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Are We Worthy To Escape

Consider,"Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man." (Luke 21:36) question, what makes a person worthy to escape?

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 ---Mima on 11/5/07
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So true Catherine. Humility vs Pride. We may be surprised to find out that those who thought for sure they wouldn't escape are those that will, and those who knew for sure they would escape or those that won't.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/17/07

Sometimes after God spoke to me out of the blue, miraculously, I ask Him," why do you even speak to me I don't even deserve it." Despite the fact that that attitude has us doubt and worry at times, it also keeps in line and keeps us serious. Sometimes after God spoke to me out of the blue, miraculously, I ask Him," why do you even speak to me I don't even deserve it." Despite the fact that that attitude has us doubt and worry at times, it also keeps in line and keeps us serious.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/17/07

That attitude,that says, "I'm not worthy", which is humility. Amen, sister.
---Matthew_from_LA on 11/17/07

I know many believe that they will escape before any losses or troublesome times.

Your ability to be consumed by Jesus Christ will make the difference to be strong through difficult times. Press in, and let Jesus Christ be your source.
Through His Word and by God's Holy Spirit, He will lead us to perfect provision.
---Michelle on 11/16/07

The one-world church.
There will be two major economic collapses.
One will be in our lifetime and the other will be in the total judgment of Babylon.

Ministers, ministries, both large and small will go under. There will be increased pressure and they will eventually lose the tax exempt status.
---Michelle on 11/16/07

Spend wisely.
God will be a refuge for His people in times like these, "perfect provision".
Don't fear, only pray. Move close to Jesus.
He is Wise, and He will guide and take care of you.
No matter what happens, faith will hold us strong and in safety ~ as long as your faith is in Him and not secured in the one-world church and world system.
---Michelle on 11/16/07

God, by the goodwill of His grace towards us accounts us worthy. We do not want to only escape the great tribulation, But we want to be able to stand before the Son of man, not only to stand acquitted before Him as our judge,but to stand before Him as our master and serve Him day and night. A great part of out worthiness lies in an acknowledgment of our own unworthiness.>>>Live a life of prayer in this world and a life of praise in the other world. We cannot be safe if we be secure.
---catherine on 11/16/07

From coast to coast and inbetween, including Hawaii, I saw sorrow.
I remember every detail, the timing is getting closer.
The just shall live by faith. Our goodness and works do not make us worthy to escape, only what Jesus did for us on the Cross will make us worthy to escape, and our complete faith in Him.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

I saw areas with natural resources as a target.
We need to pray. Exercise your faith now in the little things, we will need it for the big things.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

There are many that believe that before any such things could happen, they will be out of this world.
They will be taken, but in ways they may not be prepared for. Prepare your hearts now.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

It seems that the world is seeing, what the Church is refusing to acknowledge.
We are on the brink of great upheaval throughout the world.
These are the days of which OT prophets warned, the time of distress, and a time of sifting and separation.

Prepare. Prepare with diligence.
A day is soon approaching when the children of God will have to stand for truth. Prepare your hearts.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

Twenty years ago, I had a series of dreams in a week's time.
Every night, I saw a different region that experienced distress.
I did not know the timing, but it's getting closer.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

I saw interstates and highways that were disrupted.
I saw the water rising in areas, and draught in others.
I saw people with very little water to drink, hauling it in buckets, shanty camps.
People huddled together, sharing what little they had.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

I saw people losing their minds from the stress of it all, methodically moving like they were in shock.
I saw some very literal things - turmoil that will shake foundations.
The just shall live by faith. With a mustard seed of faith, there are many that will survive by believing in God alone to provide for your daily survival.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

I saw cars stranded along side highways, no more gas to make it.
Because of road conditions, tires were punctured and there were no spares left to make it. People were on foot. Some were wandering in circles, devastated.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

only what jesus did,given to us by grace from God because he loves us all.
---tom2 on 11/7/07

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Blessings to you Mima, The only thing that will make us worthy is our position in Christ. Personally, I have trusted Him as my Savior, and I have committed my way to HIM, so that if I am alive at the time of the Rapture, I will be going to meet Him in the air by the grace of God. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/5/07

simply Obedience.
---Eloy on 11/5/07

Walking close to the Lord Jesus Christ.
---Mr._Graham on 11/5/07

Jody, you said it well. Any worthiness we have at all is by God's grace and not by anything we do, say or think, 'lest anyone should boast.'
---John1944 on 11/5/07

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Its not our worthiness that matters - its His.
When we receive Him and believe on Him He covers us with His blood. God no longers sees our sin and we are worthy bc his blood is worthy.
---Andrea on 11/5/07

Isaac Watts saing:
"Shall I be carried to the clouds on flow'ry beds of ease/while others fought to win the prize and sailed though bloody seas?"

The Rapturist replies, "You darn tootin'!"
---Jack on 11/5/07

Well said Jody. I couldn't say better than that myself.
---ANN on 11/5/07

None of us are worthy of anything. That is why we need to watch and pray. The only thing that could possibly make us worthy is following Jesus daily by picking up our cross and stepping out beyond ourselves. Even then it is only by HIS blood that we can be counted worthy so we must pray without ceasing!
---jody on 11/5/07

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