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Pastor Lies About Affair

What do you think of a pastor who has an affair and still lies about it but keeps on preaching in his pulpit?

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 ---Felicity on 11/6/07
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I believe if someone is aware of of his misdeeds they should come forward. Sadly in May of 2007 I knew I was having problems in my marriage, and I was very suspicious of the pastor at a new church my wife was attending. I found they talked on the phone when I was at work and at times after 3 A.M. in the morning. I knew since last year my wife had committed adultery with this pastor but she constantly denied it. My wife finally confessed in October of 2008 and I am doing my best to make it work. I saw the pastor in action and he shamed her into keeping quiet for over a year and a half. He can be forgiven but he has to accept his punishment.
---Paul on 11/8/08

His sins will find him out, everything in the dark eventually comes to the light.
---Bob on 2/16/08

Pray and ask God if He wants you to stay and Lovingly pray for the pastor to repent or leave. If you stay, then go to the pastor's accountablilty meekly with your concerns. Oh, and cover his nakedness :( Don't feel like you have to warn others. The gossip will create division. God may send you another pastor and you don't want your church hurt and broken up over this. Be strong, your church is now your ministry. Pray in secret.
---inthegap on 2/15/08

This Pastor to this day still has not told the truth and has lied to those in authority over him to their face.
---Felicity on 11/27/07

What is in darkness will come to light!
---Carla5754 on 11/24/07

Is sinlessness a requirement for the pulpit?

I think rather a consistent repentant life.
---Adam on 11/12/07

Hell hath no fury like the scorn of a betrayed married girlfriend.
---Bob on 11/10/07

Felicity, first why is the Church tolerating it? If I was in your place, I would definitly leave that Church immediately. I do not understand how a Pastor could commit such a sin and act like there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. In my opinion that is not a Pastor. RUN and find another Church. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/9/07

Sorry Nana I only saw your comment I didn't see her's.
---ANN on 11/9/07

One of the basic qualifications for a person to be just considered for ordination to be a "bishop" is "self-controlled" > in Titus 1:8. So, it is not an excuse if he has a sexual self-control problem. Also, to betray his wife involves more than just sexual weakness...if betraying someone is an act of hatred > that would take more than just a simple self-control issue. And to betray by lying to Christian Family people? This is not just a self-control problem, if this is happening.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/9/07

"By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established." (in 2 Corinthians 13:1)

"'One witness shall not rise against a man concerning any iniquity or any sin that he commits, by the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established.'" (Deuteronomy 19:15)
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/9/07

Scorned Delilah, do you think you should step down as well?
---Bob on 11/9/07

All I would say is remember the king David.

Did God cast him away.
Remember to check the most honest credict there is the{mirror}when making condimation.

Not condoning what was done

What do you do with then restore one taken in folt with the spirit of meekness.

---lionel on 11/9/07

There is no guess work involved here. He needs to be fired and run off bc he is a liar and adulterer which is not acceptable behavior for any office in the house of God. Leah
---Leah on 11/8/07

I have no idea why. A certain "Felicity" made the affair statement
that I quoted.
---Nana on 11/8/07

My question to Nana and whoever is having affairs why were having them to begin with? Your just as gulity as your pastor is and if there willing to forgive him for his sins then u need to do that also and let it go. Your just to blame as he is.
---Ann on 11/8/07

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And God will also deal with scorned Delilah.
---Bob on 11/8/07

When the pastor now has a new baby from another mother from the congregation, is that proof enough!
---Stepford on 11/8/07

** Jack:

It depends on what her job is**

My point is that nobody has actually offered proof that this pastor is indeed having an affair. I know all too well the propensity that pop-evangelicals have for gossip, especially gossip that makes themselves look good.

Mere repetition is not proof.
---Jack on 11/8/07

What do you think GOD thinks about this? Vengence is mine, I will repay says the Lord. God will deal with this man. Pray for him for the Holy Spirit to convict him of his sin. His sin will find him out and when it does, "Judgement begins in the house of God." No wonder the world looks down on Christians. Pastors are having affairs, claiming they are gay and can still preach,etc.,
---Donna on 11/8/07

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This is one of the reasons the five fold ministry is VITAL within a church building. When this happened at my church, a few of us given the gift of the prophetic, and seeing, and discernment, simultaniously got together, and compared our notes. SHOCKING! We all exposed the truth first, if it was not for us....this would still have been covered up today, the church still is going strong, I have left. God is exposing the wheat from the tares, ESPECIALY WHEN THE TARE MAY BE SOMEBODYS PASTOR.
---Whisper on 11/8/07

I sorrow that you were the victim of a sexual predator, your pastor. But he is not the issue, you, posted here.


Second, get counseling. As an adult, you assented (many X)thus you have a vulnerability to being manipulated, and risk future similar involvements. If you don't you set yourself up for failure.

Do not worry about him or the church, God has better ways to deal with sinners than you do.
---John_T on 11/8/07

And what about Delilah?

She's mad as a hornet, it all fell apart.
Excuses that some have lust problems like others having a drinking/smoking problem, not the same here.
Should Delilah lay hands on anyone again?
---Bob on 11/8/07


It depends on what her job is.

If someone cooks improperly, he should be removed from his job - if he's a chef.

If someone lets money slip through his fingers, he should be removed from his job - if he's an accountant.

If someone commits moral failures, he should be removed from his job - if he's a teacher of morality (which pastors are).
---StrongAxe on 11/8/07

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"""This happened with pastor I know as well and his church has gone on as if he never did anything. He still refuses to tell them the whole truth but continues to lie. How do I know? Because he had the affair with me.
---Felicity on 11/6/07"""
Why Are Pastors Having Affairs blog.
I rather talk about your involvement and change of heart first, Felicity.
What is really going on with this issue?
---Nana on 11/7/07

I would lose all respect for him as a man as well as a Pastor. He does not need to be behind that pulpit. That is treading on thin ice with God. You don't mess with God. And this man, He is a brave, stupid, but brave man for still doing this. If the people in the church knows this for a fact, and still hasn't sat him down or lead him to the alter, are just as guilty, and if they don't do something they will be neighbors in hell.
---Rebecca_D on 11/7/07

First make sure it is true, and if it is true then I would look for a different church. But make sure it is true about the affair, because there is 2 sides to every story.
---ANN on 11/7/07

I would careful with my pocketbook and how my money is distributed in that church. I would probably leave and find another church. We as Christians do not have to sit under this type outright wickedness. Last but not least. I would hate to be this pastor. God is watching everything he does. Vengeance shall be mine saith the Lord. He is a wicked leader who God will take care of himself.
---Robyn on 11/7/07

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He is making others feel guilty, shameful, & fearful bec. he does not want to face his own HYPOCRISY!!
---kai on 11/7/07

Not good. He hasn't repented, plus his credibilty has gone to zero. Also others will follow and be led into sin. Someone needs to confront him. If that doesn't work then bring someone who knows about it and confront him. Then if he doesn't repent, bring it before the whole church. If then he refuses to repent, don't suport him anymore. Give him over to the devil. After a while, he will come running back to Jesus, hopefully.
---Carla on 11/7/07

And what about that age old spirit of jezebel that helped to destroy his ministry?
Does she continue on in her ministry, immune from the consequences? Does she return to her husband, with resentment that it didn't work out?
---Bob on 11/7/07

This man should lose the church. The members should walk away as he is evil. Standards for leaders in a church are high and if he admitted to an affair, he should step down. But he is not honest.
---jody on 11/7/07

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God never tolerates sin. He is not worthy to preach the gospel. God hates the liars.**

Except for your own sins, Edna?
---Jack on 11/7/07

Many who do this thing, either are removed but continue to pocket the moneys given in tithes and offerings even if they leave the country, it is all hush hush and swept under the carpet. However, the reason is if they tell, they won't receive Gods money, EITHER WAY GOD WILL REPAY, with consequences. They must be removed, lest the whole church be CONTAMINATED with the same sin as him. If this is not exposed, THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, and its sloppy living will be a mockery and an abomination to a HOLY GOD.
---Whisper on 11/7/07

We are all sinners but no sin can be laid to rest until it is confessed. He should not be preaching if he is lying and if it really happened. Do you know for sure that it happened?
---RitaH on 11/7/07

He is an adulterer and a liar. Is the church going to keep him?
---Andrea on 11/6/07

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I feel about the same about that as I do about the woman he had the affair with.
---john on 11/6/07

When a pastor brings the words of God to the pulpit. He should repent and cleanse himself to become effective in the ministry.

God never tolerates sin. He is not worthy to preach the gospel. God hates the liars.
---edna on 11/6/07

And how do you know for sure he has an affair, unless you are the woman involved? How do you know that someone isn't making it up?

Should your sins mean that you get fired from YOUR position?
---Jack on 11/6/07

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