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Always Preaching About Money

Why are alot of these preachers, preaching about money and the care's of this life?

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 ---chris_sizemore on 11/10/07
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I once heard Mike Murdock giving the old "10 times" teaching, send him money and the Lord will return it 10-fold to the giver. He read a letter from a woman who said they sent him their last $10,000 they had and a couple days later, her husband's grandmother died and left them a house worth $100,000. He yelled "glory to God" and my jaw was on the floor. I guess Mike's god is an assasin.
---Greyrider on 12/4/07

It takes money to run a church. The bills has to be paid. The bible tells us to ask and we shall receive. How else are your needs going to be taken care of, if you do not ask when in need? Asking is very biblical. Now-- what the money is used for is what I have a problem with.Some polished and educated preacher slicking me out of my hard-earned money does not sit well with me.
---Robyn on 12/4/07

I am repulsed by "prosperity theology"
of today. The Lord said, "Freely you have recieved,
freely give" (Matt. 10:8)
I actually heard Mike Murdock say,
about his request for a "$58.00 seed",
that if it was only for money
"may his tongue cleave to the roof of his
mouth". No fear of the Lord!br>He brags about his rolls royces, etc. 1 Timothy 6:8 says, "And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content". Wheat and tares!
---truthseeker on 12/4/07

I do not claim to be a Prophet, but I can almost guarantee you that in the spring, and during a cetain television station's spring share-a-thon you will see Juanita B, Mike M, Paula W, along with others, telling people if they want to receive their blessing, they must send them $88, $888, $8,888, etc.

I often why year after year people fall for this lie.
---Rob on 11/21/07

I don't know and I will not say much about it, because some of these preachers belongs to God. Have a great night everyone.++++
---catherine on 11/20/07

These people will tell you that you need to send them your money if you want to receive a blessing from God.

What they will not tell you is this goes against what is written Acts 8:20-24.

They don't care if you are down to your last dollar, or if you and your family become homeless or hungry. They want your money. They don,t want some of it, they want all of it.
---Rob on 11/20/07

Jesus already answered your question when He said , out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If the 'LOVE OF MONEY' is what's in ones heart in abundance, that's what you'll preach. All people will talk most about what they love most. For those who's god is money, that's what they speak.
---jack8937 on 11/19/07

The money pit is coming down, that House is falling apart and you can't throw enough money at it to hold it together.
It will be replaced by God's Ministry.
---Michelle on 11/16/07

If you dont give money, your getting the Gospel on the cheap.
Thats what one preacher I heard tell his people in church.
---calhoon on 11/14/07

Mike Murdock, robert tilden, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson. These lazy preachers always use Malichi 3: to justify their 'gospel'
---kai on 11/14/07

Which preachers? I have never heard any.
---alan_of_UK on 11/11/07

Because money is what is on some preachers minds. This is why I love the church I go to. My Pastor he may preach on tithes and offerings, but he says if you can give money then you should give money. And if you can't give money then give God your time. My Pastor doesn't get paid, he works outside the church besides being a Pastor. I was watching TBN their Share-o-thon or Praise-o-thon. They do this at least twice a year. One right at spring, and the other right before Thanksgiving.
---Rebecca_D on 11/10/07

Blessings Chris, you have to be careful who you listen to. There are a lot of what I call "feel good Pastors" looking to line their own pockets today. They are sheep in wolves clothing so to speak. The scriptures tells us that you will know them by their fruits. They do not preach the truth, and they are telling people what they want to hear. Personally, I like a Pastor that "steps on your toes." I also take notes and I see if what they Preach lines up with the Word of God. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/10/07

Which preachers, Chris?

As an old pastor said, "Salvation is free, but the church costs money."
---Jack on 11/10/07

Probably because they have a lot of debt to pay and they need people to send money in or else they will not be able to pay the bills and they will be out of a job.
---john on 11/10/07

Exodus 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

Joseph was number two in the heads of state in Egypt.
Moses, leader of a nation, loved by Jews and Christians.
Samuel - God let none of his words fall to the ground. God gave him favor of a king.
David - "You are the apple of my eye."
---Michelle on 11/10/07

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Peter, James, John, Paul.
God will tolerate no rivals, no other gods.

Who are those that have such a relationship with "The Lord whose name is Jealous"?

There is more wealth in the Church today than at any other time in history.
People are gorging on the lusts and passions of wealth so they can better fit with the world.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

Christians are boastfully applauding themselves every time they can rub elbows with something the world has, as though they have improved themselves.

The Church is not to be the follower.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

#-1-Good question, Most speakers, preachers are not, speak of where their interest rest. If your interest lies in money and/or the cares of this world that is what you talk about, preach about, beg about, plead about and unfortunately a lot of preachers fall into that classification. O they say it takes a lot of money to get out the Gospel and it is a partial truth, but it hardly takes any money to deliver the message of salvation to those right next to you.
---Mima on 11/10/07

With shopping lists and dreamboards, people are well prepared with justifying arguments as to why, a child of God, has the right to live as the world does.

God's Jealous heart is Holy, Pure, and Righteous.

But to the unfaithful, God's jealousy is a cruel literal hell.
Woe be it to those who take His Name in vain and flaunt covetous, adulterous lifestyles before God. God's warning is strong.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

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#-2-a dear friend of mine has made it a practice upon meeting a strange pastor to ask, Pastor please tell me how to be saved. The vast majority, something like 95% have no idea about how to deliver the salvation message to an individual. This is both sad and appalling, several of these men are pastors of almost mega-churches (250-600) with multi-million-dollar facilities and programs under their management.
---Mima on 11/10/07

In God's Holy presence, humans realize the extent of one's sinfulness. With a contrite heart, we deeply appreciate His Mercy in allowing us to live, let alone be in His presence. With a contrite heart, our love for God grows immensely, because our respect for Him is higher than any mountain of wealth.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

In God's Holiness is His jealousy.

You're either going to live in Jesus or you're going back to the world.

God is merciful to the repentant.
James said to draw close to Him, grieve over all our unfaithfulness, and He will draw near to us.

If we stand far off and unrepentant, we will be on the outside looking in and in danger of God's judgment.
---Michelle on 11/10/07

Because they are earth bound and not focused on the Kingdom of God. Seek ye first the Kingdom and all of these other things will be added unto you.
---Brenda on 11/10/07

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