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Do You Pray Before Responding

I wonder what percentage of posters and responders on this site pray before sending. And should we? I did before I sent this one.

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 ---Geraldine on 11/21/07
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If you are walking in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will guide you as to what you should say each moment of the day. If we do not listen to the Holy Spirit then we take the chance of inserting foot in mouth.
---Susie on 11/26/07

I generally only respond if I believe that I have a good answer that can clarify an issue or and is sound. If I'm unsure about something, I usually won't post (or will indicate that in the message).
---StrongAxe on 11/26/07

God trained me well enough that I can just write a proper response.
---notlaw99 on 11/25/07

I do believe That those who post act as an emissary.Therefore responsible for posting the truth as GOD knows it.Anything short they will be accountable .Therefore we should pray for guidance & when in Doubt stay out.
---Emcee on 11/25/07

Not exactly! What I do is I reread the question, ask myself do I have any comment to make, if the answer is yes I write out my answer. I then read the answer and try to listen for any instructions from the Holy Spirit. Many times he wants a different answer. Other times he permits my answer. Other times the Spirit says do not sent that answer!
---Mime on 11/25/07

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but I agree with those who say we should do so every time. I think that, sometimes, my replies are a gut reaction. There have been a few occasions when I regret having posted what I have and that just goes to show that we SHOULD pray every time and take our time considering our response to questions.
---RitaH on 11/25/07

One should be in a constant state of prayer, whether blogging, or in a physical conversation. God has promised that He will give us His words, He will speak through us. I pray that we are all mouth pieces of God.
---dan on 11/25/07

I do not always pray before I send in my reply. If I am unsure about my answer, I will most usually put in my reply, "This is what I believe or how I believe". If I am not sure at all on what type of answer to give on a question I don't respond at all. But if I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will send in my answer without hesitation. Giving advice or answers should be scary because all will be judge for every word that comes out of our mouth.
---Rebecca_D on 11/24/07

I did'nt but, I do look it up in the Bible before I respond to it ,I want to make sure what I say is true and GODS word.but I also think it is a good idea to pray so God can guide you in saying the right thing,after all we don't know who's life may be changed by what we say.
---judy on 11/24/07

Blessings Geraldine, very good question. In all honesty, not all the time and I know I should. Yes I do believe that we should Pray before we post a blog, or answer one. Thanks for posting this question. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/22/07

then I thank Him for what He is doing in your lives and in my own and for the many friends I've made on this site
and for Mima, Jody, Michelle, Holly, Dennis & Linda
-- especially
---Andrea on 11/22/07

I do pray.
When I awake, many of the bloggers are already on my heart.
There were many, many that I used to pray for until God showed me that I was actually only praying for three people.
I pray that they have a good Thanksgiving and will have God's peace today.
---Yes_I_do on 11/22/07

Good question... and we should! I have and I haven't but thanks for the reminder to ALWAYS pray before posting!
---robin8683 on 11/22/07

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