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Buy Camaro Or Get Married

I am preparing to get married. But I am obsessed with buying a Camaro. My Fiance and I are of limited means. I have this obsession, and my Fiance is very worried. I may need therapy. Years ago, I had a car stolen from me, and I am still agonizing over the loss.

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 ---Blade on 11/28/07
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If its a choice between a Camaro and a wife take the wife. On the other hand if you car choice is a Jaguar, that's another matter...
---matthew on 1/7/08

You're overlooking the obvious: just because you cannot afford to BUY a Camaro, doesn't mean you cannot RENT one for special occasions.

And a wedding strikes me as pretty special (though you might want to save it for the honeymoon, as it'd be hard to get a wedding dress into one.)
---Nancy on 12/24/07

Grant it I know it is a tragic thing to have something stolen from you. I don't mean to sound mean or hateful but get over it. It is just a car. They make them everyday. If you want to spend your days mopping and down in the slumps then so be it. If your depressed over a car that was stolen, how would you be if something more devastating happened? Life is to short to be unhappy especially over a car.
---Rebecca_D on 11/29/07

Buy that Camaro. That way you can have a girl marry you for the car you drive. I did that when I was very young and learned quickly that material things don't make the man.
---Karen on 11/29/07

Fast and Pray about it.
---judy on 11/28/07

You're preparing to get married so you are probably engaged or have made some covenants of some kind with your lady. If so, you better stick with it. Is that car worth more than destroying a relationship? Yes, get therapy or just quit being such a sissy over a dumb pile of metal that will only decay. Keep your covenants. Take care of your family first.
---john on 11/28/07

I would say neither marry nor by the CAmaro.

Grow up first before you do either.
---Jack on 11/28/07

Yep!!!! Buy the Camaro, drive it until the wheels fall off, grow up, and then....maybe....think about getting a wife.
---Annie on 11/28/07

Blessings blade, a car is a material thing, and I would suggest that you may want to put this marriage on hold till you sort out what you really want. Do not be conformed to this world. Material possessions come and go, but you need to search your heart my friend. What is more important, a car or your fiance? But most of all, if you are a Christian, God should be first in your life. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/28/07

Buy yourself the car and do not get married.
At this particular time, you have no business being the head of a household or being a father to children.
It would be unfair to the wife and children.
Seek the Lord for help with your obsessions and let Him lead you to the right people for help.
---Bob on 11/28/07

You place things infront of people? Definately drop the girl, buy the Camarro.
You are definately to immature for marriage.
---Whisper on 11/28/07

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