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Churches Don't Teach Sin

Why do you believe that many Churches today do not want to Preach about the reality and consequences of sin?

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 ---Cynthia on 12/3/07
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It is a fact that what is being preached in so many churches of all denominatons is what will please man. To preach of sin and repentance will not draw the crowd so..there is lots of intertainment and feel good messages.
---Mary on 1/5/08

They are affraid someone might walk out,
OR NOT WALK IN.They are broken branches.
You have to be a follower,before you can be a leader.When one do not know just what to say they will say anything.And if you don't know somethng.You will believe anything.
And they will say anything to please you
just to get your attention.Not caring
if you believe them or not.THEY WANT THE MONEY.
---Jack_8773 on 1/4/08

Christ did not and does not condone sin. He loved us enough to obey His Father to die for us. Anyone loving sin and rationalizing outside of sound Christian doctrine which warns against continuing to practice a sinful lifestyle is not following Christ.

There are legalists and liberal Christians, whom are both are in trouble with God. We should all seek to mature in Christ's love,not abuse it.
---Yochanon on 1/3/08

pt. 1 - churches do not want to preach sin? well the same people who point to sin are the same people who break it. the problem is there is no balance about the topic is. did christ sin when he healed the blind on the sabbath. the pharisees think it is sin, christ thought otherwise
---mike on 1/3/08

pt2-what about when the disciples picked grain on the sabbath. the pharisees pointed to sin, did christ condone it? what about the biblical verse 'deny' yourself'. I don't see pastors & christians 'denying' themselves. they just pass that verse onto another christian that is why 'blessings' & opportunities are missed not bec of lack of faith but bec. pastors & christians point the 'blessings' to sin.
---mike on 1/3/08

Duane-I see your point, but we cannot stop there at the sin bearer. He does not want Christians to fall back into sin or get caught in Satan's trap because they get sedated with your single message or have no definition of sin. There is real world with consequences, not some dream world.

We think that we do not have a responsiblity to live righteous through the Holy Spirit's power. We all must develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit and avoid its definition found in Gal 5 chapter.
---Yochanon on 1/3/08

We dont teach sin, we are to teach about the sin bearer. HE is our hope and glory.
---duane on 1/3/08

I believe that many churches today do not preach about sin because many that go to that particular church are involved in sin.Many times it is the deacon board or some other authority that is involved.Big tithe payers are also the culprit.
---donald on 1/2/08

When the preacher does preach on sin that they are commiting,they vote the man of God out.Sometimes, I think that it is because alot of churches don't have any power over sin and no victory in their church or pulpit.They dont preach enough truth.Nor do they live truth.
---donald on 1/2/08

problem: too much sugar causes diabetes. Vinegar is still a household item that needs to be used properly. Many Pastors are not teaching people to shoot straight. They teach live as you please under grace without keeping Christs commandments. But when some Christian is caught in gross sin or destructive behavior,they socially ingnore them or kick em out. It's false religion. A heathly balance of both is key to survival and growth. "saving some with fear others with compassion"-book of Jude
---Yochanon on 1/2/08

"You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vineagar." It could be that pastors have learned this. That, and most people don't even know what sin means in the Koine Greek - a language most commonly used at the time of Christ. (It means: "To Miss the Mark.") It's most more productive to tell a person how to hit the mark than to chew them out for missing the mark.
---wivv on 1/1/08

Many Pastors have a don't ask don't tell policy and cover things with sacrifice and priase. Many times your occupation, money and status rule these issues. Live as you please under grace, but keep some basic laws-be nice.....when you can, we're only human.. I seem to have read in the OT & NT that obediance is better than sacrifice.
---yochanon on 12/24/07

This is a very good question! Our study group took 4 months on this issue and we came to the conclusion that the pastors want to save their job. It is much nicer to preach 'grace' love' and 'faith'. Read Rev.3:14-21 and you will see what God says. People think they are dressed but they are naked and poor. Sell the 'grace, love and faith' for truth and knowledge! You will not need faith in heaven and there is no grace in Revelation.
---Dr._Rich on 12/21/07

That is an easy one. Filty lucre. Most beleive that they won't have a concregation left to pay their tithe. there are not many true hard nose prachers left in the world, but I am going to try and change that.
---jody on 12/20/07

The sermons should rebuke, reprove and exhort. All 3 parts.
Just because the Lord became our righteousness, it doesn't mean we will not sin or shouldn't be reminded of the consequences.
Solomon prayed saying there is no man that sinneth not.
Micah said rejoice not against me o mine enemy WHEN (not if) I fall.
We all like sheep have gone astray.
Why call the word a lie or God a liar?
---Frank on 12/20/07

Love casts out fear. Perfect love produces perfect obedience. We love HIM because HE first loved us.There is no judgement left for those in Christ. We have imputed righteousness. Sin has no power because of the Cross. It is finished....This is the Gospel.
Shall we preach the power of the Gospel or the power and consequences of sin?
Go and preach the Gospel.Jesus overcame sin for us....
---duane on 12/20/07

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I am not aware of what other churches Teach but the RCC definitely advises its laity to avoid the Occassion of sin & recommenda the "REPITITIOUS" Lords prayer7 Angelic Salutation as a deterrant to sin to seek avoidance. But Christians do not take advantage of this guidance as they are, as they say "VAIN REPITITIONS"and no value!!We continue to listen to the H/S who knows better.
---Emcee on 12/20/07

Why should they when most preachers are sinners not Saints.
---catherine on 12/19/07

Jesus healed a man at the pool of Bethesda. (John 5:14) Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

Jesus doesn't tolerate sin after you have been set free.
---Mr._Graham on 12/19/07

Did Christ die for the sin that I am or the sin that I do? If He died for the sin I do then why do I still sin. Christ reconciled me with God,when God looks at me He does not see sinful me but Jesus. In Jeus' name I can now come into the presence of God.This is the main reason why Jesus died.
---cheryl on 12/18/07

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The churches have pushed grace to the point they have turned it into lasciviousness. They use it to justify every lust imagineable. They forget that when Christ was given all power it included wrath as well as forgiveness.
The Lord warned us to fear him!
---Frank on 12/18/07


Jesus set us free from sin: that means to not engage in sin anymore. Jesus did not die so that we could continue in sin. God Forbid.
---Mr._Graham on 12/17/07

I agree with ---duane's statement," It is through faith we are saved, NOT through lack of sin." If our salvation was by lack of sin then that would make salvation of ourselves(works)
---Mima on 12/17/07

Dosent anyone believe Christ did away with sin? That was HIS purpose.HE became sin so you could be set free. It is through faith we are saved, NOT through lack of sin.
Sin has been dealt with. Wake up American Christians.
---duane on 12/17/07

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Do the math: 1 out of 4 believers aren't doing right. Jesus gave the parable of 4 types of believers. (Luke 8:11-15)
---Mr._Graham on 12/17/07

11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

12 Those by the way side are they that hear, then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.

13 They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy, and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.
---Mr._Graham on 12/17/07

14 And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection.

15 But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.
---Mr._Graham on 12/17/07

The devil has counterfeited the church. He is in charge today as he was in the time of Jesus. The house of Israel and Judah were both banished for paganism, yet the people did not realise this, they followed the leaders, the same is happening to us, we choose to be blind.
---cheryl on 12/16/07

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Trey, perhaps I am misunderstanding you but you seem to be saying that ALL O.S.A.S. churches are the mega churches that seem interested in just one thing - money. No so. Apart from preachers I see on T.V. I don't know any who preach that way. All the preachers/ministers that I know (and that's a lot) do not mention money and preach the need of repentence but believe that once we have been saved we are saved indeed. We still need to repent for sins committed after salvation though.
---RitaH on 12/7/07

I'm not sure what you are saying but serving the Lord and living a holy life is not a burden.
---veronica on 12/5/07

God bless you Mike, very refreshing point you just made there--thank you! :) Don't get me wrong--I'm not arguing against pastors preaching boldly but like you pointed out, some of them get pretty ugly with self-righteousness! :( I know in my experience, love has always drawn me more than fear--fear I have enough of with mental illness but love heals! :)
---Mary on 12/5/07

Jesus also preached against sin. After all HE is the one who said, "Go, and sin no more." And, he used that word "repentance" a lot. If it wasn't important, then HE wouldn't have said it.
---Susie on 12/5/07

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the pharisees, experts in the law were always pointing to sin. John 9:1-2 the pharisees accused blindness bec. of sin. Job 3:1-31 job's neighbors said his suffering is bec. of sin. Mt 16:12 be careful of the 'childish/immature' teachings of the pharisees. Luke 11:46 pharisees put heavy burdens on people
---mike on 12/5/07

Not only do most of them not preach about sin, they allow people who are not living Christian lives in leadership positions. Anyone who is allowed to be ministering in any capacity in the church should be above reproach and living Godly lives.
---Susie on 12/5/07

Because most preachers in the church today are more worried about being "Politically Correct" than being "Biblically Correct" ....
---Anne_P on 12/5/07

Greetings Sister Cynthia, I hope you and your family are good!

To answer your question: Money - Look at most of the Mega churches.

End Times: 2tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears,

Lord bless you,
---trey on 12/4/07

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The church today is more concerned today with numbers than souls. Actually, they really don't believe anything is sin anymore. They teach the people that God is a God of love and that His word really doesn't mean what it says. Years ago the pastors spent more time in prayer but not anymore. It's ashame and I miss the old time way.
---veronica on 12/4/07

That's not been my experience.
OSAS churches don't preach about sin at all.
Everyone is making it in, no need to in the OSAS church.
---Chad on 12/4/07

Chad, I attend a O.S.A.S church and I can assure you that every preacher that I have ever heard in our pulpit preaches scripturally and regularly preaches about sin and the need for repentance. We are a small church with mostly elderly members, many of whom are still unsaved, but it is not because of a lack of the true gospel being preached. I know many people who believe O.S.A.S and not one of them will say there is no need for repentance.
---RitaH on 12/4/07

They are afraid to lose their members basically. There is a lot of competition among churches and preachers. If the members leave they will be forced to go to work and supply their own needs. They will have to wave bye-bye to those fancy cars, houses and suits they just love to wear. All the trapping of success will probably cause their break down and leaving the faith--entirely.Tsk,tsk
---Robyn on 12/4/07

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Because, As I have stated so many times most preachers are lost, never been saved. Why would they preach against themselves? While they are holding out their hands, your pocketbooks.
---catherine on 12/4/07

Questions about sin.
1. Is the sinner saved, while still sining?
2. What can prevent a person from dying in sin?
3. How could Lot possibly be called righteous when he was a drunkard and had engaged in incest with his daughters?
4. Must a person be completely free of sin to enter heaven(or to be saved)?
---Mima on 12/4/07

donna, do your loved ones go to church?
---Chad on 12/4/07

I agree with everyone's responses. Here is something else to think about and I'd like your opinion on. The people in my own family living in fornication, committing adultery, and still going to church, they all think they're going to heaven when they die. Isn't this reason enough for Pastors to teach regarding how a person views their life now and the wages of sin is death?
---Donna on 12/4/07

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MONEY, TITHES AND OFFERINGS, ALSO POPULARITY and poor membership would begin to take affect. PEOPLE ADORE a light, fluffy, cotton candy sermon, add some HELL, FIRE, AND BRIMSTONE to the message and IF YOU SIN EVEN THE SLIGHTEST LITTLEST WHITE LIE, could send you to about 8 tenths of the congregation walk out.
---Whisper on 12/4/07

Because there is a lot more to Christianity than that. Stress the positive aspects of Christianity and people will come to church and learn both. If you just stress hell and damnation your church will never grow. The object is to get the word of Christ out to the public, not turn people off to it.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/4/07

When man hears and understands that the wages of sin is death, no more need be said. We are commissioned to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, the recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, and to preach the acceptable year of the LORD. We are to be moved with compassion upon them that are scattered as sheep having no shepherd. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost".
---josef on 12/4/07

I believe that they do this because they know that they will only have packed churches if they preach nice easy-listening sermons and sing lively songs that are only slightly distinguishable from pop music. Their income depends on numbers and, sadly, many churches are now playing the numbers game. The word 'sin' drives many people away and what preachers fear more than anything is losing members.
---RitaH on 12/4/07

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Their afraid of not getting that ole mighty dollar. Some Preachers do not preach on anything that will make someone mad or offend them in anyway. God's word is like a two-edged sword. It cuts both ways. They want their church to be #1 with members.
---Rebecca_D on 12/3/07

Because they believe in OSAS, no need for repentance.
Attend a OSAS church and you will not find teaching about sin or the consequences of sin.
You will also find many unbelievers sitting in the pews, believing that they were chosen. They won't know they're unbelievers until it is too late.
---Chad on 12/3/07

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