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Fight To Stop Abortion

If we don't fight to stop abortion is their blood on our hands?

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 ---Andrea on 11/2/07
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abortion has been heavy on my heart for some time now. It doesnt matter what blog or site you go to the fight is always the same. Pro-choice (its my body) Pro-life (stop the murder). The arguements never end one side says abortion is the solution to the problem the other says it is the problem! I am and always will be Pro-life! What I can't fathom or even begin to understand is HOW we have come to accept abortion. I have talked to and counceled women who have had abortions because it wasn't the right time money was tight the father didnt want it the world was to dangerous the list goes on and on.
---shannon on 1/2/11


christians don't have a problem with contraception Catholics do.
Christian leave it up to your conscience -
---Andrea on 11/5/07

Nancy:: You cant keep your cake & eat it.What does your mind tell you before engaging in the Gods plan of procreation.Does it say I want the joy But NOT the child.?We are talking about TRUE Christians.
---Emcee on 11/5/07

What exactly is CONTRACEPTION control?
---Bish on 11/5/07

You're all missing the point. The problem is not abortions.

It's CONCIEVING those children in the first place.

Christians should be advocating responsible reproductive habits, including CONCEPTION control.

Children should only be bred into families that can produce healthy children and provide for them. To do otherwise is a form of child abuse in my mind.

And don't tell me abstinence is the answer--it's an unreasonable ideal.
---Nancy on 11/4/07

In answer to the question, are we to FIGHT?, yes. We must fight in some fashion. We as Christians have made our opinions known by protest both verbally and physically but we are not able to stop individual choice. We need to continue to be clear on our position or this sin is on us.
---jody on 11/3/07

most of us do our part in government when we should vote for people who are against as far as war is concerned our leaders are elected to handle issues or international nature.but again if you are not pleased vote appropriately.I am old enough to remember the vietnam war protest,and remember several cousins and brothers that were spat on when they returned from that war.
---tom2 on 11/3/07

Blessings Andrea, abortion is murder and as Donna pointed out, women especially this young generation needs to meet our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As far as having the aborted baby's blood on our hands, I believe that if you never recieve Jesus Christ as Lord of your life than yes, but if say you had an abortion or know someone who has had one, and you recieve Christ as your Lord and Savior after the fact then you are forgiven not only of having the abortion but forgiven of ALL SIN... God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/2/07

Very good points, Matthew, especially about how our vets are treated after all they've been through! I agree with you.
---Mary on 11/2/07

We will be held accountable on the day of judgement. We will have to explain ourselves before he Lord.
Even if we can't stop all evil in this world, we will be judged if we don't try.
Trying is what God is looking for. Our efforts make Him proud.
Try: LifeCall- resources for pregnant women and their babies.For: directory of shelters for pregnant women & Crisis pregnancy Centers.
---Lisa on 11/2/07

How can we stop someone else from having an abortion? Just by telling them not to? Does that work?

The protests led against abortion are useless because a woman usually has her mind already made up. Unless we tell these women they need a Savior and that Savior is Jesus and that they can have a living relationship with Him, and their baby can be given to a caring, loving family, they will never stop aborting their babies. We need to "humble ourselves and pray" for these women.
---Donna on 11/2/07

We are to fight and cast down all things that exalt themselves against the Word of God. We do this by first renewing our mind to the Word of God, then moving in that Word properly as the Holy Spirit guides us. Now if you are told to sound the alarm by the Holy Spirit and are disobedient & do not, then the blood that is on your hands is your own and no one elses. For Gods Will, will be done whether your obedient or not. The stopping of anything first starts with you?
---Shawn.M.T on 11/2/07

Are we complicit in others immoral acts even though they may be permitted, sanctioned, regulated, promoted or engaged in by government?
I would say no. The range of activities that governments engage in is so broad, we can only influence the direction of government. Wounded soldiers returning from Iraq are often not cared for, many ending up homeless. I think this immoral, as not giving them proper armor was immoral, as was sending them there in the first place. Is their blood on my hands?
---matthew on 11/2/07

Don't aborted babies go to heaven?
So what blood would there be?
It is like a get out of hell free card.
---Noogatiger on 11/2/07

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