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Christians That Are Hypnotised

Is it o.k. for Christians to get Hypnotised?

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 ---Marty on 11/3/07
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If you can't get someone to do something that their own free will not allow, and we do have free will, why bother with hypnosis in the first place?
To lessen one's inhibitions? Why not get drunk or take a truth serum? Why not take a lie detector test and have yourself answers yourself if all of those bad childhood experiences are really true in the first place?
---Cindy on 3/8/08

Why do those under hypnosis always remember themselves as something highly important in a past life?
It's always a king, queen or some egyptian royalty? They never remember themselves as the janitor with a cleaning business, a street cleaner, or fry cook at the local diner.
---Cindy on 3/8/08

It's been proven by science that a person can not get hypnotised to do something he doesn't want to do.
---sue on 3/7/08

Hypnotism, in a parlor, on the stage, or in a clinic.

Did you know that hypnotism works through a seducing spirit?
Hypnotizer, mesmerizer, enchanter, charmer, enticer, beguiler.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

Did you know that a seducing spirit using hypnotism can attach itself to the flesh of the one being hypnotized?
Demons, familiar spirits counterfeit, allure, delude, fake, deceive and swindle.

Hypnotizers, mesmerizers are persuasive because of the seducing spirit that's using them.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

The world uses hypnotism to mesmerize, persuade the patient into wellness.
Seducing spirits can pull up false memories, faulty experiences and give the patient an exchange. Delusion about past memories, past lives, reincarnation, myths and fiction.
The imposter behind seducing spirits will swindle, entices that one to depart from faith and receive error.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

If a Christian wants to make the exchange of
receiving error, departing from faith, being led astray, swayed and enticed - the hypnotizer, beguiler, charmer, mesmerizer,
the tempter will be more than enchanted to help you.

Christians can grieve the Holy Spirit in many ways, and this is one way to accomplish that.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

The power of the Holy Spirit drives out phobias, nightmares, panic attacks, irrational behaviors, paralyzing fears, aimless actions, nervous anxiety, fright, reclusiveness, trembling, ungodly suspicions.

The Holy Spirit will not forsake you or leave you with faulty past memories.
Faulty memories, regression, have destroyed families after a seducing spirit hypnotized one into believing error and lies.
Counterfeit memories will cheat you out of God's Holy Spirit of truth.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

Trained to hypnotize, perform magic.

Regardless of how it's presented, it's all in the same house. In a clinic on the first floor, on a stage - second floor, a medium in a trance - third floor.
Seducing spirits obey the tempter of your soul. He doesn't care where you receive one.

Seducing spirits will embarrass and humilate you. Under their influence, you will bark like a dog, crawl on your knees or even slither like a snake.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

Testing the spirits.
Do you have a hypnotist coming to your church to entertain, a magician.
It's all in the same house.

In the church, it's called charismatic witchcraft.
Testing the spirits. Seducing spirits in a church operate the same way. They have no problem with embarrassing or humiliating you.
This is where you will find, barking dogs, mooing cows, roaring lions and slithering around like a serpent. Seducing spirits.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

Hypnotism, magic or charismatic witchcraft.

The power of the Holy Spirit is greater than divination and witchcraft, counterfeit miracles.

MMR Michelle
---Michelle on 3/7/08

I would avoid Hypnotises used for parlor tricks and TV or show stunts.

It can be a highly effective tool when employed by clinical professionals in medicine and psychotherapy. Hypnotic time regression is useful in crime investigation for subjects to remember critical details of events that they don't initially recall.

The Air Force did prevent one of my Graduate School instructors from Hypnotizing class members they did not want any Post Hypnotic suggestions being given to ICBM launch crews.
---notlaw99 on 2/6/08

NO, NO, NO, NO. Common sense. Remember.
---catherine on 2/6/08

We are to meditate on the things of God. When we are hypnotized, we are turning our minds over to somebody else. They can do what they wish with our minds & could open the door for demon activity. So we need to pray and seek God about this!
---Princesstookie on 2/6/08

Will it help you stop that 6 month affair?
If so, let us know.
---Mike on 1/9/08

Mima)depends upon how badly the Christian wants to be hypnotised. We Christians SUBMIT to the Holy Spirit. We can willfully choose to not SUBMIT(which is sin). When moving under the power of the HS, one cannot be hypnotized but if outside of it he can. If this is willful and purposefull, it would not only be sin but very dangereous as it is an invitation for any entitiy to enfluence the subject then or at a later time or both. Very difficult to hypnotize people of above average intellegence,however.:)
---jody on 11/8/07

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What you believe about relinquishing your will is not entirely true. You mind is open to any suggestions as well as demons. The state is worse than one of intoxication.The Bible warns to be Sober Minded. Why give your mind over to outside forces. Paul struggled with the flesh. Jesus died on the cross for your fleshly problems. Take it to the cross not to a hypnotist. Believe you are forgiven and try again.:)You have not committed the unpardonable sin or you would not care.God loves you:)
---jody on 11/8/07

The bible cautions to be SOBER MINDED AND WATCHED. Hypnosis is actually worse than a drug or alchol since it puts you in a state of unconcousness and you are open to all sorts of spirits and suggestions. Be careful as this is very powerful in a negative way. Never give your mind over to anyone or even to SElF HYPNOSIS. Demons can enter.
---jody on 11/8/07


Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is when you knowingly state something that slanders the Holy Spirit. For example, the Pharisees saw Jesus performing miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit, and said that he was doing so by the power of Satan.

This is NOT a sin you could do inadvertnetly. If you did it, you would DEFINITELY know it.
---StrongAxe on 11/8/07

Well, 'marty', hypnotism might take you further on down to a level that you can't come out of, spiritually.
Repent, while you still have breath. You have nothing to lose but salvation.
---Bob on 11/7/07

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Yes be in the world but not of the world. Sometimes I fear that I have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit and now I'm on my own.
---Marty on 11/6/07

From a spiritual standpoint, I doubt it's the Holy Spirit motivating you to become hypnotised to improve your character.
Hypnotism will not remove the reaping of what you've sown, but repenting will.
---Bob on 11/6/07

The psychology of hypnotism does not necessitate the relinquishing of free will.

By intuition I understand that most Christians will be against it, but then again the same applied to blood tranfusions (now accepted).

Because it is new is not my justification for considering it, that would be more a mixture exhaustion and weariness thus the reason I am seeking rational Christian councel as to the concerns involved.
---Marty on 11/6/07

Hypnotised or Brain washed?
---kai on 11/6/07

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The question that I need to answer is whether this is the Holy Spirit encouraging me to take a course of action that will improve myself and my character.
---Marty on 11/5/07

I am thinking about getting hypnotised, because there are things that I to overcome and which have faied to do.

The Holy Spirit isn't helping much and I don't know if this is because I am reaping what I have sown.
---Marty on 11/5/07

Under hypnotism you cannot do things that go against your will in state in which you are not hypnotised.

Shows that have people doing crazy stuff, the hypnotist goes and 'interviews' the crowd before hand and identifies those people open to suggestion - they actually want to do that kind of stuff.
---Marty on 11/5/07

A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.

The Holy Spirit can do a better job of helping you recover what memories you need to recover or put away.
God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than man's ways.
Why let creation rearrange your computer, when the Creator can repair it.
---Bob on 11/4/07

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Once in a discussion about this. I overheard a person say," a Christian can not be hypnotized!" How I found that statement very interesting? Does anyone have any opinions about this?
---Mima on 11/4/07

I don't know a scriptural answer to this but I do know that I would not wish to go down this road myself and would suggest that others who wish to, do so warily. There are some Christians who practice hypnotherapy and, if I ever felt I absolutely needed that treatment, I would choose a Christian therapist.
---RitaH on 11/4/07

Hypnosis involves spiritual mind control that is humanly generated and doesn't come from The Holy Spirit. I would stay away from this kind of thing. It is demonic and doesn't come from the kingdom of God.
---john on 11/3/07

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15)

I am finding that if in prayer I get with God in His peace, He does all He really desires to do with me while I am obeying Him in this peace which has His own almighty power and guiding instinct to do whatsoever You really please to do with me at any time. (((o: So, I don't need to go to a hyponotist: God can do all He wants with me being obedient in this peace.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/3/07

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I have heard that hypnotism can give a person a wrong spirit. It is very much being under the power of another human, too, which I would not advise, especially if the hypnotist is not a sound and mature Christian.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/3/07

No. You must be sober, and vigilant lest the enemy {demonic realm} take advantage of you, through this meathod the enemy can take posession of you. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS.
---Whisper on 11/3/07

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