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Should I Let The Wife Go

What about a spouse that claim to be a strong believer, but has abandoned her husband 4 times? She keep saying that this relationship is not what she wishes. Should the husband continue to keep taking her back? Or should let her go?

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 ---Ross on 11/25/07
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Ross:Are You,a God fearing man?.Disolving a marriage is not your jurisdiction. It is Your cross. Your kids see your delemma how you coped with it. Your obligation "Till death do us part"It is His way. If unfaithful then it is her accountability. She is running from something which she cannot comprehend.Find out what it is, rectify if you can. Patience Prayer is your refuge.Wait for opportunities of bliss to smooth the rough spots deal gently with her You have proved your love continue.
---Emcee on 11/27/07

Ross:"You catch more flies with Honey than with Vinegar".Hope you have lots of sweet soothing Honey.
---Emcee on 11/27/07

The bible allows us a legal out in adultry, but then the story of Gomer's life of prostitution, and being bought back from that life by her husband causes one to stop and think really hard. I've friends in same situation, it is hard, allow God to lead. The same answer may not apply to all situations.
---dan on 11/27/07

I can't give you the person's name on the web. I know there is another strong Christian out there with this kind of authority that will not be deceived by intelligence, pathology, or spirits.
---Cindy on 11/27/07

This has been going on for a really long time. For the welfare of everyone concerned, find the right person to get this deliverance now. If you have access to ministers/pastors, pray for the right person to step up to the plate. God can help you find this person. Do it for your family, you don't want these spirits tormenting your children and being passed on down. You wouldn't want your kids to experience the same torment down the road.
---Cindy on 11/27/07

This is where the rubber meets the road. It's now or never and you know it.
Do you know anyone that really can discern the spiritual realm? Conventional medicine and conventional ministers/pastors can't get the job done. It's going to take a Holy Spirt filled Christian that knows how to cast out spirits and it's going to take an even stronger decision by the afflicted one to keep the demons/spirits out.
God anoints those He appoints to cast out demons. Find someone now while the griddle is hot.
---Cindy on 11/27/07

I know someone in their 80's now, with strong discernment, can tell exactly what spirits are influencing them or if they are actually possessed.
If it was abandonment, rejection, abuse, rebellion, etc. that opened up the door to demonic spirits, they can discern them. After all of the open doors are discerned, deliverance begins.
There is no tearing, no going on for hours and days, no barfbags.
This person has authority and they come out.
You need someone with authority and discernment.
---Cindy on 11/27/07

So I hope anyone reading this blog understand my dilemma...and why I can't quite understand what I should do in the light of the Scriptures and my own belief. But, yet my situation has become unsustainable as is.
---Ross on 11/27/07

She needs a deliverance. Conventional medicine has not touched the spiritual realm.
Find a strong Christian counselor that understands medicine and can discern what's going on in the spirit. Pathology/ intelligence are too sharp for most, it becomes a game of outwitting. This is where a deliverance comes in. Drugs and coping mechanisms have not set her free. She needs a strong Christian that is trained by the Holy Spirit to administer a deliverance, otherwise this will go on for an entire lifetime.
---Cindy on 11/27/07

Indeed she has mental issue....but, are "very convenient issues" I mean that when everything fails she goes back to her childhood ritual abuse...and does not matter how many people, ministers, counselors have dealt with her for the past 15 years nothing has changed a bit!
She has also been hospitalized several times..but it seems that they can't find anything terribly wrong...just depression
---Ross on 11/27/07

It appears as if your wife may have some mental health issues. Have you suggested she see a doctor?
---Susie on 11/27/07

Wow ! I was no expecting that my question would have started a blog. I would like to answer Emcee question. Yes, I have 2 children (13 an 11)and as usual she takes them with her and then she uses them as leverage for having me do or accept whatever she asks. This is also another pattern of all my separations.So,because of them, I do not feel completely free to let her go. Because, I do not want them to grow up in a divorced family or carry a curse of divorce on their lives and future families.
---Ross on 11/27/07

Jaclyn, you probably have misunderstood my not me that wants to go! Is my wife that left me 3 times and at the present she is gone for the 4th! She keep blaming me for not being able "to be healed" of her issues as long she is with me ! I have stood on God's Word and my commitment for 18 years...And I will do again if I could only believe that things will change this time. That's my dilemma!
---Ross on 11/27/07

Ross:: Your wife does not know what she wants in her marriage and is expecting the man to dance to her tune. She says she is a believer & that is true 'she believes in herself not on the will of almighty God' or she would not have run in the First instance.This is a pattern she has set for herself You do not mention Children??This is one of the Basics of Marriage.
---Emcee on 11/26/07

If you want to go, you should not be asking the internet, you should be seeking God about this very serious decision.
If both of you need healing for a mental condition, then both of you should seek help from someone you can trust and consider to be strong, spiritually fit to give you Godly counsel with a Godly hope for recovery. Good Godly medical and spiritual counsel, it's out there, and you must find it immediately.
---Jaclyn on 11/26/07

If you are strong believers, it will take someone stronger than yourself to administer reconciliation, direct you down the right road to recovery, restore your faith in marriage, and apply Godly counsel and medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. I understand that quite often the world's way neglects the spirit and leaves you in a lifeboat without the Preserver for your lives.
---Jaclyn on 11/26/07

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Let the marriage go?
Where are those strong beliefs?
Where's your fight as a strong believer?
Was it directed towards each other and not against the strongholds that want to destroy every marriage?
Eighteen years. You will not find anyone different out there. You were attracted to one another, maybe for similar mindsets. You will more than likely find someone just like yourself all over again.
Where's your fight? For mental wholeness and completeness. All things are possible with God.
---Jaclyn on 11/26/07

Divorcing will not heal a person's mind. That same mindset will be going with them wherever they go, into every other relationship, temporary or longterm. It's only a matter of time before all of the old patterns show up again.
The best thing would be to take complete responsibility for whatever the illness is, find help for the spirit and the mind.
Divorce will not heal a mental condition.
---Jaclyn on 11/26/07

How often would you want God to take you back if you walked out on him? Matt7:2 By the same judgment you give will you also be judged. She may be a strong believer but she is also completely ignorant of the will of God for a wife if she thinks it okay to walk out on her husband. Her relationship to God can be no closer than her relationship to you, for if she does not love the one she sees, how can she love the one whom she cannot see? 1John4:20
---john on 11/26/07

If you've been looking for a hole in the fence and have finally decided to dig your way out, it's hard to keep you from running off. You'll both lose financially for the rest of your lives, that's a fact. You'll have to decide if freedom looks so good, 6 months down the road, in the rearview mirror.
---Jaclyn on 11/26/07

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Thank you to all of you who are replying....As you can imagine...I am a little uncertain on what to do...because, as you see even in this blog, there are 2 distinct views which both seems right...and that's what I keep hearing...And of course I sense the "silence" of God on the whole matter. Also, I did not mention this in my original wife blame me for not being able to get "healed" of whatever problems she has.... same excuse for 18 years and for each separation.
---Ross on 11/26/07

Blessings to you Ross, I would suggest if she is willing to go, seek Christian marriage counselling. God does not want marriages to end in divorce, but you have to get to the root of the problem. Also may I suggest Prayer. Prayer is a powerful tool that the Lord has blessed us with. Seek God's will for your marriage. The Holy Spirit will guide you and lead you. God Bless friend!
---Cynthia on 11/25/07

I let the person go and not take them back. There is an old saying, "You burn me once, that is your fault, you burn me twice that is my fault". In this case if the husband's feelings keeps getting hurt, time and time again, that is his fault for letting it happen over and over. If she leaves again and wants to come home and if her husband takes her back he is a fool.
---Rebecca_D on 11/25/07

Please let her go.....because she seriously wants it!! If you love someone please let them go, if they return then you always had them, if they leave and never return, they were never meant to be.
---Whisper on 11/25/07

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If she's not around, you can use this time to get with God and see how He has you be with Him. When she's back, if she is, you can love her and do the good with her that you can, that you learn with God > how He does things with you when you leave Him but come back. What she wants can be a trick to get her away from what God wants. Put God first and enjoy Him.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/25/07

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