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Christmas, Easter And Holidays

Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Are they Biblical or traditions of men? I can't find it in the Bible where Jesus told His Disciples to celebrate His birthday. I believe in the birth, death, reserection and return of Jesus, but I think the bottom line for celebrating holidays is money.

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 ---John8473 on 11/11/07
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you don't have to buy into that do you?
You can make those days what you choose to be about.
I make it about Jesus! His birth- His death- His resurrection- and how we wait for his return.

I make it also about family!
We pray. We join together as family.

God bless you.
---paul on 12/17/08

I have the highest respect for your opinions John. However, I am somewhat setback when you boldly speak the truth about such cherished holidays(cherished for the commercial interest in the world). As Christmas, Easter and other holidays.
---Mima on 11/12/08

Keep Christ in Christmas. Do like me and send a Santa message to the children in your life where Santa tells the true story of Christmas in a personal video. Google christmasgram and see Santa telling the real, true story of the reason to celebrate CHRIST in CHRISTmas.
---Ruth on 12/3/07

They are pagan days,i don't eat the food on those days.READ col,2v8 and 2Tim.2v4
Come out from among them and be ye separate
as it is written.
---Jack on 11/30/07

When speaking about Jesus Birthday ,I think people should think of Jesus everyday of the year and thank and praise him thats what he'd want us to do as well as give to others who are hungry, needy and poor as much as we can everyday, instead of making the rich richer if they did that I"m sure Jesus would be Happy Birthday no matter what day he was born on.And as for his death thats probly the day we should celebrate because he died so we could live eternaly."I THANK AND PRAISE YOU JESUS"!
---judy on 11/25/07

Most of our religous holidays have some form of pagan celebration to them - but this doesn't always make them wrong because most don't even know about the pagan background. It should be a time of reflection on the Christian intent. But, this is not always true, for example, Christmas should be a time of reflection on the birth of Christ, but instead it has become a retailers dream come true.
---wivv on 11/25/07

StrongAxe, Bless you brother and thank you for the correction. Yes friend we should always let the Love of Jesus shine through us 365 days a year, 24/7. Christmas as well as Easter actually gives us more of an opportunity to let the Love of Jesus shine through us, because of the many gatherings and people we are around. Also an opportunity to give even more to others who are in need, rather than recieve, therefore bringing Glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God Bless friend!
---Cynthia on 11/14/07


Shouldn't we let our love shine through 365 days a year, not just on one special day? (Just as Christians should be recognizable by their actions, not just on Sunday, but on every day of the week).

Of course, anyone who respects some days as special, more power to him!
(Some revere some days as special, others revere all days as equally holy).
---StrongAxe on 11/14/07

If all you see the holidays as is a chance for businesses to make money, then perhaps you shouldn't celebrate them. It should be a time of joy and gratefulness for what God has done for us. If this is not our focus, then why even bother with it? If one cannot grasp the reason for celebrating then it becomes a futile act done simply because it's what others are doing.
---kady on 11/13/07

Blessings John, Christmas and Easter are special to Christians, because we know the real meaning of them. Christmas is a special time to allow the love of Jesus to shine through you to others. To give not recieve, but I agree that Christmas and Easter have been turned into a pagan holiday. And yes money is the motive. In this world today, it is not how can I give to someone else, but how much can I get from someone. Very sad. God Bless Friend!
---Cynthia on 11/13/07

I agree. The whole purpose of every Holiday is money. I see this more as I am longer with the Lord. There are no Holidays in the Bible, they are all traditions of man.
---Helen_5378 on 11/13/07

There isn't a holiday that is in the bible. Passover is in the bible, but it is what some calls Easter. No one knows when Jesus Christ was born. Man made up that Jesus was born in December 25th.
---Rebecca_D on 11/12/07

Jack, I'm so sorry to hear that about what happened to you at 11 years old. I just asked the Lord, how can I make Christmas Holy this year? Instead of spending money I don't have on presents, eating a big dinner, etc., Any suggestions? Besides going around singing Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve?
---Donna on 11/12/07

The Old Testament has its holidays, and the Gentiles have their own manmade holidays, Either way it is ok. God is on the throne, He still sees it all, nothing is hid from His eyes, from Haloween to Christmas, Alot of it is money, but much of it is done in the Spirit of man. Who always love a reason for Celebration, and traditions of days past.
---Whisper on 11/12/07

Individual Christians have a choice in how they choose to acknowledge/celebrate these days. Since my salvation, my choice has been to focus my energy on the reason Jesus came to Earth and the magnificent love the Lord showed us through the story of Christ's birth. My children always had a birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday Jesus." I always read the Christmas story to my children and focused everyhing around Him. Little money was spent in comparison to other, unsaved families.
---Trish9863 on 11/11/07

My parents split when I was 11 and my father left me in the care of a woman he felt was capable of murder.

The spiritual meaning of these days, reflected in special music and such, are all I've ever really head.

They have NOTHING to do with money or greed or present-buying, as far as I'm concerned.
---Jack on 11/12/07

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God did not tell us to do many things, such as have fire brigades, nor did He tell us to communicate by the Web.
Does a Christian celebrate Christams or Easter for money ... or does he use those times of Joy to give money to the needy, and to thank God for His gifts to us?
---alan_of_UK on 11/11/07

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