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When Was The Bible Made

When did the Bible first come about?

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 ---judy on 11/28/07
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The Scripture was written in the Middle East in ancient Hebrew from the 36th century B.C. by Henoch in 3507 B.C. (ref: Gen.5:1+ Ex.17:14+ 31:18+ 32:15,16,19+ 34:1,4,27-29+ Deut.6:4-9). The N.T. began to be recorded by Matthew in 5 B.C., and finished by John around the 3rd century A.D. The 1st English Bible based on the latin vulgate was transcribed by John Wycliff in 1380 A.D. And William Whittingham with his colleagues translated the 1st Bible from the Hebrew and Greek in 1560 A.D in Geneva, Switzerland.
---Eloy on 12/9/07

Correction:..."and finished by John around the 3rd DECADE A.D...."(not 3rd century).
---Eloy on 12/9/07


Yes, definitely.

One problem that is commmon (especially among Americans) is that, because most of them speak only one language, they are blissfully unaware of other languages, or their histories.

In particular, many American Christians was poetic about the beauty and authenticity of the KJV, but are totally clueless about bible translations in any other languages.

(I personally don't know much about them, but know that they exist).
---StrongAxe on 12/7/07

StrongAxe ... the point I was trying to make was that there were printed Bibles in other languages.
---alan_of_UK on 12/7/07

That is a good question. But for all the doubters. Whether or not you are saved is the issue. It really does not matter if there is zillion different translations. And if you have been bought by the Blood of Jesus Christ, you are not a FAKE. No matter what others say about you.
---catherine on 12/6/07

The bible is stil changing. Every few years a new version comes out based on more recent scholarship and several versions also come into being trying to make it more politically correct for our present time/culture. This process has probably been going on since the first authors put things down on scrolls. There will always be questions about authorship and credibility. Half the New Testament has at one time or another been labelled unacceptable by the ancient "christians".
---orson on 12/6/07

All the councils could do was to confirm what the church had already recognized and been using. Note that Peter referred to Paul's writings as "Scripture."
---djconklin on 11/30/07


Actually, Gutenberg's bible (printed in 1455) was the Latin Vulgate version, as Jack mentioned. English printed bibles came much later.
---StrongAxe on 11/30/07

About 400ad the Bishops of the Church held two councils to decide which of all the Gospels and Letters (there were many Gospels,Thomas, Peter, etc.)REFLECT what had been taught by "word of mouth" and more importantly by " Worship Services" for the past 370 years. Prior to the reformation all worship services were similar to the RCC "Sacrifice of the Mass" being seen as a fulfillment of Malachi 1:11, that clean oblation offered by the gentiles.This became the New Testament.
---steve on 11/30/07

"the first printing of a complete bible was I believe the kjv version by gutenburg in the late 1500s or 1600s not sure of the date"
That is onoly the Bible in English!!
It was in Latin for centuries before that!
---alan_of_UK on 11/30/07

The New Testament we have today, 27 books, was canonized as such by Catholic bishops around the year A.D. 400.
---InimicusStultitiae on 11/29/07

**.the first printing of a complete bible was I believe the kjv version by gutenburg in the late 1500s or 1600s not sure of the date.**

And where did you get that bit of intelligence?

Gutenburg's Bible was printed in the 1400's in Latin.

The KJV was printed in 1611 in English (and it was NOT the first English version).

Get your facts straight.
---Jack on 11/29/07

There are books written about the formation and transmission of the Biblical canon. It's not an issue that can be sensibly discussed in only 85 words.
---Jack on 11/29/07

It occurred over a period of time. The modern Bible is as a collection of manuscripts of a number of human authors of varying ability and credibility reflecting their opinions of of God's nature, none of it should be considered inerrant. There have been various meeting to select what manuscripts to include in the Canon. This would include the Jewish Collection, early Christian Collection and the Protestant collection. There are still false writings in the modern canon: Daniel, 2nd_Peter, Revelations.
---notlaw99 on 11/29/07

judy the old testament has been around for 3000 years,the new testament was a collection of letters written mostly by paul,and the gospels written by john,luke,matthew,and mark.the first printing of a complete bible was I believe the kjv version by gutenburg in the late 1500s or 1600s not sure of the date.
---tom2 on 11/29/07

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