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Laying On Hands With Demons

Have you ever heard that the laying on of hands can cause demonic entrance into you, therefore you must be careful who puts their hands on you?

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 ---Whisper on 11/29/07
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I have been involved in the demonic deliverance ministry for many years and can most assuredly guarantee you that the 'oppression' of demons can certainly occur from the laying on of hands. My mother when she was pregnant with the twins had a different doctor than normal do a final scan after which one of the twins immediately went into breach position. Found out later the doctor was an abortionist.
---Ryan on 8/1/09

i've recently got saved through our lord jesus christ. I can attest that evil spirits do exist, I had a transfer from my aunts house. And the spirit actually followed me cross country. My eyes dialated own their own i was moaning, jerking at night in my sleep felt ill. But through the grace of our lord i got saved through the holy spirit I thank god everyday. I became serious about prayer, and the lord can help anyone with that problem I can attest to it. Because while at my aunts home I saw and heard things of an unworldy presence so did my cousin. so I wasn't the only one. But somehow it transfered it presence in me. i give all praise to the lord.
---michaell on 6/8/09

Mima, that is huge....! This was the manifest Holy Spirits Presence, obviously upon you that day....
---Whisper on 12/4/07

Yes I have heard this teaching. But because of an incident that took place in my life I do not believe it. Once I was approached by a person laying hands on people. But he did not pray for me, instead he begin to weep, I then laid hands on him, and suddenly he flew about 15 feet backwards into the band instruments. I was concerned that he would be hurt but he was not. I realize this is a wild story but every word is true!!
---Mima on 12/4/07

I don't know what it is but after learning of this I am so aware of how many people are touching me per day, ha, ha, I never payed any attention before but every body who knows me touches me, not a one kept their hands off. I guess we just need to ask for Christs blood to be applied to us every morning.
---Whisper on 12/4/07

Yes. It is very true. The bible says to try the spirit to see if it be of God or not. That is why before I go to church I pray that if there is anyone whom is not serious with God or if they have any unconfessed sin in their life, then do not let them near me. I have enough problems already and certainly do not want any more.
---Rebecca_D on 12/3/07

I really beleive you are correct Jamilla. As I am learning more about this topic and know there to be something to it for sure. And I love the teachings of Derek Prince.
---Whisper on 12/3/07

People touching you won't cause demons to enter you.

It might cause germs to do so, though.

So don't go around all touchy-feely.

Especially during flu season.
---Nancy on 12/1/07

May I STRONGLY suggest: "Spiritual Warfare" by Richard Ing and "They Shall Expel Demons" by Derek Prince. I have found these readings to be biblically sound. Through my research, I have also learned that Christians CAN have demons. I must also add that being influenced by demons does NOT mean a person is no longer or capable of being saved. I pray this helps.
---Jamila on 11/30/07

And to answer the blog question: We must be very careful who we allow to pray for us and who we allow to "lay hands" on us. If we are NOT in the same spirit, that will have an ill effect. If hearing a false prophet leads lambs to the slaughter, imagine what an unknown spirit can do when it touches us.
---Jamila on 11/30/07

I have never heard of that. But I can say people who do not have the gift and has never even be saved can lay hands on you especiall if you are a new born Christian and you don't know much. Not to worry. If you are truly saved no harm can come to you. I had this to happen to me one time. From of all people within the family, too. Some thought I was a nut.
---catherine on 11/30/07

I recently had an experience where someone was very angry with me about something and I saw their eyes dialate and get really large and then I saw something leering at me through this person's eyes. I later asked the Lord why they didn't spit at me or try to physically harm me. The Lord said because they saw "The angel of the Lord that encamps around those that fear Him."
---Donna on 11/30/07

Whisper I've heard of that in my early Christian years (1980's) but I think they can try to enter you, but if you are not living in sin, what right do they have to enter you? Isn't it sin that opens up a door for a demon to enter a person? And aren't we sealed with the Holy Spirit and we have to sin in order to give that demon authority to enter our lives. Correct me if I'm wrong please. I want to learn the truth.
---Donna on 11/30/07

(1)To stay clear of the paranoia of a demonic presence entering into you at any time remember that we are to do all things with prayer & supplication in the name of the Word made flesh Jesus Christ. Christ told us to bless all things with the Peace of God and if His Peace was not found there then to leave and take Gods Peace with you.
---Shawn.M.T on 11/30/07

(2)When gathered in the name of Christ, know that He is in the mist of all of you. When Christ is there among all of you this is what is meant by the pouring out of the Holy Spirit or commonly referred to as the laying on of hands. The actual physical touching of someone is just a worldly jester. Laying on of Hands means the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.
---Shawn.M.T on 11/30/07

yes I have heard this just yesterday my Sister said she hurt her hand at work and waiting to get into the bathroom to run cold water over it and some Lady she did not know said she could fix it she waived her hands over it and closed her eyes but never spoke of Jesus this would have scared me
---Erin on 11/30/07

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Yes I have heard this and know of one church that is heavily criticized by others because they ask the congregation to turn to one another and lay hands on someone else. The criticism is based on the fact that, unless you personally know each individual, and know that they are saved, you should not suggest that they lay hands on anyone. It is not unknown for witches to infiltrate churches. I would not want just anybody to lay hands on me.
---RitaH on 11/30/07

Many years ago a TV preacher told me to lay my hands on the TV set. And before I new it I had written and mail a check to him.

I think that was demons.
---arnie on 11/29/07

I have heard this nonsense. However, a demon cannot enter a Christian. It seems today as if people are giving more power to demons than they are the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus.
---Susie on 11/29/07

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