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Christmas Parade Float

My Pastor put me and my husband in charge of our Christmas Float, that will be in the Christmas Parade in our County. My idea is to use live people to do the Naivity Scene. With all the animals made with plywood. What do you guys think?

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 ---Rebecca_D on 11/3/07
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Just to let everyone know, the float turned out to be wonderful. There were over 50 floats in the parade and there may have been at least 5 floats(that I've seen) that had anything to do with Jesus. Everyone thought that my husband and I done a great job. I am proud of us both because both of us was under the weather pretty bad.
---Rebecca_D on 12/3/07

Susie, to answer your question, if you cannot portray Jesus, you portray His *teachings*. Even if you have to use secular iconography to do so.

Simple as that.
---Nancy on 11/25/07

Susie: my replies. Who said Jesus wasn't going to be part of this float? I said the people in charge of the parade (not the float) wanted stuff like Santa Claus, reindeer, stuff like that. I'm not in charge of the parade, just this float that my church is putting in the parade. Why are you sill judging if you don't want to cause a hindrance? That is a big hindrance. Have you ever received an award for being a judgemental person? If not, you need one.
---Rebecca_D on 11/25/07

There are people out there who do not know Jesus. They are watching every step we Christians make. We are to live above the world. If our walk turns anyone away from Jesus, we will be held responsible. This is why I walked away from all things that might be a hindrance to anyone when I gave my life to Jesus 100%.
---Susie on 11/24/07

I was told that we had to go by "their" theme. Which is the people in charge of the parade. Yeah their theme consists of Santa, Raindeer, Elves, anything without Jesus. There will also be a contest. Last year our church came in second. But really that don't matter, just as long as we spread the true meaning of Jesus Christ and what he is all about.
---Rebecca_D on 11/8/07

How do you spread the true meaning of Jesus if HE is not allowed on this float?
---Susie on 11/24/07

How is it that a blog about a float in a Christmas parade gets turned into an assault on peoples different little "sins"? Rebecca, I like your idea for the float. I wish people could leave their insecurities at the door. May the Lord bring honor to your effort to honor Him.
---tommy3007 on 11/23/07

Blessings to you susie, but may I ask, are you totally sinless? I understand what RebeccaD is going through, because I am going through the same thing. I applaud Rebecca for her honesty, and as Jesus told us, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. No offense friend, but you nor anyone have the right to judge. Only God sees the heart, and He has that right only. So since I am a smoker as well, I guess you will judge me next? Rebecca loves the Lord and so do I. God bless friend!
---Cynthia on 11/22/07

1. I am new to Christianet and enjoy very much reading these blogs. But I must say I am disappointed in this one.

I too am battling with a smoking habit.
When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, He, in His Grace, removed lots of old layers from me. Thank you Jesus.
---Anne_P on 11/21/07

2. But I still have layers to go and one of them is smoking. I am fully aware of how bad of a habit it is.....

I use to think that smoking demonstrated my lack of faith. But it does not.
As far as being a bad "example" for younger people...well, I tell my 17 year old daughter all the time..."I pray that you don't EVER start smoking...EVER..."
---Anne_P on 11/21/07

3. I believe that there are much more faith damaging "examples" in the churches these days than Rebeccah's,or mine, smoking habits.

And the difference between my smoking habit and a preacher teaching false doctrine is that I, at least, am willing to admit that I have a bad habit that needs to go and with my Lord's help will be victorious....
---Anne_P on 11/21/07

Susie: Your comment regarding addicts being selfish is so ignorant! I have known addicts who would give you the shirt off their back! It's people like you who keep the awful stigma attached to this desease. Not all addicts are scum, like you think. LEARN before you speak negatively about people!
---sue on 11/21/07

Rebecca....I will continue to pray for you even if you don't want me to. I believe that Jesus is trying to do a work in you and your family. I know that when I was in the world, there were lots of people praying for me even when I wasn't ready to commit to the Lord 100%.
---Susie on 11/21/07

Susie: I simply asked what others thought about this idea and YOU turned it into me smoking. With your heart not in the right place and not having the right spirit in you, no I don't want you praying for me. I can do without your kind of praying. Say what you want, think what you want. God didn't put me on this earth to please you. So why do you feel you need to judge others? Look in your own closet and clean out your skeletons.
---Rebecca_D on 11/21/07

Susie: A person who is addicted can give 100% of what they have at that time. It may not be up to your standards, but they are giving 100% of what they are capable of at that time. I know I did prior to my sobriety.

Since I got sober, I see how the Lord worked in my life to bring me to the point where I gave up the alcohol, and other addictive behaviors. Before my gastric bypass surgery, I was struggling with binge eating disorder, but I was still giving the Lord 100%.
---Trish9863 on 11/21/07

Susie 2: As I grow in the Lord, HE peels the layers and I release self-defeating behaviors to Him.

It is not YOUR job to keep pointing fingers at Rebecca. Years ago, she fully admitted that someday she may give up the smoking, just not now.

When my sister-in-law accepted the Lord, nobody in her Baptist church told her she HAD to quit smoking. The Holy Spirit worked in her life, and over the years she tried, and failed and tried again, till she had victory.
---Trish9863 on 11/21/07

When did tobacco become a sin?
Is there a date?
---alan_of_UK on 11/21/07

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Trish said, "A person who has an addiction can still serve the Lord 100%."

I disagree with this statement. A person who is still hanging onto drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, adultery, fornication, etc. is not serving the Lord 100%. They are serving themselves.
---Susie on 11/21/07

Trish...I have never questioned Rebecca's salvation. I simply think that if she wants to be healthy, as she states, then she needs to give up the tobacco.
---Susie on 11/21/07

Susie: A person who has an addiction can still serve the Lord 100%. I know I did.

Philippians 2:12 "Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyednot only in my presence, but now much more in my absencecontinue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose."

Rebecca is working out her salvation with fear and trembling, and you are being rude in criticizing the way she does it.
---Trish9863 on 11/20/07

Rebecca...The choices you are having to make today are the same ones I and many Christians have made in the past. We chose to serve the Lord 100%.
---Susie on 11/20/07

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Rebecca....It seems as if you are the one doing the judging today. You think I am not a happy person. You quote Paul and talk about being childish. You talk about not wanting me to pray for you because I tell you that if you want to be healthy you need to quit smoking. As Paul said, it is time to put away childish things. Babies eventually give up there pacifier. These are harsh words. But, either you want to be healthy or you don't.
---Susie on 11/20/07

Susie: Tell me something, how can you be guided by the Holy Ghost when all your doing is judging others? It doesn't work that way. The Holy Ghost doesn't guide anyone into judging others, that is Satan's guiding. Yes the bible says for the older women to be mentors to younger women, how are you doing in that area? Not very good hua? So what if your a licensed minister? Are you God called or self called? Do you have a licensed to judge others as well? Are you Minister Susie or Judge Susie?
---Rebecca_D on 11/19/07

Susie: At times I need advice on certain situations. And with my health, I was needing people to pray for me because I was having such a hard time. I still have some kidney problems, and need people to pray. But don't pray for me, because you can't judge and pray at the same time. Paul said when I was a child, I spake as a child but when I grew up I put away childish things. Do all of us a favor and take Paul's advice, please. When you get the right spirit in you, maybe then you'll be a happy person.
---Rebecca_D on 11/19/07

Trish, many of the people that you have come up against, are all the same person.
They enjoy pushing your buttons.
---Bob on 11/15/07

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Susie, if what you say is true, about the Holy Spirit, then why don't you let the Holy Spirit guide Rebecca, and mind your own business where her smoking is concerned?
---Trish9863 on 11/15/07

Trish..Thank you Mommy! I prefer to let the Holy Spirit do my guiding.
---Susie on 11/14/07

I was almost certain the blog was yours... There is no way that
on this issue with Rebecca you are "mentoring" or "ministering".
By Matthew18, please consider me as one of the witnesses that
say, please drop this "smoking" issue. I am sure she as well as us
have heard you point the first, second, third, fourth, ... times you
have brought it up.
---Nana on 11/15/07

Trish, don't let any of this upset you.
Some of the controversy resides only in Mayberry. Many of the bones of contention are not actually real.
I prayed for some of the imaginary scenarios and found out, that many controversies were being lived out in one mind.
I can almost tell you day by day, who will show up and who will disappear for awhile - lo and behold, they're back in succession.
It's cyclic and it's very sad.
---Bob on 11/14/07

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I feel empathy and sadness for the children and families that must live/survive with it.
---Bob on 11/14/07

Susie: I cannot believe that you have discerned Rebecca's heart. You have judged her harshly in your post to Katie. I perceive that she is insecure about a lot of things and seeks encouragement and insight from people here when she posts what she does. From what is sounds like she does not have a lot of positive Christians in her church or family to help her along this journey of life. Your critical spirit is not what anyone here needs.
---Trish9863 on 11/14/07

Susie: Your harsh judgment of alcoholics and addicts is the very reason that many do not find new life in Christ. The lack of love in your conversation with Rebecca, and the way you describe them is just lacking sensitivity and caring.

It is not your job to police the believers' behaviors and tell them to quit any behavior. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Lord eventually worked in my life, and helped me break my addictions, He will do likewise with Rebecca, IN HIS TIME.
---Trish9863 on 11/14/07

Katie...If you think this question was for suggestions, you are misled. Rebecca posts questions so that we can see how much she is doing while her other posts are complaining about her mother-in-law, church and health problems. I have discerned the condition of her heart. Jesus wants us to go out and reach a lost and dying world. He doesn't want us to constantly build ourselves up while living a life that is not Christian.
---Susie on 11/14/07

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Trish...As you are well aware, I have many years experience in the addictions field. I also came to realize that so-called addicts and alcholics are very selfish people who are only concerned with themselves and what they want. I believe that when a person truly gives their life to Jesus Christ 100% they will give up their own wants and desires.
---Susie on 11/14/07

Smoking is an addiction, just as drinking and eating disorders. Unless a person is willing to give it up, they are not going to be victorious in quitting. Rebecca is not willing to give up her smoking at this time. I went for years drinking and binge eating, and finally became willing to quit those behaviors, AFTER I was a Christian for a long time.

Your condemnation only goes to show a lack of love and understanding for people with addictions.
---Trish9863 on 11/14/07

Susie, I agree with you about smoking. However, you're focusing so much on Rebecca's flaws, that you're forgetting about the question. So, she smokes, big deal. We need to stop judging people by what they do and start looking at the heart.
---Katie on 11/14/07

Nana....The post you copied was also posted by me. Since I do not know Rebecca personally, I cannot go to her personally. Since she has posted numerous times regarding her multiple health problems and her smoking and the Bible says that the older women should lead (mentor) the younger women, I feel that it is my duty as an older woman who is also a licensed minister, to advise Rebecca of the way a Christian woman should behave. Smoking is not a good attribute of a Christian woman.
---Susie on 11/13/07

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Here is an excellent tip on the issue
of Rebecca's smoking by another Susie
on another blog:
---Nana on 11/13/07

"Biblically this should be handled in one way. Go to her instead of to the internet. Discuss your problem with her. Then, if she doesn't want to do things "your way", discuss it with her husband since he is the pastor. If that doesn't work to get her to do things "your way" then bring it before the congregation. By this time, you will have made a complete fool of yourself and will soon be looking for a new church where you can criticize the new pastor's wife."
---Nana on 11/13/07

Yes Susie, Rebecca 'ministers' through her singing, others 'minister' through hospitality or even doing the shopping for an elderly neighbour. Ministering is not limited to being at the front of the church preaching. However, when we refer to 'the minister of the church' or 'the Baptist minister' etc. it usually means an ordained person at the head of a specific church. Rebecca has never made such a claim to my knowledge.
---RitaH on 11/13/07

Rebecca...I read the post again where you stated there were 5 ministers in your church and realized that you did not include yourself as one of them. Please forgive me for reading that into what you had posted. It concerns me though that teenagers will say to their parents, "Well, Sister Rebecca smokes, so it is OK." See what I mean?
---Susie on 11/12/07

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Rebecca: How's the plans coming along? Do you mean that you have to go with a Santa/reindeer theme and not a Jesus theme? And, hey, pay no attention to the fault-finders. The best pastor I can remember used to smoke a big, fat, ugly cigar, but everybody who met him could tell right away that he loved Jesus and he cared about everyone. Nobody is perfect, absolutely nobody, even the people who like to find fault! God bless you and have fun with your float.
---sue on 11/12/07

Susie: No your right there are 5 Preachers in my church, but I am not one of them. My husband is. I just can't understand how you think you can get by judging other people. Is that being a good witness? No Susie it isn't. Like I said, you can't help anyone when all you see is their faults.
---Rebecca_D on 11/12/07

Mary, Mayberry is an imaginary place. It was good. Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bea.
I can see through imaginary details in support of imaginary lives.
What a heartache that must be for the families.
---Bob on 11/12/07

Oh, Bob! You are just being impossible.
---Mary on 11/12/07

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Perhaps, a vignette of St. Nicholas saving the three virgins from a life of...well, I think we all know giving them dowries would be appropriate--historical, moral, and emphasizing charity. While still being a 'Santa'.**

BRAVA! Wonderful idea, Nancy! :-)
---Jack on 11/12/07

Hi, I personally LOVE Nancy's idea, of using a Santa kneeling at the manger! That was the theme of one of my favorite Christmas decorations that I left out all year long because it was so touching and appropriate. :)
---Mary on 11/10/07

The real 'smoking gun' is the need for elaborate details about imaginary lives.
The more elaborate, the less believable it really is.
I do believe the controversy is there, others are upset and question the Preacher's wife's actions, and desire to be the leader of the pack.
---Bob on 11/10/07

Rebecca...I remember you saying that their are five ministers in your church. Am I mistaken? It could have been someone else. I just can't understand how you can be a good witness with a cigarette hanging out your mouth.
---Susie on 11/9/07

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Jack, the kneeling Santa is an allegory of secularism giving way to religion. It's not meant to be literal.

Though on second thought, I doubt that would go over at all well with the powers that be anyway.

Perhaps, a vignette of St. Nicholas saving the three virgins from a life of...well, I think we all know giving them dowries would be appropriate--historical, moral, and emphasizing charity. While still being a 'Santa'.
---Nancy on 11/9/07

Susie: That isn't what double-minded is. Double-minded means to be unstable in all their ways, James 1:8. I'm not a minister, by the way. I've never said I was. I said that I was called by God to sing. My husband has been called by God to preach. Susie, you can't help anyone when all your looking at is their faults. Be like Jesus, he looked beyond a person's faults and saw their needs. Can you do that? Or is that too much of a task?
---Rebecca_D on 11/9/07

I'll tell you straight up, I don't know if RD really smokes. I don't know if she even lives in Mayberry.
I do know that many life stories are fignewtons of imagination, and some of the figs chide one another to keep the imaginary lives going. I try to respond to doctrinal questions, but when doctrines become confused with life stories, I can see it.
---Bob on 11/9/07

RitaH....Rebecca has often referred to herself and her husband as ministers. What kind of minister smokes?
---Susie on 11/9/07

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Susie, what does Rebecca's smoking have to do with this blog? So what, she smokes, big deal. It isn't up to you to judge her about her personal habits. Just because she smokes doesn't make her any less of a Christian than you or me.
Rebecca, I like your idea for the float. Have fun with it, be creative. You could even modernize the scene and have different people from today, kneeling at the manger.
---Katie on 11/9/07

Susie, have I missed something? I wasn't aware that Rebecca D has called herself a minister - unless you are not referring to the leader of the church but to the fact that we all 'minister' to each other. Could you explain which meaning of the word you meant please?
---RitaH on 11/9/07

** Rebecca...The Bible talks about being double-minded. Either you are sold out for Jesus or you're not! If you are calling yourself a minister and still smoking that is double mindedness. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk!**

Susie, NOWHERE does the Bible say, "Thou shalt not smoke". This is strictly an AMERICAN pop-evangelical taboo.

ALL of us have something that the Lord has to work on that is as difficult as pulling teeth.

ALL of us--including YOU, Susie.
---Jack on 11/9/07

Have you considered doing a version of the worshiping Santa? (The one where Santa is kneeling at the manger.)**

I have, and I want to scream, break it into many little pieces, and jump up and down on them whenever I see one.

How about the crucified Easter Bunny with the Seven Dwarves kneeling in adoration, as the Virgin Mary flies by on a broomstick--seen in one Japanese holiday display?
---Jack on 11/9/07

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Rebecca...The Bible talks about being double-minded. Either you are sold out for Jesus or you're not! If you are calling yourself a minister and still smoking that is double mindedness. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk!
---Susie on 11/8/07

Have you considered doing a version of the worshiping Santa? (The one where Santa is kneeling at the manger.)

And I wouldn't use live animals. Two words: reindeer poo. LOL
---Nancy on 11/8/07

I was told that we had to go by "their" theme. Which is the people in charge of the parade. Yeah their theme consists of Santa, Raindeer, Elves, anything without Jesus. There will also be a contest. Last year our church came in second. But really that don't matter, just as long as we spread the true meaning of Jesus Christ and what he is all about.
---Rebecca_D on 11/8/07

I think it is a very good idea if there is going to be a parade about Christmas. Certainly Santa and elves would not be an idea of a good Christian. ha:) I think the birth scene will bring the point home for the spectators.:)Have fun with it:)
---jody on 11/8/07

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Hi Rebecca, ignore your critics, God bless you and have fun dear! :)
---Mary on 11/7/07

Well Sue, it would be hard to do sign language and smoke at the same time. And yes by the way, I don't smoke when doing a religious program. Sue, Bob, grow up.This is an adult blogs. I don't know where the children go, but maybe you should go there.
---Rebecca_D on 11/7/07

Yes, me too. Unless you're planning on some burnt offerings.
---Bob on 11/7/07

Rebecca....Hopefully, this will be a non-smoking float.
---Susie on 11/6/07

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Bob: What do you mean by that? The float was left up to me and my husband to do. My husband is building the stable, I am doing the patterns for the animals, my husband will cut them out. He is getting the hay. The church people are helping me gather up sheets to put on the people, as robes. Mary will have her head covered. Bob I resent the fact you said that. What do you mean?
---Rebecca_D on 11/6/07

There are alot of 'I's' in your plans, as the Pastor/Preacher's Wife.
---Bob on 11/6/07

I have access to live animals like a real Jerusalem donkey, camel, sheep, lamb, and I thought I'd use a cow. After all they were in a stable. But the low-boy (a flat bed trailer) won't be big enough to use live animals. I've already have people lined up to do the parts. I am going to sign language to the song, "There's A New Kid In Town". while in the parade. For the crowns for the Wise Men, I'm going to decorate the crowns from Burger King. I'm real excited about this float.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/07

Excellent!!! add "Christ is Christmas"
We need to show we are not ashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ!
---Lisa on 11/5/07

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I would add one thing to the sides of the float. A great, big sign that says, "Jesus is the reason for the Season!"
---Susie on 11/5/07

O.K. Since you asked....

If this was given to me.

the manger scene is all over the place usualy. But I would have give a message that would ''STICK'' AND ''CLICK''
in the minds of people.

I would have a great big anchor of salvation, with a giant kings crown on a float of a sky with white clouds, with Jesus, sitting on a WHITE HORSE with A REAL BRIDE. With a sign in the front saying ''YES LORD WE'LL RIDE WITH YOU'' enough of ''baby'' helpless, that was overated in the past.
---Whisper on 11/5/07

It sounds great. Years ago, a church I attended had a Noah's Ark float in the townships's 4th of July parade. We handed out invitations to our DVBS as we walked alongside the float. We had kids up on the float dressed in animal faces. Our float won a prize. We had a lot of kids attend our DVBS that summer.
---Trish9863 on 11/4/07

"Naivity" Scene. I don't think that you are naive at all, RD:::
I'm sure you'll manage, controversy and all.
---Bob on 11/4/07

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Well, as people are usually easier to control than animals (in this kind of situation at least!!) I think you are being very wise. Having cows and sheep on a float could be courting disaster - not to mention the mess. I hope it works out fine for you.
---RitaH on 11/4/07

That sounds like fun and amazing project, I think you should do it I hope to see pictures. Go luck in making it.
---ANN on 11/3/07

As long as you can find people who will be willing to participate I think it will be a good idea. Also, don't forget to ask your husband's opinion.
---john on 11/3/07

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