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What Is A Pop Evangelist

Quite a number of people on Christianet use the term 'pop evangelist'. What do you mean by this and who would you place in this category and why? I have never seen the term used anywhere except on C.N.

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 ---RitaH on 11/9/07
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A POP Evangelist is married to a MOM or GRANDMA Evangelist.
---Gena on 11/15/07

** I never hear of A POP CATHOLIC******

Would any purpose be served in once again pointing out that I am NOT a Roman Catholic and NEVER HAVE BEEN?
---Jack on 11/15/07

StrongAxe is using "pop evangelical" in EXACTLY the sense I mean it.

Thank, you, StrongAxe! :-)
---Jack on 11/14/07

Even though Jack is the person I know who uses this term most, web searches show that many others use it.

The distinction is between "true Evangelicals" who believe in evangelical traditions according to well-established Christian tradition laid down over two thousand years, vs. superficial modern right-wing "popular" Christian culture rooted in media televanglists and popular Christian books, but with little spiritual grounding or depth.
---StrongAxe on 11/10/07

Tax Exempt. Pop-evangelists are tax exempt status, living large and super charged. Your card, your dollar.
---Bigfoot on 11/10/07

Here on this blogs we have people who are filled with the Holy Spirit and people who have no knowledge whatsoever concerning the spirit. For example, we have people who do not understand the words saved, born-again, and other spirit filled terminology even though these words are plainly written in Scripture. Many of those who do not understand anything of the spirit seemed to resent any spiritual knowledge. The scriptures plainly say, "lean not on your own(fleshly) understanding".
---Mima on 11/10/07

'pop evangelist' I think refers to tent revival-type fundamentalist seen on TV, the televangelist. Shallow, noney grubbers, woman with gawdy hairdos, shallow theology, etc. All what Sinclair Lewis wrote about.
It is the common demomenator of protestantism.

The price of freedom of religion is putting up with a lot of junk, a price I am willing to pay.
---MikeM on 11/9/07

What is Pop Evangelical? Dont quote me as Gospel but it could mean "all pizzas but empty".like the sound of an empty Drum."Dressed up to embellish the truth"Your eyes will be open even if shut.In short No truth- False.Now please do not come at me with your Tomahawk.
---Emcee on 11/9/07

I've never used the term but I would think it means someone who is more of an entertainer than a preacher of the real Gospel. Someone made an interesting observation a while back. He told me that, in general, most of the TV preachers were frauds and most of the radio preachers were men of God. Any thoughts?
---Greyrider on 11/9/07

Yes Rita I have never heard this terminology except for here on Christianet I never hear of A POP CATHOLIC****but I think what they mean is POPULAR EVANGELICAL.
---Whisper on 11/9/07

A pop-evangelist will be best explained by the terms creator, Jack. My perception of a pop-evangelist is the post-modern chrisitian. The TV evangelist type that preach a message of, "Accept Jesus into your heart, come down for the altal call, Jesus is just some type of genie in a bottle that is their to do your bidding," types. The Laodicean church, if you will.
---Ryan_Z on 11/9/07

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