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Do Angels Have Wings

Do angels have wings? Do they fly?

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 ---agyekum on 11/1/07
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god assigns every angel in heaven tasks to do,he gave them the power to appear or disappear ,they don't use wings to fly.
---judy on 11/28/07

The angels that appeared to Lot looked human, so they didn't have wings.

No opinion on other varieties.

As for flying, I'm sure nowadays they'd take a plane just like the rest of us. (Seriously, so they'd blend in, you know.)

As for wings in art, that's just so you know they're angels. Just like halos mean holy beings, halos with triangles mean God, and halos with a cross mean Jesus.
---Nancy on 11/18/07

Angels were created to glorify Jesus Christ(Col. 1:16). There are two archangels, Michael and Gabriel. The Cherubim have four faces (man, lion, ox, and eagle) as well as two pairs of wings. The Seraphim have six wings, and yes they do fly. There are Living creatures(Rev. 4:6-9), Ruling Angels(Eph. 1:21), and Guardian Angels(Heb. 1:14). God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/2/07

In fact it was a blonde feather :))
---Caring on 11/2/07


I hope it wasn't a black feather from a dark angle. If so you may be open to demon infestation.
---matthew on 11/2/07

If cherubims and seraphims were angels (which I have always thought they were) then, yes, they have wings.
---RitaH on 11/2/07

Yes, Angels have wings in fact I have a feather which fell from one of the Angels' wings :))
---Caring on 11/1/07

Angels were depicted with wings in art to show their haste to perform God's will, as the flight of birds was considered the most rapid and unimpeded form of movement.

Whisper, "seraphim" is already plural. This is one of the minor errors of the KJV.
---Jack on 11/1/07

Well since angels can form into human beings, I would say they don't have wings and they couldn't fly. But I honestly do not know, I haven't seen an angel before, that I know of. I may have seen an angel in human form, but anytime I've read about them in the bible, they didn't fly or have wings.
---Rebecca_D on 11/1/07

Flying pigs were God's prototypes.
---arnie on 11/1/07

Seraphims have six wings 2 covering face 2 covering body 2 covering feet. Yes.
---Whisper on 11/1/07

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