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Who Is Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God?
If there is only one God, then who is Jesus exactly, how could he be Gods son and yet still be God, and why did he pray to God his father as if he was another person? Wouldn't he be praying to himself?

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 ---Mickey on 11/15/07
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I was not very satisfied with my last post, and I find your questions unimportant at this time. Here is what I will give you: Every single human being shares one vital thing. His purpose of life down here and his eternal destiny afterward depends completely upon his personal relationship with the subject here, The Lord Jesus Christ++"So what think ye of Christ?" [Mat. 22:42].... The preexistence of Jesus Christ as God. He was busy, very busy before He made an appearance upon this world. [1] He was creating the universe [2] He was controlling His created universe [3] He was communing with the Father...Hallelujah.+
---catherine on 7/11/10

Yes Jesus is God Almighty.
I do not know any one who prays to themself: when I pray to God who dwells in me I am not praying to my own flesh but to God's Spirit in me.
---Eloy on 7/11/10

Who is Jesus Christ? The human-divine Son of God born of the virgin Mary. The great High Priest who intercedes for His people at the right hand of God, He is the founder of the Christian church and central figure of the human race....To understand who Jesus was and what He accomplished, students of the New Testament must study [1] His life [2] His teachings [3] His person and [4] His work.
---catherine on 7/11/10

So Right again Lisa.
Matt.28 v 19 & Colo.2 v 9, Jesus Christ The Almighty God.
---Lawrence on 7/9/10

Isa. 9:5-7
Jesus is to be called Mighty God, Eternal Father, the counselor, Prince of Peace.

also the Great I AM....etc...In the beginning and the end always existed....
but only once born unto us.
---lisa on 12/21/07

--Lisa,Jesus said in John 10:30,"I and the Father are one."The pronoun 'one' in the Greek is in the neuter form.Here Jesus was saying that He and Father possess the one and same nature.If Jesus have wanted us to believe He and Father are one and the same person, He would have used the masculine form of the pronoun 'one'.In the Godhead there are 3 distinct personalities,but one God.
---denna9368 on 12/18/07

The first question as stated, "Is Jesus God", must be answered yes by all believing Christians or we are wasting our time. If Jesus is not God and can not grant eternal life then I have been following a fraud.
Given his statements and assertions, he is either God or a liar. My experiences and studies have found no larceny in his words so I must conclude that he is in fact God as he says. The complexities of the Trinity however may require a little more space than allotted here.
---PHILOSOPHER on 12/17/07

Dena ..the new testament ..Jesus also says he is "I AM" and that he was there at the beginning and saw Satan fall from heaven like Lightening...and Thomas said " My Lord and My God" to Jesus.
And the prophecy from Isaiah 9:5-7 had been fulfilled. Jesus is to be called > counselor, mighty God, eternal Father as well.
---lisa on 12/13/07

One time Jesus asked His disciples "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?"They said,"Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah,but still others, Jeremiah, or the one of the prophets."When Jesus asked His disciples,"But who do you say that I am?"Peter replied,"Thou are the Christ, the Son of the living God."-Matt.16:13-16.His resurrection proved that He is the Son of God.-Rom.1:4. To be saved one needs to repent and be baptized.-Acts 2:38.
---denna9368 on 12/11/07

Jesus is True Man and True God. One with the Holy Spirit with the Father.
To Him Jesus Our Lord and God give all Glory, honor, praise, worship, thanks.
He has been given all authority, all power over Heaven and Hell.
Our Lord and God.
---lisa on 11/20/07

Jesus states clearly in John 5:43 "I am come in my Father's name." Old Testament God is called Jehovah or Yahweh He came as Jesus when He became salvation for sinners.
---Diana on 11/20/07

Worthy of all honor, praise, worship and Glory....our Lord our God who will judge us, is our authority over us and can forgive our sins as in "My son, your sins are forgiven" Jesus said. Mark 2-5
true man and true God!Full of Grace and Truth.
The only way, the truth and the life.
"He who see's me sees the Father" Jesus said.
John 14-8 The Good Shepard - the Door to heaven
---Lisa on 11/20/07

Jesus states clearly in John 5:43 "I am come in my Father's name."
Jason, Jesus was not born until Bethlehem, (Micah 5:2). Eph 1:11 states that God was counselling with His own will (Gen 1:26).
Rom 4:17b states "God... calleth those things which be not as though they were."
This is why Jesus name is SO important. Compare Isaiah 45:21-23 with Phil 2:10-11.
Rightly divide the Word people! Please.
---Diana on 11/19/07

Christ's Deity Was questioned many times in different ways, and many times it was Affirmed by both God and man

The IF of Satan- IF Thou art the Son of God command that these stones be made bread" (Matt, 4- 3).

God's Testimony: -This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Matt. 3:17 ) Affirmed by God the Father.
---CiNdY92714 on 11/19/07

2)The IF Of 'the Jews- 'IF You are the Christ, tell us plainly" (John 10: 24).

Christ's Testimony v.25 Jesus answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father's name, they bear witness of Me."v.36"I am the Son of God.". Affirmed by Jesus

Nathanael's Testimony: -"Thou art the Son of God, Thou art the King of Israel" (John 1: 16).

CHRIST(SON) OF THE LIVING God, this is who Jesus is and will always be!
---CiNdY92714 on 11/19/07

The Centurion's Testimony-Truly this was the Son of God" (Matt. 27: 54). Affirmed by a Roman witness

Luke 19:10"for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." Affirmed by Jesus

The IF of the high priest -"I put You under oath by the living God: Tell us if You are the Christ, the Son of God!" (Matt 26:63)

---CiNdy92714 on 11/19/07

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Christ is God.
Romans 9:5-....according to the the Christ, WHO IS GOD over all, blessed forever.
---Lisa on 11/19/07

Before Abraham Jesus was...I AM.
He is God.
John8 57-- Jews said to Jesus--"You are not yet fifty yrs old and you have seen Abraham?"
Jesus said "Truly, Truly I say to you, before Abraham , I WAS....I AM!"
---Lisa on 11/19/07

Jesus says"He who has seen me has seen the Father!"
Philip said to Jesus "Lord, show us the Father and we shall be satisfied"
Jesus said " Have I been with you so long, and yet you do not know me?
He who has seen me has seen the Father!"
---Lisa on 11/19/07

Jesus is God
Jesus said :he who sees me(Jesus) sees Him who sent me (the Father, God)
John 12:45
Jesus said "If you had known me, you would have known my Father also, henceforth you know Him (the Father) and have seen Him. (meaning Jesus is God) John 14:7
---Lisa on 11/19/07

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---glenn on 11/19/07

Was not Christ God incarnate? Indeed He was. Christ voluntarily abstained from employing some of His divine attributes while upon this earth.>>All divine names and titles are applied to Jesus. He is God.To Jesus All men and angels are responsible for their character and conduct.>>>Note:The reason for the incarnation I will name two there are many more. To reveal the invisible God and for sacrifice for our sins.Also Jesus' favorite name on earth was "Son of Man'
---catherine on 11/19/07

God said let us make man in our own image who's the our referring to. we are made in three parts body,soul,spirit but we are one creature. There is one God,but three parts Father,Son,and Holy Spirit.
---jason on 11/18/07

Eph 4:4-6, Eph 1: 17-23,1 Cor 8:6,7a, Rom 5:12-19 Gal 3:20, 1 Tim 2:5, Deut 6:4, Mark 12: 29-30, Rev 4:2 one throne/ one sat
Isaiah 43:13, Acts 23:13 John 8:24, John 18, 4-8.
Why do you think they fell backward to the ground in John 18:6?
---Diana on 11/17/07

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Do not let satan try to trick you. The answer is not. read 1 John 5:6-7. Jesus is man in flesh and He is God's Son. God is our Father who created us. God is also the Holy Ghost. God filled Jesus with His Spirit when Jesus was baptised (John 1:5-11). Therefore Jesus is God in flesh filled with God's Spirit.
---Victoria on 11/16/07

Blessings friends, what the moon is to the night, what the dew is to the flower, such is Jesus Christ to me. I cannot describe all that Christ is to me, for what is He not to me? He is the sun of my day, He is my life, He is Heaven on earth, and He shall be my Heaven in Heaven. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/16/07

Jesus is our God.
Jehovah is his God.
Not too tricky.

RIGHT, Jesus is LORD OF lords, and King of King but he IS SUBJECT TO THE ONE GOD, HIS FATHER, HIS God, our God. Yaweh made him our Lord and King because he overcame, TRY TO COMPREHEND THIS. Jesus said MY Father WHO SENT ME TO PREACH THE KINGDOM OF God."
---cInDy92714 on 11/16/07

Jesus is our God.
Jehovah is his God.
Not too tricky.
---Frank on 11/16/07

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referring to Jesus, Thomas knew the TRUTH!
John 20:28
Thomas said to him, "My Lord and my God!"

Jesus is the Lord and God.
It was revealed to doubting Thomas and it can be revealed to you, if you read your Bible.
---Lisa on 11/16/07

When discussing the Trinity. We should all keep in mind that we are not to" trust in our own understanding". His ways are higher than our ways, his thoughts or highter that our thoughts, and his actions can hardly be explained by the fleshily mind!!
---mima on 11/16/07

Jesus say's my father and i are one.He also says when you see me you have seem the father it speaks of one throne not three Which one are you going to pray to if there are 3 He also says he will persent the church to him self .He is God of the old tesentment And God of the new testment
---betty on 11/16/07

In the beginning God..(Jesus). In Mat. Jesus said "I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you"(H.G.). When He ascended, He went to the Father. Yet one throne. The "right hand" often is one doing the physical work. As Son of God (a term for a prophet)He was the "right hand of God". Not another person, but a dispensation of 1 God. He prayed to His Spirit to strengthen His flesh unto death. Who has never said "come on, you can do it" to yourself?
---mikefl on 11/15/07

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Kady, a really nice, honest personal answer. Thanks for that.
---John1944 on 11/15/07

The text in Deut that says the Lord is one God, uses the Hebrew word Elohim which is a plural word. (think of words like family, group, congregation, etc.) God is saying that "We" (the entities that are Elohim) are one. God also uses this term to describe a husband and wife... they become one.
Many groups of things are "one". One neighborhood (lots of homes), one herd (lots of cows), one lawn (lots of blades of grass), etc. It really isn't that difficult to understand.
---robin8683 on 11/15/07

Dorinda, The trouble with your analogy is that when the mother dies,sister and daughter are also dead! Kady, when the juice is drank,the pulp eaten and the skin put in the trash ,is it still an orange? Nice try.
---1st_cliff on 11/15/07

I believe in the trinity. I'm not going to apologize for that, nor will I debate. I do believe Jesus is God, and you know what the beauty of being God's child is? I don't have to prove anything. I just have to keep my eyes fixed on him, have child-like faith (which sometimes means believing what I don't understand), and be teachable to the Holy Spirit. I pray God's peace moves within your heart today. Be blessed.
---kady on 11/15/07

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It was revealed to Thomas!
John 20:28
Thomas said to him, "My Lord and my God!"
Jesus is the Lord and God.
---Lisa on 11/15/07

WE worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Colossians 1:19
For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him,
Colossians 2:9
For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,
Colossians 2:10
and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority.
Acts 10:36
You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.
---Lisa on 11/15/07

There is only 1 God. God does not come in 3 parts. I am a daughter, sister and mother but I am only one person. God Bless you all.
---Dorinda on 11/15/07

"God's Word, the Bible, is the seeds" kady
Gal. 3:14.--That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might RECIEVE the promise of the SPIRIT through faith.

It is not merely a promise that Christ should be of his SEED, for the Apostle affirms that the promise was made to Christ through Abraham. "Now to Abraham and his SEED were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds as of many, BUT AS OF ONE SEED, And to thy seed, which IS CHRIST.
---CiNdY92714 on 11/15/07

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The promises are one unbroken chain from Abraham to Christ, and even to the time when the canon of the scripture was complete, everywhere pointing out this particular blessing.

It was promised sometimes in where the Spirit of God is represented as water. Isa. 32:15, "Until the Spirit be poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness be a fruitful -and 44:3, "For I will POUR WATER..

I WILL POUR MY Spirit upon thy seed..
---cInDy92714 on 11/15/07

and 59:21, "As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord, My Spirit that is upon thee(Jesus), and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy SEED, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever." Jer. 31:33

In order to recieve God's SPIRIT IS THROUGHT CHRIST. THIS IS NOT A TRINITY. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD ONE MEDIATOR the man Jesus. The HS is not a 3rd person, it is GOD'S SPIRIT.
---cInDy92714 on 11/15/07

I have struggled with this question myself. Especially that last part. Why would he pray to himself. I try to remember God as his father and he is the son. So he is praying to his father. Thank you Kady for your orange analogy. That is a great way to explain it.
---mary on 11/15/07

"There is only One God, but he comes in three parts."

PROVE IT, WHERE DOES IT SAY IN THE BIBLE, "Hear O Israel there is only ONE God, but..."

Rev, 3:21 "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in MY throne, even as I ALSO OVERCAME, and am set down with MY Father in HIS throne." TWO THRONES

Jesus is God's Son, there is ONLY ONE GOD.
Making Jesus God is IDOLATRY, He's THE SON, he IS LORD and Savior TO THE GLORY OF THAT ONE God.
---cInDy92714 on 11/15/07

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There is only One God, but he comes in three parts. God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. They are three, but all one. Think of an orange. It is one fruit, but has different parts to it. Think of Jesus as the skin, nobody gets to the Father but by him. God is then the "meat" of the fruit, and the Holy Spirit the juice. God's Word, the Bible, is the seeds. They are different parts, but they are all part of one entity.
---kady on 11/15/07

Mickey, is the answer you want already contained in your question? Is the question rhetorical? Blessings to you!
---John1944 on 11/15/07

Jesus Christ is not The Father.
Jesus Christ is not The Holy Spirit.

If you will repent and renounce Oneness out of your heart, God's Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to you, and you will have understanding of how Jesus Christ was resurrected. You will understand that Jesus prayed to our Heavenly Father.
Oneness people not only don't know the Holy Spirit, - they really don't know the Father, either.
---Bob on 11/15/07

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