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Christian Fortune Telling

Should Christians read their horoscopes, fortune cookies, have their palms read, etc.?

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 ---trey on 11/7/07
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I was so sick of this false Doctrine in the church that I upped and left. Sick of hearing from the pulpit about someone being healed of depression, right side pain in left lower back, someone having this or that yet not a shred of evidence of those people coming forwards. Ironically from these TV evangelists who use these Phrases so liberally speaking to millions of people is anyones guess what you can come up with and so happen to get it right!
---Carla5754 on 11/24/07

No. Deu 18:10-14. How can we as Christians allow someone who consults with the "spirit" world apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ to speak into our lives concerning the things of the Spirit? Fortune-tellers can get messages from demons who in turn, can begin to manifest what is being said the moment the person who is listening receives what is being said as truth. The only truth we as Christians should receive is the Word of God, Jesus Christ.
---Billy on 11/23/07

What can be harmeless entertainment can turn into something demonic. The Ouija Board was harmless entertainment until a few got caught up into the world of demons. Reading horoscopes may be harmless fun until you may see a trend of truth. You start believing the horoscope (or horror-scope). These horoscopes are Satans denomic web, it doesn't catch all the humans, just the ones near it.
---Steveng on 11/23/07

Christ-like replies only?

Well, Dante believed in astrology on the grounds that "The starts derive their power from God". He was a scholor, a philosopher, & a theologist. And he wrote the Divine Comedy. He was a Christian who supposedly had divine visions of Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory.
---Zachary on 11/23/07

I told you all that so you'd understand why I'd use him as an example. should know that the horoscopes are a joke. I don't know about that chilling fortune teller story, but newspaper horoscopes? Come on. They just write things that are likely to fit people in general. It's psychological, not arcane.

In fact, if you look into it, you'll find that the dates used for the zodiac signs aren't even accurate anymore.
---Zachary on 11/23/07

No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I don't want to hear anything different!
The Bible is clear. Do not mess with this stuff!
---lisa on 11/20/07

Get this...A couple of weeks ago I dreamed of a fortune teller standing on a box, reading horoscopes, the person told me my future, I felt a bit good, but thought I am a Christian I can not listen, TODAY, this dream is actually coming true, which is amazing to me.
---Whisper on 11/20/07

# -1-The answer to your question of course is NO. But here is a chilling story about fortune tellers. In 1917 when my mother was 12 years old her and her sister took some eggs to a fortune teller, who was camped in the woods on her fathers farm in Southeast Missouri. The girls were taken one at a time by the fortune teller and told their fortunes. My mother was first and the fortune teller told her exactly how she would meet my father.
---Mima on 11/20/07

#-2-he would be riding a mule, it would be raining, and he would be barefoot, he would have on a raincoat. This is exactly what took place in my mother's life when she was 19 years old. As soon as my mother's sister went into the tent of the Fortune Teller began to cry and weep in great anguish. And told my mother's sister, o girly girly. I see great tragedy in your life. My aunt had five year-old twin boys burn up in a barn fire they started.
---Mima on 11/20/07

Exactly my point StrongAxe. :)
---Leon on 11/20/07

Fortune telling etc is a business. A local TV stations had a program. They sent a man to have his future read. Then they put make-up, beard etc on the same man and sent him to the same fortune teller. Her predictions were different then those of the first visit. Go figure!!!!

Don't waste your money.
---Caring on 11/16/07


What I am saying is that, like it or not, we live in the world (even though we are not of the world). This means we interact with it, in a natural manner. There is nothing wrong with reacting to natural things in a natural way. It becomes a problem when we try to react with natural things in a supernatural way (like worshipping trees, divining from stars, etc.)
---StrongAxe on 11/16/07

StrongAxe: I'm not sure of where you're trying to go with this. However, my focus has been & yet is on what Paul said, i.e., Romans 1:16-32.
---Leon on 11/15/07


There is a difference between looking to nature for supernatural revelations (like divination - forbidden) vs. natural revelations (like looking at the clouds in the sky to forecast the weather - something Jesus specifically mentioned).
---StrongAxe on 11/14/07

---Mr._Graham on 11/12/07

This weekend, when my husband and I went out to lunch, I did not grab a fortune cookie. After reading some comments here, I felt in my heart a conviction to leave them alone. Many thanks :-)
---Kella3336 on 11/12/07

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StrongAxe: I said nothing about rejecting nature. What I said was anyone who (like King Saul) seeks after divinators & other devices of nature (horoscopes, fortune cookies, animal bones & entrails, etc.), for answers to life, have faith (trust) in nature -- not Supernatural God. That's the line Christians must not cross.

Furthermore, some people take a stand against God by placing their natural opinions on par with or even above the supernatural word of God. That's not Christian conduct.
---Leon on 11/10/07


Most of the things we do in life have to do with nature. If God didn't want us to do so, he wouldn't have put us here.

Most people work for a living, buy groceries, cook, and eat. They don't rely on mana from heaven to feed them.

Most people see doctors when they are sick. They don't rely on prayer only (unless they are Christian Scientists).

The big question is - where do we draw the line to reject nature and rely only on God?
Here we need discernment.
---StrongAxe on 11/9/07

Blessings brother Trey, I used to read horoscopes, fortune cookies,etc., but when Jesus Christ came into my life, now I would say absolutely not. I suppose you could call it a heart change as well as how you see things in the light of the Word of God. No one knows your future except Almighty God Himself. Horoscopes, fortune cookies, etc. are as I heard someone else say tools of the devil. They are the world's wisdom, not God's wisdom. God Bless Brother Trey!
---Cynthia on 11/8/07 This is not of God. Anything not of God should be avoided, period. These type activites are demonic and opens you up to demon invasion.The devil takes control of you and your life.Everything around you can be cursed. We are to abstain from all appearances of evil.
---Robyn on 11/8/07

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Christians and horoscopes are an oxymoron. Its like a flaming snowflake. You have so much available to you via the Bible and direct from the Holy Spirit.
---Bish on 11/8/07

Fortune cookies, Magic 8 balls, and newspaper horoscopes are entertainment, so long as they're taken as such. They're not accurate anyway.

True divination isn't part of Christian practice. So skip anything that 'works'.

The only exception is handwriting analysis, which isn't divination, but an interpretation of personality as expressed by writing. It's a SCIENCE. (It has to do with neurology and psychology.) So feel free to have fun with it.
---Nancy on 11/8/07

Trey: Your question probably should've read, "Are people who read their horoscopes, fortune cookies, have their palms read, etc., Christians?" My question is are people who turn to nature (the creation) instead of Creator God, for answers, really Christians?
---Leon on 11/8/07

When you've been involved in a few 'deliverances' you'll see why we don't mess with the devils toys.
---Andrea on 11/8/07

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These days, things like horoscopes in newspapers, Chinese fortunate cookies, etc. are not divination, but just "harmless entertainment".

So if one uses one the way one uses one of those "8-ball" toys just to get a laugh, it's probably harmless. However, if you put ANY weight into it, you risk falling into either divination (if it's true), or bondage to a lie (if it isn't) - both of which are Very Bad Things.
---StrongAxe on 11/8/07

Most of what gets called "ministering in prophecy" is nothing more than Christian fortune telling--and about as accurate as secular fortune telling, too!
---Jack on 11/8/07

I see nothing wrong for just reading it, but don't believe in what u read or have your palms read. If your just doing it to poke fun at it I don't see anything wrong, but if your doing it to believe it then I don't think its a good idea to do.
---ANN on 11/7/07

NO!!! The Bible expressly warns against this. It is demonic and gives satan entrance into your life and mind. Seek God's will through prayer only. If you want to know the future, pray for it.
---jody on 11/7/07

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Root of witchcraft - spirit of divination

Tarot Cards
Tea leaves
Ouija board
Calling up spirits
Casting spells
Fortune tellers
---Michelle on 11/7/07

I have never had my fortune told, nor a palm reading. However, I do read my horoscope daily and when I eat Chinese, I usually read the fortune cookie. Do I put my faith in what these things tell me? ..... absolutely not, it's just a fun thing to do. And, who said Christians should not have fun?
---Lola on 11/7/07

I don't think that christians should read their horoscopes or have the palms read or anything like that. The only one that knows our future is God. I think palm reading is so fake and so is the other stuff that has to do with trying to predict the future of anyone. God as I was saying is the only one that knows our future and what is going to happen with us. I wouldn't rely on anyone but God to predict my future for me.
---Debbie24574 on 11/7/07

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