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Interpret Revelation 13:17

In Revelation 13:17 it says: and no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name(nkjv). Do you believe buy or sell is literal or symbolic in this verse?

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 ---Kella3336 on 11/13/07
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It is symbolic.
---donald on 1/10/08

the people have no other choice but to go into the stores because that is the only people here, if you read revelations #7, 14,15,16, ""we will come out", which means "exit" the tribulation, Jesus says our time is shortened, what Christ meant is we are out of here, before it even starts, a dash to clear out the stores, waters turning to blood -food supply will be short,stocking up their homes with water and food, that is why it was only them that John saw "shopping."
---Dawn on 1/9/08

The commercial - monetary control of a beast system is not new. Ezucuh's explanation and examples are brief and accurate.
---jhonny on 11/28/07

Rev. 13:17 is literal. I totally agree with Lee's explanations. It has nothing to do with the Sabbath. The passage is not even close to there. Verse 16: "a mark" In the Roman Empire, this was a normal identifying symbol, or brand, that slaves and soldiers bore on their bodies. Some of the ancient mystical cults delighted in such tattoes, which indentified members with a form of worship. Antichrist will have a similar requirement, one that will need to be visible in the hand or forehead.
---Mark_V. on 11/28/07

wouldn't it mean to prosper in a worldly sense? Because the mark on the hands or head are their thoughts and their deed. Think about it.
---Toby on 11/27/07

Study your history, people who were contrary to a system of government have never been able to buy or sell, unless you compromise you were blackballed so to speak. When people were considered heritics by the Catholic church, their wealth and their busnesses were confiscated and if they would not repent many were burned at the stake. This is what happened to Robin Lockesly otherwise known as Robinhood. When Romans became christians this also happened to them if they would not repent and worship Nero.
---exzucuh on 11/27/07

"buy and sell" is a simplification for a deprival of any access in any form to the proprieties of commercialization. Access - 3 ways -, the mark, the number, the name. One or the other.
---jhonny on 11/27/07

Like most all of scripture which has multiple meanings, Rev 13:17 is likely BOTH literal and spiritually symbolic.
---AG on 11/27/07

Jim-Rev.12:3 is a symbolic reference to Satan and 1/3 of the angels that fell with him.John is establishing here who the characters are that will give clear meaning as to what is about to take place.Just a the woman clothed with the son in vs.1 is letting us know that this is Israel.If I believe the Mark of the Beast to be literal,then why not this?I do not believe all of Rev. to be Literal,alot symbolic with a literal meaning.But only when scripture allows it when"like unto,as,etc" is used.
---Tommy on 11/27/07

strongaxe - *At the top of this page, there is an ad for a book "2008: God's Final Witness*.

And the author is yet another Adventist (not SDA). The spirits of Ellen White & William Miller are still alive.

Wonder if the book (or movement) will produce another InvestigativeJudgment doctrine based upon another faulty & obsure verse of the Bible.
---lee1538 on 11/27/07

Good morning: This we know. God has written Mene Tekel upon all His enemies, He has numbered their days, and they shall be finished, but His own Kingdom shall endure for ever.===He had two horns like a lamb, but a mouth that spoke like the dragon. The power which he exercises to draw men off from worshipping the true God to worship those who by nature are no gods. We have here the number of the beast. The number is the number of a man, and it is 666.
---catherine on 11/27/07

Literal ... they're running commercials on TV with people sliding that lil plastic card and the line flowing smoothly ... then someone with cash or a check walks up ... commercial makes it look like a real no no. Message I get is that my money is no longer any good ... gotta have plastic. No thanks!
---Nellah on 11/27/07

At the top of this page, there is an ad for a book "2008: God's Final Witness".
The author claims that he is one of the "two witnesses" of Revelation, and that *ALL* Christian denominations are wrong (among other things, because the Church of Rome was founded by Simon Magus masquerading as Peter). Readers beware.
---StrongAxe on 11/27/07

"buy and sell". A term rep. for any trade, busy-ness, to do with commercial propriety including the right to frequent places.
"name", includes rank, and may include through semantic philosophy or semantic transformation, commands, deeds, to be accomplished. Beast-last pope, a betrayal is in progress.
The final beast powered by the lowest underbelly of humanity. People endoctrinated to shred every vestage of humanity for obedience.
---jhonny on 11/27/07

If you don't take the mark which is 666 you won't be able to sell or by any thing It came out in one of the papers that said by 2008 we would be getting a chip or what ever and if we didn't have it we couldn't buy a car Groc are anything and we could not have a checking account And bush sign this two years ago for it to take for place in 2008
---Betty on 11/27/07

I am not sure, but the mark being placed on their right hand or forehead(Rev13:16)reminds me of a practice of Jews to place scriptures upon their right hand or forehead as a symbol of remembering and keeping the word of God. In the same way, this scripture may be a reference to living the standards of the beast (such as cheating and lying). Perhaps there will be a time when the world is so corrupt that we will not be able to engage in business or earn money without using these vial practices.
---BoranJarami on 11/26/07

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Tommy - the tail of the dragon (12:3) swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. Stars are much larger than Earth and just one star would vaporize our planet, let alone a third of the stars in heaven. Now is this symbolic literal, or literal without symbolism? Read stars as people and nations in Gen 22:17, 26:4. Lastly I will WRITE ON HIM the name of my God. Rev 3:12. Is that a literal mark on believers?
---Jim on 11/26/07

The symbol is much richer in meaning. For example, shaking hands, a hug, or making the sign of the cross, raising hands in worship. Because of their simplicity and universality, these symbols mean more than words can explain. It is sometimes used as a point of emphasis and not always literal.
---Jim on 11/26/07

Due to the fact that both Revelation & Daniel are apocalyptic books full of symbolism, they should not be used to support any particular doctrine of the Christian faith.

It is no wonder that Revelation was one book that was late to be included in the Canon. And Martin Luther and others had doubts regarding the book.
---lee on 11/26/07

Jim--How much of Revelation do you believe to be Symbolic?If the Prophecies of the Old Testament about Christ were Literally fulfilled,then why not Revelation?The Seven Churches were Literal as well as there Interpretations.The scene in Heaven will be Literal as well as the Return of Christ.All these in the book of Revelation to name a few.Jesus spoke in parables which had literal interpretation.Alot of Revelation is symbolic with literal interpretation.And alot of it is literal without symbolism.
---Tommy on 11/26/07

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The book of Revelation depends on the OT much more than does any other NT book. There are 404 verses in the book and 278 or more have OT references. Yet "0" verses have been provided in this blog to support a literal interpretation. If I wasn't such a nice guy I would call this apostasy.
---Jim on 11/26/07

Again, I ask you, wehre is your scriptural support? All conjecture thus far on your part. While technology is great, it has nothing to do with what was written to the 1st century Christians. Please open your heart and mind to interpreting scripture with scripture instead of newspaper headlines.
---Jim on 11/26/07

Along with being a literal requirement to buy or sell this mark will also will solve many things. A person is murdered, the controllers will know the time of his murder, and those in close proximity to him at that time and on and on and on. No more children will be kidnapped. An individual's whereabouts will be known at all times. Maybe you laugh now, but total control is coming after the rapture.
---Mima on 11/26/07

Jim, Not so farfetched. We already have techniques whereby an imprint can be made on the hands and foreheads of human beings. This imprint can be read by lasers and can contain all the credit information on an individual, and other vital information. It is not too far-fetched to think that the Antichrist could impose population control by this same kind of mark by these smart cards which have tiny microchips in them that contain biographical data and revisable credit information. Under the skin.
---catherine on 11/26/07

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Where is your scriptural support of this "literal" nonsense of microchips and the like? Read Isa. 55:1 about "spiritually" buying and selling and then read Gen 3:19, Deut 6:6-8, Ex 28:36 and Ezek 9:4-6 where the Bible talks about God's "spiritual" mark on the hand and forehead of believers.
---Jim on 11/26/07

I believe that because of technological advances, the means of identifying and tracking people will become more essential to having an orderly and safe society. And this will set the stage for the mark of the beast.

The belief that the mark of the beast has something to do with Christians having communal worship on Sundays simply exposes the hatred that cultists have for other Christians.
---lee1538 on 11/26/07

Yes, it is literal. God is no joker. Boycott is a potent use of force. In order to obtain the elements for livelihood, it will be necessary fpr everyone to be branded in a visible place. Note of interest: 666 is almost impossible to list the number of suggestions for it. It could be Nero in ancient Rome to persons in this day. Man's worship of man is, indeed, spiritual insanity to the highest degree.Seven completion six falls short man's falure at its worst.
---catherine on 11/26/07

Absolutely literal! The 7th Day Sabbath will play a BIG role during the reign of the Anti-Christ. Satan tries to duplicate everything GOD (YAH) does, as he's always wanted TO BE GOD. The Anti-Christ will claim to be God. He'll claim the name of Jesus Christ and will set up his own worship day, that of Sunday. Which is why the Church needs to get back to the Original Sabbath Day, the 7th Day. As well as knowing the True Name of the Saviour, YAHUSHUA. For the Anti-Christ will claim the name of Jesus Christ.
---Gordon on 11/26/07

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yes, if you think in terms of the technology that is already in place with micro chips. there are chips now that can hold every bit of your info on them, bank, medical, and personal info that will fit into a # 10 hypodermic needle. they are still working on the batteries for a chip that is rechargeable with the best idea so far to inject it into the right hand or the forehead. this chip, eventually, would make paper money obsolete, just scan your hand or head. this is only one of the possibilities
---evangelistjerry on 11/13/07

100% literal. Absolutely.
---Whisper on 11/13/07

Absolutely, positively, for sure, literal!!!!
---Mima on 11/13/07

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