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Christians Teach Santa

Do you teach your children that there is a Santa Clause? Why or why not?

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 ---Cynthia on 11/26/07
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Rhonda ... no-one forces you to beleive that those things are what Christmas is about.

The Christian knows that they are not.

Christmas is about celebrating the coming to this world of the Christchild.
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/12/10

No Rhonda ... It is you who needs PITY

It is you who beleives those lies that that is what Christmas is about.

pity me because I'm FORCED to witness my childrens friends polluted by adult mindgames and I'm not singing falalala in a fog denying evil truth of xmas ...watching while adults promote lying fun to their children paying homage to retail kings under guise of a "christ"

I just get to witness my children's friends polluted by it ...funny these kids who attend "christian religions" NEVER mention "christ" - only mention what they GET xams day

PITY one's who don't get what they wanted and the mean spirited demeanor they display in disgust for a crappy christ-mas
---Rhonda on 1/11/10

Santa Claus can be anyone. An uncle,aunt,mom or dad. Tell them the truth. Uncle Bobo bought that bicycle for Jimmy on Christmas. Its nothing wrong with that.
We as Christians need to let up and enjoy our Journey with the Lord. Love God with all of our heart and learn to love others as ourself. This will take up all of our time and leave little time for these type questions.
---Robyn on 1/10/10

Our Lord knew when to walk away. He didnt try to beat the truth into people.

If you're not using the Lords ways to bring His truth to people its very likely you're not bringing his truth at all.

He is the vine and we are the branches.
---JackB on 12/29/09

No Rhonda ... It is you who needs PITY

It is you who beleives those lies that that is what Christmas is about.
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/28/09

No overflow of Christmas cheer at your house huh? :/ I wouldn't lie to kids either but you can have fun with Christmas, I pity children that grow up with no sense of adventure or fantasy.

PITY adults who prey on their OWN CHILDREN in name of fun ...then years later carelessly tell them silly Santa game mommy and daddy played on you with LIES for "fun"

PITY adults who believe their own self deception - because without these sick parents LIES they truly believe their children can never learn to be creative with adventure and fantasy

PITY adults whose children learn if mommy and daddy can lie - I can too

PITY adults whose children look forward material things never coming to KNOW spiritual things
---Rhonda on 12/27/09

My twin sons were just born this year and I will be telling them the truth about Christmas: That it is the day we use to celebrate Jesus' birthday, even though we do not know exactly on which day he was truly born, and that their presents are from God because he blessed Dad with a job and gave Daddy and Mommy the money to buy them. Also, I will tell them that Santa Clause is fake and that God is the only one who knows everything about them and can be everywhere at one time. Santa Clause is a false God who supposedly has all the attributes of God himself. I know many people, even in my own family, will not agree with me, but they will not be standing with me when God holds me responsible for my family.
---Jed on 12/26/09

How do you know the CCC of America story was true?
---AG on 12/19/07

I think if,say,my family decided to celebrate my b-day at a different time of year,on the exact same date as some digusting false god was honored,then celebrated it with symbols that had absolutely nothing to do with me,I think I'd be insulted!
---Andrea2222 on 12/14/07

There is a cartoon by CCC of America entitled "Nicholas, the boy who became Santa" which tells the true story of St Nicholas, who devoted his life to serving Jesus and helping the poor. His parents died when he was young and he gave his money to the poor, often secretly dropping sacks down chimneys. I'd recommend it to everyone.
---Greyrider on 12/14/07

No, we don't. We taught them from the very beginning that Santa is a fictional character, and the story behind him. When they were little, they would tell their friends this, and the parents would call me all upset.
---melia4558 on 12/10/07

mary, theres a whole lot more ways of adventure given to my kids than lying about Christ's thing for sure, I will never lie to them that Christ was born on the Sund God's day..NEVER...I will never be another satan who lied to Eve ..shame on all so called christians, who go out celebrating it as Christs day..shame indeed..
---pam on 12/8/07

Mary,John 4:24 we must worship God with"spirit and TRUTH"Otherwise it is not pleasing to God. Christmas,Santa,etc are certainly not necessities for our children to have fun and imagination. It's better that they grow up truly knowing and loving God and Christ with an honest heart.Their understanding not being tarnished with manmade customs & traditions borrowed from the worship of false gods.
---Andrea2 on 11/28/07

Amen Jana & StrongeAxe!

Christians have either hung pictures of baby Jesus in a pagan temple and called it Christmas. Or they've brought pagan customs & symbols into the temple of God.

Either way, stop the cycle of lies.
"Let your yes be yes and your no be no."
---AG on 11/27/07

Wow, Jana! No overflow of Christmas cheer at your house huh? :/ I wouldn't lie to kids either but you can have fun with Christmas, I pity children that grow up with no sense of adventure or fantasy.
---Mary on 11/27/07

I teach my kids the truth..that xmas is not Christ's is Tammus's birthday..that it is a pagan celebration made out to be Christs birthday..people, tell the kids saying its Christ birthday, your lying and your kids will grow up to be liars like you..tell the kids the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, not of St Nicklaus..Santa,.or any nonsense thats going around today..tell the truth
---jana on 11/27/07

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When you teach your children that Santa is real, and they later find out that Santa is a fictional character, what do you expect will happen when you teach them that Jesus is real?

They have already found out that one "invisible" all-knowing being is fictional, what is to stop them from reaching the same conclusion a second time?
---StrongAxe on 11/27/07

No I don't. I don't lie to my kids. And yes it would be considering lying. They know that a big, fat jolly man who rides a sleigh with flying reindeer flies all around the world and squeeze through their chimney, just to leave them gifts is nothing more than a fairytale. My kids know the true meaning of Christmas. Which is the birth of Jesus Christ. They know that mommy and daddy buys them gifts. They know that it is more important than giving than it is to receive.
---Rebecca_D on 11/26/07

No,for the same reason I won't have a christmas tree.Jeremiah 10:2-5"Do not learn the way of the nations at all...for the customs of the people are just an is a mere tree of the forest they have cut down...with silver & gold they make it pretty...with nails they fasten it down...the doing of any good is not with them" He is speaking here not of our modernday xmas tree but of a false idol.Many of our customs come from the worship of false idols! See Colossians 2:8
---Andrea on 11/26/07

We taught our children the true meaning of Christmas, which was and is the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the One that deserves all glory, not some man in a red suit. Our children knew that their gifts came from us, given in love for them as God gave His Son in love for us.
---Howard_Huddle on 11/26/07

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Hi, we teach them first about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I tell them Santa is not real. Concerning gifts I tell them it is Jesus Birthday not yours. However, I teach balance, I like watching Santa movies and such but it is not real.
---trell on 11/26/07

My children are still too young too understand but we give them presents from Santa and presents from us. We also tell them about the real meaning of Christmas and that is what is most important. But I think it is just another thing that helps them to stregnthen there imagination. And it teaches them to believe in things.
---mary on 11/26/07

Fortunately, my wife and I discussed the whole "Santa" issue before our children were even born and we decided to be honest with them. Consider: We tell our children that Santa Claus is real, that the Easter Bunny is real, that the Tooth Fairy is real, and that Jesus Christ is real. Then they grow up and -- guess what? They find out that we lied about Santa, we lied about the bunny, we lied about the fairy. Why should they now trust us regarding the Son of God?
---righteouswarriors on 11/26/07

Since when does lying to your children become beneficial? Telling your kids about a fake guy that gives them gifts when he's not the one who gives the gifts is just simply lying. When your kids get older they will know you are liars and you will have taught them it's okay.
---john on 11/26/07

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Yes, I told them about Santa clause and when they got Christmas presents they were all from 'Santa'. Later, this taught them about giving. They were taught about Jesus first and foremost. Santa was just a fun thing to do when kids are little.
---sue on 11/26/07

Teach them about the REAL St. Nicholas, Bp of Myra, and tell them that Santa Claus is a game we play at Christmas--or Advent, actually.
---Jack on 11/26/07

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