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Pastors Wife Is A Leader

The Pastors wife is the worship leader of our church. Trouble is that the speakers are so LOUD that the only voice heard is hers, and she loves being the center of all attention. Like a christian Rasputia. Would you just grin and bear it or say something?

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 ---unheard_of. on 11/5/07
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Mima::You have just openly declared & justified the saying"The hand that rocksthe cradle Rules the world"By exampleThe silent overseer the companionthe help mate.The silent one behind the scenes, who orchestrates.
---Emcee on 11/15/07

To---Connie , I'm 70 years old. I have been saved 50 years. In all that time I have visited many many churches. I'm proud to be called a church hopper(the reason I am proud is because I know what the different churches believe). But to answer your question, it has been my experience that women(a specially pastor,s wifes) dominate and run Pentecoastal churches!
---Mima on 11/15/07

Mema,what does it possibly being a "Pentecostal church" have to do with anything? just wondering.And I agree with whoever it was that suggested adjust the Volume, AND dealing with the situation in love. I JUST became a new pastor's wife husband has been a minister for 4 yrs..but just got his first church.LAST NIGHT.( we've been married 10 yrs )and let me tell you, I'm terrified!! ESPECIALLY after reading some of the petty complaints on various ( not just this one) blogs.
---Connie on 11/15/07

I do agree with John. Everyone is important in a church. Not just the leaders and pastor/wife. If there are meetings in the church. This subject can be brought up. It is easy to remedy and everything should always be done in love. Adjust the mike so others can be heard. Far as being the centor of attention. I would leave that to the Lord. Pray for her.
---Robyn on 11/11/07

My dear, I think the the problem is with the "LOUD" speakers and not the pastors wife! If an experienced person adjusts the volume on the PA system everyone will enjoy the worship session.
About the pastors wife wanting "attention", all you have to do is PRAY for her in a loving way. If you don't, the devil will rob you of your beautifull church my dear coz you might not be the only one who thinks/feels that way about her behaviour.
---zowi7744 on 11/9/07

Biblically this should be handled in one way. Go to her instead of to the internet. Discuss your problem with her. Then, if she doesn't want to do things "your way", discuss it with her husband since he is the pastor. If that doesn't work to get her to do things "your way" then bring it before the congregation. By this time, you will have made a complete fool of yourself and will soon be looking for a new church where you can criticize the new pastor's wife.
---Susie on 11/6/07

Is her voice abnoxious or what? I went to one church that had a worship band and noone participated at all. Just listened. Wasn't my style but it was a form of worship. Sounds like you have a spirit of jealously. There is nothing wrong with having her sing if that is what the PaSTOR desires. Are you a singer? Sounds like you are a singer too. Talk to the pastor.
---jody on 11/6/07

I'd say something to her or to the Pastor. She is already being watched I'm sure by others. I am a Preacher's wife, and yes it is hard at times. You have everyone watching you seeing what your wearing, make sure you shake hands with everyone. She may not realize this problem. I sing almost every night of service. But I do my best for God. Maybe she is so excited from the Holy Ghost, and she gets loud. I know I do.
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/07

#1 - Scriptures reveal that if one of the brethren offend you then you are obliged to go to them in love to speak about the offense (Mt 18:15). This is love in action where you go esteeming them better than yourself and speak in love, not condemning or judging their attitude.

This is one of the biggest problems in the church today where people do not follow this command but instead gossip or run to the pastor is viewed as Mr. fix-it-all.
---ShaunT on 11/5/07

#2 - All the while never going to the actual person where a loving conversation over a cup of tea or coffee could have cleared everything up.

Instead, the gossip mill gets cranked up which I garner may already be happening in your church over this very matter. All of which could have been avoided if someone would have stepped out in faith following the Lord's command.

I pray you do and may God's strength and grace go with you.
---ShaunT on 11/5/07

I can see there may be a problem
I used to attend a large with a large "Worship group with orchestra and a choir.
Trouble was, they were so loud and so well rehearsed (including the planned repeats in the songs) it sounded like a performance, they were doing more than lead, and the congregation felt they did not need to sing!
But how to deal with your pastors wife ... I don't know
---alan_of_UK on 11/5/07

I love when the congregation can lift their lovely voices with the worship team and they are all participating in unity all together, then it is like a choir of angels. One big bag of wind, up on a pulpit, leaving the congregation, unheard, just doesn't cut it for me, something needs to be said.
---Whisper on 11/5/07

She may not be aware of the problem. It is not godly to seek attention from others. Guard against it with everything that is in you, is my advice.
---catherine on 11/5/07

sounds like she is doing what the worship leader is supposed to do - lead worship.
---Andrea on 11/5/07

Back off!!!! Be glad your Pastor's wife has found an area of service - being useful to our Lord. Check your spiritual life you need to pray about your attitude.
---Rev._Dr._John on 11/5/07

One more alternative.
Start your own church, pay all of the bills, sing like a canary. If you build it, they might come.
---Bob on 11/5/07

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There must be business meetings at your church that give you the oportunity to express your concerns, which I believe to be legitimate and should be dealt with in a spirit of love and concern for all.
---john on 11/5/07

unheard_of what you need is a real good scolding!!! How dare you question the pastor's wife's intentions and to call her a Christian Rasputia is really almost unforgivable. To start off with the name Christian Rasputia implodes upon itself and is self-defeating. Next, what makes you a judge? Most pastors believe their church is their own and frown upon any interference with their management!!! Could this possibly be a Pentecostal church?
---Mima on 11/5/07

Sounds like jealousy to me.
Would you happen to have a talent for singing and others just can't seem to get onboard with your program?
If the pastor's wife is giving you a pinch, do you think having another workshop to repair yet another breach will endear you to them?
Do you think they'll want to visit you or help you out, the next time you need assistance?
---Bob on 11/5/07

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