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Should Kids Be Homeschooled

Should Christian children attend public school, or should they be homeschooled? Comments?

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 ---Cynthia on 11/12/07
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Excellent points, Nancy--excellent! :) I was the only nearly deaf child in my school and it could be rough at times (kids were often cruel and of course, my lack of self-confidence invited more abuse!) but I'm sooo glad my parents didn't homeschool me. I learned how to function in the hearing world, something I desperately needed. :)
---Mary on 11/28/07

I believe children should attend public school for the first few years. These years are critical for analyzing speech, learning, and physical disorders that a layperson may either not recognize or be capable of coping with. (How many of us have found out we needed glasses because we couldn't see the blackboard?)

As for the lack of quality in some schools, if you have such a school, shouldn't your efforts go toward improving the school? That way everyone benefits.
---Nancy on 11/26/07

To notlaw99,
You obviously don't know what you are talking about. We homeschool and our children take ballroom dancing with many other kids their age, our oldest plays football, the area association has many social events, and all of these are better than anything I ever had in public schools. That lack of socialization argument is outdated. Also many public schools don't have very good science labs or equipment either and we have purchased our own.
---Mickey on 11/26/07

In my opinion, it depends on the area and the quality of the school. I went to Public and turned out just fine. However, if by the time my child goes to high school, she/he has to go through metal detectors to get to the lockers, learn that gay is okay, and have teachers that could care less about teaching, then how is that a healthy environment-spiritually or otherwise? Not all schools are like this though. One needs to do their research before forming a complete opinion on the matter.
---kady on 11/13/07

Maureen, my daughter-in-law homeschools both of my grandaughters, she is a wonderful mother and she has taught both of my grandaughters good christian morals, as well as taught them just as much as what they would learn in a public school. I believe that a lot of christian parents are turning to homeschooling their children, and I do not see anything wrong with it. I am not putting down public schools, but lets face it todays public schools are not as safe as they used to be. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/12/07

I would never recommend home schooling after grade 5. After that level You are depriving the student of effective social interaction. Home school can't economically compete with the class room resources available in public and private institutions when teaching the sciences.
---notlaw99 on 11/12/07

BOTH! Christian children must be schooled first, foremost & continually at home by their parents. The problem is too many Christian parents depend upon (trust, put faith in) school systems to educate their children. The word of God says believing parents are to train their own children. (Pv. 22:6, Matt. 17)
---Leon on 11/12/07

Parents are the ones who bear the responsibility for the education of their children.

A school is there to assist the parents in its discharge.

I support the right of parents to educate their children any way they see fit, including home schooling, but this option is NOT for everybody.
---Jack on 11/12/07

Parents should do what they feel led to do. I am a former homeschooler (in the early 90's). One of our skate days had over 90 students. Homeschooled students are easy to identify. They are usually more comfortable engaging with adult conversations, they have no qualms about age segregation. My grade 1 son studied the Middle ages because he was fascinated with castles. He's now in his 20's and considers his time being homeschooled his most memorable. I homeschooled for 3 years.
---Maureen_Brown on 11/12/07

How capable are the parents that will conduct the homeschooling?
Do the parents have the necessary skill, discipline, intelligence to conduct the program, day after day, year after year?
Do they have the "right stuff" to be all things to their kids?
There is safety in a multitude of teachers, mentally and physically.
Their spirituality will still be left up to you.
---Bob on 11/12/07

Some Private Christian Schools are very expensive, When you find one with a great reputation, it is worth the money in my opinion. However. I beleive homeschooling to be a great 2nd option, Because sending them to public school is like sending them into a breeding ground of demon infestations. I am sending my kids to a school that is literally a hell zone, the teacher cusses, Principal is arrogant and doesnt want to know of problems, etc. The teacher gets away with lies, I am thinking of pulling out.
---Whisper on 11/12/07

I believe that is an individual decision based on each family and child's personalities and desires. There is no one cut and dry answer.

Personally, I sent my children to the public schools where I live. They did fine. When my youngest son got to high school, we decided to send him to a private, preparatory school that was Episcopal. It was what he needed at the time.
---Trish9863 on 11/12/07

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