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Who Has Baptism Authority

Who has the biblical authority to baptize?
What is the proper method for baptism?

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 ---trey on 11/30/07
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I agree with KRAUS.Your pastor or someone in the chuch ordained of God should baptize you.Baptism by immersion in the name of JESUS CHRIST is the only biblical method for baptism-the only way ever mentioned.
---donald on 12/25/07

for those who argue Matt.28:19 is the way --YOU ARE RIGHT!!!JESUS is the name of the Father-John5:43,Son-Luke2:11,Matt.1:21.Holy Ghost-John14:26.Acts2:38-the WAY.I am a father,son, cook,ETC.- That's not my name.When I sign my cheques or income tax return I cant sign Father,son,cook,ETC.-I have to use my name!!
---donald on 12/25/07

Kraus,please email me on christianet email.My user name is donaa8388.
---donald on 12/25/07

I agree that it should be your pastor or someone in the church that is ordained of God.As Kraus stated, the proper method is immersion in water in the name of Jesus Christ.Anywhere in the Bible when someone was baptized it was this way.
---donald on 12/25/07

Thanks for all the answers.

Grant, I really like your answer. Thanks also for the scripture reference.
---trey on 12/6/07

Who should do it? your pastor or someone with athority in your Church.
How should it be done? In the Book of Acts the only method the apostles used was imersion once in the name of Jesus. someone prove me wrong plz with a scripture from Acts of a different method. trinitarian baptism, wile in practice, was not the offical method of the church till after the concle of nicea (315 AD?), when constine had his dirty little fingers in things.
---Kraus on 12/3/07

We are baptizsd with a different baptism
than water.
---Jack_fossett on 12/3/07

The authority necessary for performances during biblical times is not always clearly stated. Those who claim the necessity of having authority usually site the O.T. priestly call to do performances and that God seems to think it sinful for someone to assume His delegated authority themselves. Heb. 5:4 is also quoted. Perhaps most telling is that the bible doesn't seem to assume just anybody can do it, because people seem to go to only certain people for such an ordinance (John the Baptist, Peter, etc.)
---grant on 12/3/07

What?... What is baptism a symbol of?
Humm, go away for a while and......
Baptism is a symbol of death and resurrection. When has a dead person buried himself?
How many times do we bury a dead person? Once, twice, three or maybe five times? No only once.
---Elder on 12/2/07

No one in the church has the authority to do or teach anything because no one is universally recognized to grant authority. The only thing available is consensus, and there is precious little of that.
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/1/07

jack, what? trinity? triple baptism?
---dorothea on 11/30/07

There is no biblical authority given for baptizing someone. In fact, I have known people to baptize themselves. Is this scriptural? I do not know.
The correct way to baptize is described in this passage in ACTS 8:39," And when they were come UP OUT OF THE WATER, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing" is sprinkling acceptable? I have been asked to baptize a few people and sprinkling was never acceptable to me.
---Mima on 11/30/07

A bishop or presbyter is the normal minister of baptism, but in an emergency, a deacon or even layman can administer it. This is because baptism is an act of the Church.

The normal mode is triple immersion, invoking a person of the Trinity with each immersion. But common sense also says there are times when this is not possible, so you come as closely as you can to the ideal.
---Jack on 11/30/07

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