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Unbelievers Prayers Answered

Could or would God answer an unbelievers Prayers for a believer?

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 ---Cynthia on 11/17/07
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No! God doesn't need to do that. He answers His people's prayers directly. Need no outside help. Thank You.
---catherine on 8/13/10

That is interesting...well I have to wonder, if they are not a beliver why would they be praying to the only living God?
---Jennifer on 8/12/10

I Kings 21: 25-29
It seems that God answered Ahab's prayer, and we see no mention of Ahab ever becoming a follower of God.
I John 5:14-15
An unbeliever may be able to ask something that is in fact "in God's Will"
---Terry on 8/12/10

Who exactly is the unbeliever praying to? Why would an unbeliever pray for a believer? [Believers] ask, and receive not, because we sometimes ask with the wrong motive, seeking to "consume it upon [our] lust", certainly this is applicable to the unbeliever. Also it is impossible for an unbeliever to ask in faith, therefore "Let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the LORD". If a man regards iniquity in his heart, the LORD will not hear him.
---joseph on 11/24/07

As far as the televangelists, I agree that some are in it for the wrong reasons, but not all. Some are sincere and help many people. And those that have drifted from their purpose into materialism God must judge, not us. We do not know that person's walk with God, only God knows when they've crossed that line and they're no longer in the kingdom of heaven. God has a grace period, but it's not something we can determine for others.
---danna9955 on 11/24/07

Kai, sorry for just now answering this, I did not come back to this blog until now, but I just want to say, that God does not answer a persons prayer before they get saved. If you find something that tells you that God hears the prayers of the unrighteous, I would love to read the proof, And God will judge the TV ministry of the false televangelist I am sure. But people pray for them and it is the prayers of those people that are answered not the false televangelist.
---Whisper on 11/23/07

pt 3. to whisper - pastors & tele evangelist peddle god for profit, they are lovers of money, & they do not deny themselves, not contented, which is sin, yet they are 'blessed' & their prayers are answered.
---kai on 11/19/07

Part 1 to whisper - everybody sin, so does that mean god will not answer your prayer until you are perfect? Or what about self righteous christian who are a quick to look for something to accuse, then they justify the same sins they condemn others for, that is why they perceive that their prayers are 'answered.'
---kai on 11/19/07

part 2 to whisper - in the bible, when christ was healing a blind man on a sabbath, the pharisees oppose the healing bec. it is unlawful to work on the sabbath. there is your reason why prayers are unanswered bec. of religious people who would make solution a 'religious problem.'christ rebuke them bec. they 'were shutting the doors of heaven' on these suffering people.
---kai on 11/19/07

What exactly do you mean? Do you mean if, say, a Muslim prays for a Christian to try to convert the Christian to Islam or do you mean something else?
---Vasiliy on 11/17/07

Cynthia,God can not answer a prayer of a someone whos father is the devil. When someone has sin or unforgiveness, their prayers will not be heard.

God will only answer the prayers of His own children.
---Whisper on 11/17/07

All we know for sure is that God is very merciful and we--even those who post to these blogs--are very sinful.
---Jack on 11/17/07

I know a man who's wife was a practicing witch. He became a Christian, they divorced.
Before she left the home, she left written curses under the mattress, for every horrible thing you can imagine.

It wasn't until he turned the mattress a year down the road that he found them. He had been sleeping soundly and without incident.
A curse without cause shall not alight on you.
---Michelle on 11/17/07

God answers all prayers, Whether your saved or not?
---Shawn.M.T on 11/17/07

Heavens like Brass.
For the unbeliever, your prayers won't get above your head.
The Lord will close His ears until they humble themselves, repent, and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
The earth beneath their feet, prayers, will bear no fruit, no harvest.
Only those who belong to Jesus will have fruit, prayers answered.
---Michelle on 11/17/07

If for some reason, you believe or have more faith in the unbelievers prayer, being prayed over you in the form of a curse - the Bible says that a curse without cause shall not alight on the believer.

Heavens like brass for the unbeliever until they repent.
---Michelle on 11/17/07

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