brings power. Do you think the devil wants any body to speak in tongues or have power?
---Whisper on 10/31/07

Because there are so many individuals who have experienced the anointing and the Holy Spirit, and each are different, we each describe His attributes in our own words and experences. The same Holy Spirit just different people. It's all about Jesus anyway you look at it.
---Brenda on 10/31/07

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Because not everyone who claims s/he is annointed is truly annointed.
---Caring on 10/31/07

MODERATOR-honestly, it's NOT the Holy Spirit that confuses us, the point I wish to bring out is, why does MAN have so many different opinions if there's ONE HOLY SPIRIT teaching us. Can you please change the title of this question? It's really offending and will offend some. TY!!
---Donna on 10/31/07

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