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The Blasphemous Bear

The Blasphemous Teddy Bear: Teacher Gillian Gibbons has been sentence to 15 days, reduced from 40 lashes, for insulting Islam's Prophet by letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Mohammed. Is this blasphemy?

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 ---matthew on 11/30/07
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Is this some kind of joke? When did the Government that ruled this receive a lobotomy?
---Whisper on 11/28/08

I hope that, because of the publicity caused by this event, people all over the world will see Islam for what it is and stop being fooled by the "We are such loving people" "It is not a religion of hate" rhetoric that is regular spouted on news programmes. Muslims intend to enforce Islam on the entire world and we are slowly allowing them to do just that. Think of what happens in Muslim countries and then remember This could soon be how our country is run. We must prevent this.
---RitaH on 12/5/07

Well, it just goes to show just what kind of nuts that we have out in this world. Looking upon this woman, I can not imagine her receiving forty lashes. And let me tell you something, we have these same kind of nuts living in this country, some are home grown. And go their entire lives undetected by other people.
---catherine on 12/4/07

** Blasphemy of Jesus is done on a regular basis by most people and we don't see them being jailed or punished. **

There was a time when the secular law of the USA (or rather, the States) did punish it.
---Jack on 12/3/07

I, personally, think the Muslims should do as Gideon's father told the men to do when his son tore down the altars and idols they had set up to their false gods. "IF" Allah is God, and Mohammed is his prophet, let Allah defend himself.
---tommy3007 on 12/2/07

You'd think these people would have more important things to do than to punish ladies for naming teddy bears.
---sue on 12/1/07

Considering that they named the bear after a kid in the class named Mohammed, no.

Somebody get out their wallet and write these folks a reality check.
---Nancy on 12/1/07

Hi Darlene, I agree with you--scary to think of what could happen here even. US is falling apart piece by piece and we may eventually lose our freedoms. :*( So is it true there are some peaceful Muslims and it's just the extremists causing so much pain? I'd like to believe not all Muslims are violent, probably is just the extremists but boy have they brought pain. God bless :)
---Mary on 11/30/07

Mary you may well be right,but as Emcee said it is Fanitical. It reflects the Muslims hatred of all religions but their own. Muslims are taught to kill Infidels,and every person who follows any religion but Islam is an Infidel. Has anyone thought about the fact that when they deny Christ as God's son they are anti-Christ or if they overtake the world they could well be the ones to usher in The Mark of the Beast? Just thinking and wondering.
---Darlene_1 on 11/30/07

Well, I am so happy that Christianity is not by force. And by the way, why don't you people attack islam? Pick on that false religion and give the Catholics a break? And why we are on the subject, give the only true religion, which so happens to be Christianity, a break.
---catherine on 11/30/07

Blasphemy of Jesus is done on a regular basis by most people and we don't see them being jailed or punished. I think sentencing this lady proves that the religion of Islam has no mercy or tolerance. There are some Christians who fall into this category also but at least the laws of the country don't condemn people for naming their teddy bears incorrectly.
---john on 11/30/07

Many Muslims live their lives in ways we all would consider moral. It is just the extreme fundamentalists that expect such punishments and other actions to be carried out. They, to you, may not believe in the same God, Hell, or Heaven, but they do believe non the less. Ironically many parts of the Koran are also part of the Christain Bible, and Christ himself is a Disciple.

Should we treat those who do not agree exactly with us with hatred and condemn them to our Hell?
---matthew on 11/30/07

If their punishment for blasphemy is forty lashes or death, and as some Christain believe our God's punishment is burning in the everlasting fires of Hell, which religion is really more unforgiving and violent?

And is telling someone that they are going to Hell and believing it really less savage than forty lashes?
---matthew on 11/30/07

i can see from your follow up statement the real question is "is blasphemy really that big a deal?" we cant dismiss the respect and awe that the one true living God deserves just because of a story about people who crossed the line. this is not about Gods ego, (you hurt His feelings so He sends you to hell) its about respecting athority, read and see what happens when anyone in the Bible came against Gods man or his athority. its very serious.
---Kraus on 11/30/07

Hi, I can't help thinking it may be more because she's British than anything--maybe making an example of her because Britain is a partner and friend to the United States. I might be wrong, what do you guys think?
---Mary on 11/30/07

Mohammed is not a god he is known as a ,a revered person, by Islamites.The charge is Fanitical bordering on despotism.
---Emcee on 11/30/07

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This news story shows that Islam is even more barbaric than normative Christianity.
---InimicusStultitiae on 11/30/07

I don't you see how you can blashpheme a god who isn't real? I really don't think these 7 year olds meant any harm anyway. So much for Islam not being a religion of violence.
---hadaa3365 on 11/30/07

I would think that being she is a foreigner, and may not know the cultural ways, that this would be excused with a firm "don't let it happen again.", but apparently they don't mess around when it comes to their religion.
---kady on 11/30/07

Blessings to you Matthew, I heard about this last night, but it does not surprise me. As far as Blasphemy, I suppose that is an insult to their false God mohammed. Evidently these children have been taught out of the Koran, which teaches nothing but hatred and violence. Sad, but very true. I also heard that Iran thinks America and Israel are satan. Do not be surprised at anything that happens anymore. I am not. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/30/07

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My prayers are with that woman crowds are screaming for her to be killed. The school she was teaching at was established as a Christian school but now has mostly Muslims attending it. Seems the ones to blame are the parents who sent their children there knowing Islam wouldn't be taught or observed, yet some of them complained. It is their country,religion,and laws it is blasphemey to them since their religion runs the country.
---Darlene_1 on 11/30/07

I think that it is stupid. I am so glad that she got a much lighter sentence. I take it that she will not receive the forty lashes as I had not gotten the latest. Praise the one, true, living God. JESUS CHRIST. +++
---catherine on 11/30/07

Whisper, No it is not a joke. It happened in Sudan. The more extreme actually wanted execution for this blasphemy. Check a news site.
My point in asking the question is that I fear the extremism of all religious fundamentalist thought. Yes, we are not as extreme as the Muslims, but punishment in everlasting Hell is what many expect for unrepentant blasphemy. Is our God less forgiving than radical Muslims? And should we not be more tolerant of those whose morals we share, but pray to a different God?
---matthew on 11/30/07

Apparently, from the point of view of the court, it is.

Many Muslims say that common sense indicates otherwise, but common sense is not really mart of Mahometanism.
---Jack on 11/30/07

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