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More Athiests Or False Cults

In your opinion are there more athiest in the world than false cults or is it the other way around?

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 ---Cynthia on 11/9/07
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I have no idea but I have some good stuff on the anti-christ. His characteristics: Intellectual Genius, Oratorical Genius, Political Genius, Commerical Genius, Military Genius, Religious Genius.>>>How rise to power? Satan, Permission of Holy Spirit,Formation ten-nation org., and Through false religious system.>>Three reasons for this fearful deception: Universal ignorance of God's word, Fierce demonic activity, And the Empty Soul.
---catherine on 11/21/07

I'd say there are far more false cults in the world than atheists. I haven't met very many atheists, but I have met many who are into false cults and false religions.
---Helen_5378 on 11/13/07

Oh, Lisa, more wars have been fought by religious people, usually for religious reasons, than ever were fought by atheists--or have you forgotten the Crusades, 9-11, and the Taliban takeover (and later, the ouster therefrom) of Afghanistan? And that's just a start.
---Nancy on 11/12/07

I am of the opinion that there are more FOLLOWERS OF NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS, than there are atheists.

As for members of *cults*, they don't really answer censuses, do they? So who could tell?
---Nancy on 11/12/07

Thats right Broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and FEW there be that find it. Not all who say BUT LORD I even prophesied, and payed my offerings, kept Holy days or whatever else, and the Bible says God will say depart from me YE CURSED I NEVER EVEN KNEW YOU, God Spued them from His mouth.
---Whisper on 11/12/07

They do go hand in hand, don't they Whisper.

If an atheist has spent all of his adult life blaspheming the Holy Spirit and mocking the bible, the atheist will go to hell, will he not?
---Chad on 11/12/07

Do you think the atheist experiences a taste of hell on earth in his lifetime?

As the Christian experiences God's favor, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Does the atheist experience misery on earth as it is in hell?
---Chad on 11/12/07

Blessings to you Whisper, you bring out a good point. I heard somewhere that there are more Athiest today than Mormans, and I believe that the Athiest movement is rapidly increasing. They think that everyone is a good person, but that is not what gets you into Heaven. Oh, that's right, they do not believe in Heaven or hell. God Bless Whisper!
---Cynthia on 11/10/07

What's the difference? If they are an Atheist then they are already in a class of a cult of not believing in God. Techinally, when an person who claims not to believe in God, when their family is ill or on their death bed, who do they go to for prayers? Yep, someone of faith. So come on are they really Atheists? No, they just say they are.
---Rebecca_D on 11/10/07

atheists are the reason we have had so many wars. They are the reason for getting behind the movement of the ACLU for removing any sign of Jesus from the public square.
They are part of the devils plans.
There are probably more of them then who are devil worshipers.
---Lisa on 11/10/07

I think that it is possible that there are more people worshipping false 'gods' and following fake leaders than there are atheists but, as none of them are saved, along with agnostics etc. the end result will be the same.
---Ritah on 11/10/07

Cynthia, I don't know the answer to your question. But please pray that God will have mercy on them all as Paul indicated He would in Romans 11.32.
---John1944 on 11/9/07

The question seems a bit mathematically odd.
There must be at least 10 million atheists in the world.
Who can imagine that there may be more than 10 million cults?
---alan_of_UK on 11/9/07

Whisper-What a loving God you believe in.
---MikeM on 11/9/07

I agree with Whisper. And in my opinion Im going to say its more of both.
---ANN on 11/9/07

Either way, what does it matter, they are all going to wind up in the same place anyway. They had there chance. And they simply blew it.
---Whisper on 11/9/07

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