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Forgiveness Or Repentance

What is the difference between Forgiveness of sin vs. Repentance of sin?

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 ---Shawn on 11/9/07
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Philippians 3:13-
Beloved,* I do not consider that I have made it my own,* but this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,
---dsda on 11/21/07


Right. We need to treat our own sins "with fear and trembling" - we need to feel BAD about them, and REPENT of them. We shouldn't just say "Oh, God will forgive them all, so I don't need to worry about them at all". Doing so cheapens grace and turns God into little more than a glorified "get out of hell free" card.
---StrongAxe on 11/21/07

strongaxe, Most of time, we do not know what our sins are. at this time, we must forgive.we must ask forgiveness and forgive the one who hurt us. the sin will be released in this love but root is still there. only the repentance could clean the root. but forgiveness could avoid trap of being hurt each other and let God do His job in this. the price of sin is death, we ask forgiveness, but if we commit this sin again, pain is there waiting for us. that is God's Job.
is it clear enough?
---dsda on 11/17/07


One danger that is common with modern evangelicals is "easy forgiveness". People who fall into this trap sin, they pray to God for forgiveness, and their conscience is clear. But if they offended someone by their sin, they blithely ignore them and leave them in the lurch with a holier-than thou attitude of "God has forgiven me, so I don't have to care if you do."
---StrongAxe on 11/16/07

Suppose you punch me and break my nose.
If we're sorry for what we did, that is to say, for me, i am sorry for my weakness on this (God is a righteous God, he let me to have this bad fruit of being hit and want me to know my sins on this ), that's repentance.
if i could notlook inside me and repent, i must look up to God and ask for forgiveness. at this time, both your sins and my sins will be released in God.
that's forgiveness.
---dsda on 11/14/07

so after repentance, we will be clean. after forgiveness, we will be balanced.
---dsda on 11/14/07

Suppose you punch me and break my nose.

If you're sorry you did it, and wish you hadn't, that's repentance.

If I get over being angry at you for breaking my nose, that's forgiveness.
---StrongAxe on 11/11/07

Well for starters a person must repent of their sins before they can ask for forgiveness of their sins. A person can't say to God, well this is what I've done, and just leave it at that. They must acknowledge what they've done, repent to God then ask for forgiveness.
---Rebecca_D on 11/10/07

Forgiveness of sin is a gift of God through the Blood(JESUS DIED FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN)...Repentance of sin is.. sinful deeds we turn from, as the Spirit leads.
We as Christians will be lead throughout our lives by the Spirit, showing us right and wrong. We turn (repent) on the right path as HE leads.
---duane on 11/10/07

God compared to man.(a) Forgiveness of sins is God's business and men cannot partake of forgiveness of sins.
(b)Repentance of sins is exclusively man kinds field of endeavor. Repentance is made after the realization of wrong thinking and consciously repudiating of that thinking and repenting of it. I like to openly state what I'm repenting of before the Lord Jesus Christ and asking his help in the matter.
---Mima on 11/10/07

In Acts 8:22, Peter's instruction to Simon the sorcerer: "Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you."
---Michelle on 11/10/07

In Luke 17:3-4, Jesus taught His disciples, "Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns to you, saying, 'I repent,' you shall forgive him."
---Michelle on 11/10/07

There is no biblical forgiveness without repentance. Jesus said, Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Luke 13:3.

The soft-hearted social gospel of Universalism says there is no need to repent of your sins.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

Universalism teaches that all people will eventually be saved through the atonement of Christ. It says that all mankind, even those who have openly rejected Jesus, those who have willingly committed horrible crimes and died without repentance, and without the covering of Christ's blood, will enjoy a future with God. This belief is based upon the idea that God's love is so infinitely great, that His grace in Christ is so awesome, that everyone will be saved. This is not true.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

Satan wants destruction of people, to die in their sins and go to hell. He is extremely cunning with intelligence.

Universalism is a tool of evil. It weakens the need to trust in Christ in this life.
In Universalism, Satan can work his false doctrines through people. Universalists deny the Holy Spirit. But in universalist theology, it really doesn't matter. Why? Because for them, no repentance is needed.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

Universalism removes the fear of God.

I am not saying that we must live in fear or that fear is the only motive to be saved. But, Jesus Himself warned people about hell and the Bible tells us that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," (Prov. 9:10).

Universalism leads to complacency. It eliminates the need for repentance. In this, there is danger.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

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repentence is when you have a heart felt sorrow for an act or decision you have made that you realize is wrong.forgivness of sin is something only God can do,and cumuniates when you repent by asking God to forgive you.
---tom2 on 11/10/07

3) Problems arise when people DO NOT repent but rather go to God repetitively with the same offense but have no true remorse or intent to change. There are people that call themselves Christian who opperate in this way and it is self deception. This is most certainly missing our calling.:)
---jody on 11/10/07

repentance is what you do before God Forgives you to repent means to turn away from.have a change of mind,You can not ask God for forgivness if you are still doing what your wanting to get forgivness for, That is just asking to be excused for your sins.2Co 7:10 For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.
---chris_sizemore on 11/10/07

The sinner must repent of their sin. The one sinned against must forgive the sin.
---RitaH on 11/10/07

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P.S. It is important that we know, of ourselves we can neither forgive nor repent of sin. Only the Father can forgive sin, or empower us to repent. We allow for both through the submission of our will to Him. For it is the Father, by His grace, who has given His chosen a heart made soft and pliable in His Hands. "If my people, which are called by My name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways... I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
---Josef on 11/10/07

Repentance of sin - is required of the believer, empowered of the Father and acknowledged through confession. "Thus saith the LORD God: Repent, and turn from your idols and turn away your faces from all your abominations." If any say I have sinned and perverted that which is right, He will deliver his soul. For Godly sorrow leads us to repentance, which is a recognition of an error, revealed by a truth, producing a change of mind, that results in a corrensponding change of attitude and actions.
---Josef on 11/10/07

Forgiveness of sin - is an attribute of the Father."The discretion of a man defers His anger, and it is His glory to pass over a transgression". Forgiveness of sin is freedom from it via the shed blood of Jesus, which secured the pardon and remission of both the unintentional error and willful transgression of the repentant. "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, Let him return to the LORD, and He will have mercy upon him, for He will abundantly pardon".
---Josef on 11/10/07

Repentance of sin is a voluntary and sincere change in the mind of the sinner, causing him to turn from his sin. Forgiveness of sin is a pardon, a release, declared not guilty in the eyes of God. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/9/07

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1) Repentance has to do with repeating sins or living a disorderly lifestyle. Repentance is an act of will or choice to turn away from a specific sin or group of sins that the believer has become aware of committing. It could be an attitude or state of the heart or a wide variety of things that have been separating the person that person from the Lord at some level and affecting their spiritual walk. :)
---jody on 11/10/07

2)Often times, repentance becomes a process that needs the assistance of God where the believe prays for God's assistance in overcomming the particular shortcomming or offensive state of heart. It actually becomes a gift from God for some.

A fine line for forgiveness may be to go to God for a single event where one may been guilty of operating outside of the faith in a displeasing manner to God and so felt guilty and prayed to God for forgiveness. God forgives immediately and forgets the trespass.
---jody on 11/10/07

repentance is a process of washing. forgiveness is a process of releasing.
---dsda on 11/9/07

Forgiveness of sin is what is granted because of repentance of sin.
---john on 11/9/07

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Forgiveness is what is given to us from Yahweh. Repentance, on the other hand, involves us recognizing, apologizing for and turning away from our sin. One is an action which originates with Him, while the other is an action that originates with us.
---AlwaysOn on 11/9/07

They are the opposite end of the exchange between God and sinner, or between offender and victim.
God, or the victim will forgive the offender.
The offender may repent of the wrong he has doen to God or the victim.
Repentance is saying you are sorry, forgiveness is someone saying I accept yuor apology
---alan_of_UK on 11/9/07

Forgiveness, is actively Confessing that in Spite of our Differences I Release You from The Offense. Repentance,is Confessing, and Turning Away.
---Renatta on 11/9/07

Repentance is an act that we do unto God (confess your sins and turn from your sins). Forgiveness is an act that God does unto us (He forgives us our sins).
---Leslie on 11/9/07

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I beleive they are one in the same thing.
---Whisper on 11/9/07

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