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Private Baptism Biblical

Is private Baptism without a Pastor Biblically valid? Comments or opinions?

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 ---Cynthia on 11/8/07
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Man is arrogant to think that his instutions costing millions to build and millions to staff, offer power to Baptize or lead a man to salvation or teach a man the truths of God when the Bible expresively states that in the latter days that The Holy Spirit will teach the believer and that no man will need anyone to teach him but the Spirit will lead in truth and only the Spirit has power. I am sorry you waisted your money but you do not need to be ordained by man but by the HOLY SPIRIT. Leah
---leah on 11/13/07

acts 8:27-38

Philip baptized the eunuch.

Was not that private,was Philip a pastor.
---lionel on 11/12/07

Alan of the uk) actlually I only used the term to identify the difference between those who have given their lives to Christ and those who "play church" or are cult. I suppose it would have been better stated by saying 'any true Christian' since any real Christian has the Holy Spirit dwelling within them. You are correct in your point that the term SPIRIT FILLED is at best ambiguous and misleading. THanks for noticing that.:)
---Jody on 11/12/07

1 Jack)Those words are just about vague enough to sound true. You really think that a few paid instructors with some textbooks and multiple choice texts and a few term papers on the notions of the apostle Paul's eye color and vision qualifies Jim Smith to Baptize Ralph better than uneducated Pastor Gonzeloz in Venezuela Baptizing Jose Rodrigez after 23 yrs of hands on missionary field service. Pretty heady don't you think?
---jody on 11/10/07

2 Jack)Education and credentials are good in MOST cases but the so called "reality" is that God does not need institutions of higher education. Man does. God never needed this level of organized religion. Man thought HE did. Look at what a mess MAN has made of DOCTRINE in the grand institutions of HIGHER education. How many MENS approval DO you need before you are able to dunk a person under water in JESUS' name with the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT? God can make a donkey talk.:)
---jody on 11/10/07

3 Jack) "usage?" We in the United States are sheltered enough to be caught blind sighted with the "progression of Christianity" being the state an APOSTATE CHURCH due to false doctrines. Many naively set back and sing praises to Jesus on the weak end do not even realize that they are deluded and unsaved. While their Bible sets on a shelf, in other countries converts are put to death for possession of one and a man named Barak Abudad just Baptized his mother secretly with no training:)
---jody on 11/10/07

4Jack)I hope not to offend you but this is alarming to me as I see this Church status in America as so very significant at this time that it really frightens me for all of us. We were founded upon JESUS CHRIST and have lost Him to the machine. He so clearly warned us against division and this is the very thing that killed us and now is the time that we have to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPERATE. I am speaking of from among the false churches and they are just about everywhere.:)
---jody on 11/10/07

What precisely does "Spirit Filled Believer" mean?
Is it some sort of superior Christian?
How can they be identified?
---alan_of_UK on 11/10/07

** Certainly. There were no degreed/certified pastors in the apostolic times. Any Spirit Filled Believer could by Gods/Jesus' authority Baptize any new believer.**

A nice pretty theory that has no basis in reality or any correspondence to what the useage of Christianity from apostolic times has been.
---Jack on 11/9/07

Certainly. There were no degreed/certified pastors in the apostolic times. Any Spirit Filled Believer could by Gods/Jesus' authority Baptize any new believer. Jesus is the same today yesterday and forever. If you are a Spirit Filled Believer, you have authority over all things and are able to Baptize others.
---jody on 11/8/07

If the is no one performing the Sacrament who is duly authorized to do so, then no Baptism has been performed.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/8/07

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