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Divorced Church Leaders

Many well & lesser known preachers in the U.S. have divorced their spouses. If they've not done so based on specified biblical grounds (versus unbiblical "irreconcilable differences"), should these preachers be allowed to continue as congregational leaders?

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 ---Leon on 11/12/07
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Cases are different from each other. Because of childlessness, a Pastor's wife decided that her husband must leave their country to go with her to America. The Pastor objected because God is not leading him to do that, the wife left and refused entreaties to come back.
---Adetunji on 3/31/11

The phrase "Let no man put asunder" sounds like a warning to someone outside the marriage working to break it up. Are there scriptures that address home wreckers and the consequences of doing so?
---Wes on 3/29/11

What God put together, let no man tear asunder. I just don't think you can use a sleight of man trick get around it.
---stephen on 8/5/09

Today we find that many people have different veiws. The main thing to remember is to be lead by the Holy Spirit & to read the word of God. And apply Gods' word to our lives'. Sure a pastor does not need to be divorced. How can he teach his flock something he in turn as done? Let us not miss the fact that he may not have been the one who fell from grace. But until u have been thru all that has been said how can one say what is right & what is wrong? I do no that once you have been saved there are no secret sins, they've been forgiven & washed clean by the blood of Jesus.
---Reece on 8/5/09

Cindy, I thought that when someone committed adultery they were stoned to DEATH. There is your to death due us part. Therefore if your spouse commits adultery, you can remarry.
---John on 8/5/09

NO remarried pastor/preacher should be in leadership. They are living in adultery according to God's Word, and yes, even those who divorced due to adultery---their own or their spouses. Scripture teaches us that only DEATH dissolves the union joined together by God(rom. 7:2-3, I Cor. 7:39)........not conversion, not new vows, not divorce, not sexual sin, etc. Herod and Herodias did all the above(except become converted), yet John still named Philip as her REAL husband (and none of them were born again). John then lost his head.
---Cindy on 8/5/09

Those that have been divorced several times say that it simply does not matter because they were not saved at the time.
The proof will be in your ministry of trying to lead others. Sin secrets have a way of making it out into the open.
Chipper mentions the sins of the divorced constantly.
---Rebekah on 12/27/07

I think it must be the conviction of thier heart to be able to do it. I am a divorced person and I personally cannot be a deacon. This is my conviction because of my interpretation of the requirements of a deacon. Not everyone sees it the same way and I understand that. It is my conviction. It may change later in life, we will see.
---Tony on 12/12/07

Richard Roberts, John Hagee, Joyce Meyers, John Osteen, Paula White 2wice, I don't think I know of any others, but I for one just want to say, These preachers have been used for God in such mighty ways, they have helped me personally so, much. I forgive them and I beleive them to be "BE PERFECTED BY THE THINGS THEY HAVE SUFFERED" I am so happy that they are only human just like me.
---Whisper on 11/20/07

Thanks Cynthia. The objective is always what does the Bible say are the biblical (versus non-biblical) grounds for divorce.

Blessings to you too! :)
---Leon on 11/20/07

My husband and I both has had a divorce while we were sinners. While others have made a comment that he shouldn't be allowed to preach and me to sing because we both have had a divorce and got remarried. It shouldn't matter what a person has done in their past as sinners. Now if a person leaves their spouse for another person, they shouldn't be allowed behind the pulpit to even speak. Until they make things right with God and get it under the blood. Even then many people will not go and listen to them.
---Rebecca_D on 11/20/07

Blessings to you leon, I do understand what you are asking. If a Pastor divorced his wife because he wanted to be with another woman, then I would say no he should not be allowed to continue as a congregational leader.. I believe that it depends on the circumstances. What if it was the wife that wanted out, say because of adultery? Something to think about. God bless you friend, and a great question!
---Cynthia on 11/19/07

Divorced church leaders: Should these preachers be allowed to continue as congregational leaders if their divorce doesn't square with what the Bible says?
---Leon on 11/18/07

Blessings friends, the first thing that comes into my mind is what Jesus told us about the woman caught in adultery: He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. I know that Pastors and Deacons are to set a good example for the congregation, but Pastors are human, just like everyone else. God forgives us all, and if you are truly a born again Saint, 1 John states: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/17/07

Of course I still love ya Whisper :-) :-) :-) and I like knowing if I am speaking to a guy or gal. It's really funny how we build a picture of someone in our mind and then's totally blown out of the water! Just like when we think God is going to do something a certain way (we're sure we've got it all figured out) it happens in a way we totally did not expect, but it blesses us nonetheless and usually in a way that is greater than we could have ever imagined!
---Holly4jc on 11/16/07

Alan of Uk :: That was a howler, any wonder he is in the MINISTRY. He can talk his way out of a situation, but He cant fool God.Wonder how many went for wool pull!!!
---Emcee on 11/14/07

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No, Holly I'm all girl! I hope you still love me. You make me laugh...
---Whisper on 11/14/07

I understand what Rebecca says, but what about the man I know, a church elder, who deserted his wife and 5 children, to go with someone else.
He continued his "ministry" saying Jesus had "forgiven his mistakes"
And what were the mistakes he said Jesus had forgiven? Marrying the first wife, and having those children!
---alan_of_UK on 11/14/07

Wow Whisper...for some reason I thought you were a man!! Sheesh....and all this time you were really a woman. How embarrassing!
---Holly4jc on 11/14/07

Rebecca D, past action is the best indicator of future performance. Forgive yes but don't forget, giving grace does not mean that we are to act without wisdom.
---Marty on 11/14/07

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In regards to the scripture that says preachers should be above reproach, isn't it not just for their sake, but for the sake of others underneath them? When a leader sins, and justifies it rather than repenting, doesn't that tell others that "we can do it too"? So instead of a man falling to temptation, repenting, and teaching what he learned through it, bringing others into obedience of God's word-a whole group of people fall and are deceived, thus deceiving others along the way.
---kady on 11/13/07

Thanks for that Randy, as I was wondering if I was hearing right. I did not know that it was the second I thought it was the first for both of them.
---Whisper on 11/13/07

They announced their divorce back in August. It was the second marriage for both. They both plan on continuing their ministries.
---randy on 11/13/07

Just curious, last night while watching CNN, It was reported that Paula White just divorced her husband Randy. Is this really true? or is this a false?
---Whisper on 11/13/07

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John Hagee comes to mind. He left his first wife and six months after his divorce married his secretary. He can find a way around the injunction from Christ that divorce and remarriage is adultery. Of course he reserves his venom for gays, feminists, and others he deems unworthy. It is funny when you go to the web sites that proclaim values, Like Focus on the family, etc., they say nothing about making divorce illegal. It is simple cherry picking of the scriptures.
---randy on 11/13/07

The Bible is clear that people in leadership should have a life that is an example for others to follow. If it's out of order in their family, how can they take care of the Church? If this is something that happend a long time ago and things are now in order then I see no reason to keep them out of ministry. The congregation will usually vote on these matters and take all details into consideration before making a choice.
---john on 11/12/07

What is under the blood should stay under the blood. What is in one's past that is where it should stay. I find it silly when a person won't let someone preach because of "their past". What happened to good ole fashioned forgiveness? What happened to let one's past stay in the past?
---Rebecca_D on 11/12/07

I know they have asked Gods forgiveness and God in His divine mercy has forgiven them, through the things they have suffered they are able to help others, I beleive God can forgive adultery, the only sin not forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit for which there is no redemption. I have only been married to one man, for many, many years, but I have had moments of wanting to leave, and it has been a challenge, that I truly understand.
---Whisper on 11/12/07

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There are guidles in the books of Timothy that that answer your question. I am sure their are other protocols in other areas of the bible, but Timithoy is the only one that comes to mind.
---Ryan_Z on 11/12/07

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