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Treatment For Narcissists

All that I have read about narcisstic behaviour indicates 'no cure' or little hope. My question: Has anyone had a totally positive outcome? If so, what therapies, treatments and/or interventions were used?

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 ---LostHope on 11/6/07
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You know aka & all, I really have a hard time sometimes,with one person at church..he never will do anything consistent and then If we say what about the kids/be it other activities or whatever it's ALWAYS ...'bout him..he says some just "off the wall stuff!" for real and I just go my way,pray for'em..No matter what we plan in the end it always 'bout him...
---ELENA on 5/27/12

Jed, thank you for forcing me to write a better paragraph. i like that about you.

Elena, i can see now how you might think narcissism is hereditary. sometimes it makes me wonder how heredity and environment work together. they both seem to be a factor of family traits. some seem to skip generations or are those that are skipped the other side of the coin that still hand down the patterns?

---aka on 5/27/12

aka,yes..I agree with you..I believe myself,my family so,many famiy secrets/now,I realize much of it/ myself,since my mother tried abort me & my twin..but,everybody give me a hard time,child (said I was too ugly,too dark,retard) yes,I love myself now..Probably get over board..My self esteem suffer'd so much..(apologize) my late husband _used to go mirror actually said "I am god".... I was just threw! ...I said now,you gone crazy!
---ELENA on 5/26/12

Aka, I see your point. Makes sense.
---Jed on 5/27/12

//Aka, what I described is a true narcicist. // Jed

i do not disagree.

however, i think that there are degrees of "narcissistic traits" that tip the scales. they are "borderline".

there are those that struggle. most of us fall in this category. we are all narcissistic to a degree.

then, there are those who don't struggle, but they gravitate. they may get a reset, but eventually gravitate back to narcissism or narcissistic traits that are not beneficial even toxic to the others around.

then, there are the "true" narcissists.

borderlines (in any pathos) get passes by some and are suspect to others.
---aka on 5/26/12

Aka, what I described is a true narcicist. One can posess narcicistic traits without actually being a narcicist. You are talking about someone with narcicistic traits, which I have met hundreds of in my career as a mental health professional.
---Jed on 5/26/12

A true narcicist actually believes they are inherently superior than everyone, like a god.
---Jed on 5/22/12

this is the most extreme narcissist. there are different degrees. however, every narcissist has one common a magnet, they are always drawn back to him/herself.

elena, we will never know if it is hereditary, but i am getting more convinced that it is incurable.
---aka on 5/26/12

This is one of the best bloggs! Becuz,believe myself maybe my daughter a narcessist..they are totally absorbed with only themselves,do not have any regard for anyone or any cat or dog or child for that matter! They persive themselves "better than anyone...If you mention something about someone sick,they all in /until they turn every conversation Some how it's ALL them! it's hard to even talk to them! They are babies...inside..anyone know If it is hereditary??? Thanks!
---ELENA on 5/24/12

//I can tell you that in my life I have only met one true narcicist. // jed

i did not know you've met my ex. small world.
---aka on 5/23/12

I am a mental health professional and I can tell you that in my life I have only met one true narcicist. Alot of what people consider to be narcicist are not truly narcicist. Yes, they made be prideful, full of themselves, think they are always right, self-centered, abusive, but a person can be all those things and still not be a true narcicist. In my life I have only known one for certain, and I hold almost no hope of recovery. This is because a true narcicist would never admit that they have been wrong. If you struggle with your pride and self-centeredness then you are NOT a narcicist. A true narcicist actually believes they are inherently superior than everyone, like a god.
---Jed on 5/22/12

I was married to a narcissist for 17 years. We ended up going to court-ordered therapy in which the counselors basically gave up. I am a minister and have prayed endless prayers for my ex because I loved him and wanted our marriage to work. Nothing helped because God really is the narcissist's only hope, but God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. I pray that God does whatever it takes to get my ex to humble himself so that he realizes he is in need of God's healing. we need to pray for but release the narcissists in our lives to God so thate He can deal with them according to His will.

---Sherri on 5/22/12

Wasn't narcissism the thing that caused Lucifer to become Satan? It would seem that Christians should run from such behavior. Eliminate all your mirrors if necessary. Look to God instead of yourself.
---jerry6593 on 3/1/10

Dear Suz,

I am praying for you. It is very difficult to live with narcissism. I have lived with it for the past 20 years and it has not been easy. I am a strong Christian and my husband just asked me to leave yesterday. He wants to seperate because "I have not supported him emotionally." You can never support these folks emotionally ENOUGH. I pray that you are safe and that you will find your strength in the Lord. He will guide and direct you...In Christ, Debbie
---Debbie on 2/28/10

It is sad, isn't it! Perhaps, no hope. If only unbelievers knew what awaits them.
---catherine on 1/27/10

Narcissism is a hard mental illness to diagnose and the hardest one for sufferers to admit to because the very basis of the condition is about denying there is an issue with you and believing your own spin about how perfect you are. I have had good results with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and while I am a long way from cured it has certainly helped me normalise my life.
---Chris on 1/26/10

Does anyone have a special prayer for someone who I care deeply about who is a narcissist? I have exhausted myself, it is time to turn it over to God. Any replys appreicated.
---Suz on 12/22/07

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Mary - I suffer myself, so I do know what it is like. In my case my prayers got answered in that I have a doctor who prescribes the correct medication for me but he is not a psychiatrist/psychologist nor do I go to one, I trust in the Lord. It has been a very difficult road. There are many times that it would be easier to turn to man, but I refused, and kept looking to Jesus. He has done many miracles in my life.
---Helen_5378 on 11/21/07

Helen and Catherine, may I just say "thanks a lot" to you both for your attitude towards people who suffer from mental illnesses? I'm not saying none of it is a spiritual problem, but this hurts when I, as a person who fights mental problems, reads what you guys wrote. Just my two cents, ladies.
---Mary on 11/16/07

How true, Helen/catherine.
---Rebekah on 11/16/07

Thanks Helen5378>>>Not many can qualify to speak on this subject more than me. Again thank you. Have a great, great, great, weekend.>>>SATAN CAN DESTROY THE MIND AND THE BODY.
---catherine on 11/16/07

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Catherine - ("To get inside of the mind of the wicked man. Noone can. Human shrinks has really missed the boat, with all of their degrees.") -- I agree with that totally. Anybody who calls themselves a Christian and then turns around and tells other Christians to go to a shrink, or any other human being, for help ought to be ashamed of themselves. They will answer to God for that. Only Jesus can heal the human mind.
---Helen_5378 on 11/16/07

To get inside of the mind of the wicked man. Noone can. Human shrinks has really missed the boat, with all of their degrees. They call it chemical imbalance. I call it for what it is:>>> Satan.
---catherine on 11/16/07

Yes my husband was cured and I have written about this as well as advice to the clergy, ministers, police family and friends. Search for narcissismcured - my story is true and my husband has also now stopped drinking and comes to church.
---Kim on 11/13/07

Are you talking about people who have an excessively high sense of self-esteem or people who don't recognize that others have rights?

Because, if it's the latter, it's psychopathy, not narcissism. And while psychopathy is dangerous, narcissism isn't.

It's just darned annoying.
---Nancy on 11/7/07

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God calls it pride, in 90 seconds or less with a totally positive outcome.

Repenting for your sin and submitting self to Him, the cleaning of the Big Mackeral.
---Bob on 11/7/07

90 days of in house confrontational therapy which focused upon showing the individual that their thoughts feelings and desires were not those of the groups or other individuals. They eventually understood that they(as individuals) were seperate from others in 8 out of 10 cases. Houston program called DAPA.
---jody on 11/7/07

The gift of faith for the working of miracles, and the gift of healing.
We all have faith the size of a mustard seed, but the gift of faith is not something you can work towards - you either have it or you haven't.
The gift of faith is God's ability and God's power to receive miracles.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

Then Peter said,
Silver and gold have I none,
but such as I have give I thee:
In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth - rise up and walk. Acts 3:1-6
---Michelle on 11/7/07

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No cure, no hope.

Was it natural faith or God's faith?
Peter walked up to the lame man, the power of God fell on Peter, the gift of faith, he spoke the Word of God, and it came to pass.
The gift of faith is a gift to believe for the impossible.

When marriages hit bottom, economies fail, people grow weary and faint, heart attacks, the gift of faith will stir up the mustard seeds of faith.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

A mustard seed of faith and the gift of faith will carry you through, because it's God's faith.
During hard times, it's God's faith pulling you up.
---Michelle on 11/7/07

The only complete "cure" for any kind of illness, mental or physical, is the miraculous healing power of the Lord. I have seen alcoholics, drug addicts, narcissistic personality disorder, etc., healed for good by the Lord. In the treatment program where I used to work, those who truly accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior were the most successful.
---Susie on 11/6/07

a "treatment"...for a narcissist...that's cute (o:

Well, my cure has been God's scourging me (Hebrews 12:6), whipping me into shape, falling in love with trust for a real Christian sister > very effective. Now, I'm "begging" for attention, and unashamed...when the love bug bites...that's effective (o:

So, when you ask what "therapies" etc. by "professionals" who don't even know the client personally...oh-oh. I'd ask God.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/6/07

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They used to say the same thing about alcholism and schiziphrenia. Don't give up - yes fasting and prayer but God uses professionals too.
---Andrea on 11/6/07

Mental illness, brain damage.
They need a miracle - a creative miracle.

Healings can be instant or gradual, may not see an immediate change.

Lost hope, you need a miracle.
The gift of faith works with the working of miracles.

People can have a miracle without anyone laying hands on them. Miracles can happen when your loved one is driving in his vehicle.
You need a miracle.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

Fasting and prayer moves spiritual mountains

In the remote places on earth, where there is no medication or doctor, there are miracles.

We Thank God for doctors and medicine and surgery. If it weren't for doctors and medicine, most Christians would be dead.

Lost hope, you need a miracle.
Ask the Father for a miracle.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

I've seen several people make a complete turn around. We can throw in the towel and label these behavioral defficiencies with fancy names and give them an excuse to abuse themselves and the people around them but it's still sin. All things are possible with God. This kind of behavior needs to be repented of. That will take care of it. Repentance is always the best deliverance.
---john on 11/6/07

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Thank God and ask Him to cover your loved one in Jesus' name, for we overcome satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Fasting and prayer. Stand in the gap, when hope is lost and divorce is in future and all other avenues have failed, and you have forgotten that warfare is not against flesh and blood.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

I don't know what you have read or heard, but I beleive that to be accurate. I beleive this thing of narcissism to be of the 'SPIRIT OF LEVIATHON' which is one of the strongest principalities and spirits that reside inside a person, and I have tried fasting and praying to the point of nocking myself out, the difference was that the person got enraged to the point of red facedness and frothing from the mouth, he got worse, but did not come out of him. I question God why not?
---Whisper on 11/6/07

When all else fails, turn to God. For many, turning to God is the last resort.

For me, turning to God is my first response.

Fasting and prayer, standing in the gap for your loved one.
Fasting and prayer, fighting the spiritual battle. Breaking every assignment of every evil, demonic spirit, of all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

Taking authority through the Word of God, rendering the devil's assignment null and void, broken and finished by the Blood of Jesus Christ and in His Name.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

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Speaking death to the fruits of evil spirits, commanding them to desist and to wither and die, in Christ Jesus' Holy Name.

Severing every cord, tie, bond, fetter, every evil word, action, thought, deed, taken against your loved one - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, spirit, soul, and body.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

Fasting and prayer

Standing in the gap for your loved one,
praying to the Father, having made peace through the Blood of Jesus Christ by Him to reconcile all things unto Himself whether they be things in earth or things in heaven.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

Fasting and prayer

Thanking our Father of Glory, that He may give unto your loved one the Spirit of wisdom, and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and all He has done for them.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

Fasting and prayer

Pray for your loved one to understand how great God's power is to help those who believe in Him, Father, through Your Son, Jesus.

It is the same power that raised Christ from the dead and seated Him in a place of honor at Your right hand, far above ALL principalities and power and might and dominion and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also that which is to come.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

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Fasting and prayer

Ask the Father to loose all the fruits of God's Holy Spirit on your loved one and open the blind spiritual eyes to see something of the future that God has called them to share.
---Michelle on 11/6/07

The power twins - prayer and fasting.

---Michelle on 11/6/07

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