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Should Christians Tip Big

People treat waitors and waitresses with little respect, when was the last time you left a huge tip to let them know how much GOD APPRECIATES AND LOVES THEM, & at the end say GOD BLESS YOU?

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 ---Whisper on 12/4/07
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aka, you are not my enemy (I hope). I try to live by Godly standards but I am also human too. just because you may not agree with me, I will keep tipping if I get good service. to me it doesn't really matter how you feel or think. I will always do what I think is proper.
---shira4368 on 7/15/12

//aka, you are the most judgemental person I ever saw. //

she said rather judgementally (sic).

shira, you do not need to defend you. i do not need to defend me. i know that i have many problems and when they are pointed out, as much as the truth may hurt, i try not to get too defensive. nevertheless, there are some that strain on a knat.

Pro_27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.
---aka on 7/14/12

aka, you are the most judgemental person I ever saw. I surely don't think like you...praise God. I said I tip when the waiters are good. don't you understand that? that is what you should do too so the waiters don't have to wait on you for nothing. one thing I won't do is take the credit for what another does. I never said a word to my friends, I just moved the money where it should be in the first place.
---shira4368 on 7/14/12

//God knows my generosity but you are in fact asking me to let the waiter or waitress think a lie.// ---shira4368 on 7/14/12

if you think that waiters/waitresses are thinking "who" instead of "how much", you are seriously deluded.

but, again, you are missing the mark. love (that is God's love) covers all offenses. You think that God does not know how to work it out without your pettiness?

now, since "somebody" was generous to her/him, that person may decide to be more generous where they were not before.

yes, God knows your your limited generosity. and he will reward you the same way. and you have already spent it.
---aka on 7/14/12

aka, you are wrong in your assessment of my reasoning. these people never tip and I mean never. you are right, God knows my generosity but you are in fact asking me to let the waiter or waitress think a lie. If someone isn't going to tip at all, then why should I let the waiter think everyone is tipping. If some people never tip, they are being selfish in using my money to their advantage.
---shira4368 on 7/14/12

once I left the tip and my friend took the tip and put it in the middle of the table as if everyone tipped but I took and put it where I was sitting. that is pure selfishness.
---shira4368 on 7/13/12

yes, it was. but, to be honest, your actions were based in pride.

Pro covers all offenses.

God knew how generous you were at first, but you had no charity towards your friend. don't spend your crowns in heaven for a paltry tip that could have covered another's sin.
---aka on 7/13/12

If a waiter or waitress gives me good service I always leave a good tip but if they don't I will put a dime on the table. I have friends who are suppose to be christians and they never leave a tip at all. I am embarrassed to go anywhere with them. once I left the tip and my friend took the tip and put it in the middle of the table as if everyone tipped but I took and put it where I was sitting. that is pure selfishness.
---shira4368 on 7/13/12

2 things 1) If a man will not work, he shouldnt eatDo we encourage a lousy work ethic through tipping no matter what kind of service we get? If so, why not pay everyone a little extra no matter what type of service they provide? Do you see a man who excels in his work He will stand before kingsProv 22:29 at least implies a worker doing his best. A tip is of course obligatory, but to reward laziness is a bit much in my opinion. 2) of those who have said that they do not leave tracts, how many would consider themselves in the reformed category? Maybe completely irrelevant, but maybe not
---Stingy_Tipper on 7/13/12

I have always been a big tipper. I tip cab-drivers.
---catherine on 2/19/10

Absolutely, leave a good tip!! My wife(who is closer than six is to seven) sometimes gives me a talking too but I try to be generous to a fault. I also try to find something to be complementary to people who wait on tables.
---mima on 2/18/10

It is embarrassing what I see my brothers and sisters in Christ tipping on Sunday noon lunch out. Our daughter is also a waitress and it is a general joke "Sunday Christians " are cheap and bad tippers. SOmetimes not very Christian like.
---Leslie on 2/18/10

My son has worked in food services for many years. He has waited tables and says that church groups are the worst tipers.

I worked at at ski resort a couple of winters and found that church groups were the slobs.

I wonder why people don't want to be a Christian?
---Pastor_Herb on 1/2/08

Unless the customer is a regular in the restaurant, leaving a big tip really does litte good, other than making the waitress/waiter happy. A Christian should always stay with the normal tipping customs. Right now it 15-20% Like many college students our daughter waited on tables, and they don't really remember large tipperwho visit only once in a while, compared to a regular. These persons will have the most influence, but keep the tipping in the norm. Don't "stiff" the waitress/waiter.
---wivv on 1/1/08

In the U.K. things are different because the minimum wage applies to all professions and to people in particular age groups. The min. wage increased with age (in groups). No min. wage is reduced because some occupations might involve tipping. However, tips must be declared on tax returns and are taxable. I can understand now, from what some of you say, why in the U.S. you feel more obligated to tip than many of us do here.
---RitaH on 12/25/07


I don't know how it is in the UK, but I know how it is in the US. The minimum wage laws ensure all workers ideally get at certain nominal hourly wage.

However, some occupations traditionally get tips. The government takes this into account, and the minimum wage for them is lowered accordingly, assuming people in these jobs will get average tips (15% in the food industry). If you tip 15%, the waiter or waitress will get the bare minimum wage. If you tip less, they won't even get that.
---StrpngAxe on 12/24/07

I fail to see how tipping big or tipping for bad service or paying anything other than the stated price can be considered 'witnessing'. Most waiters/waitresses will walk away with their big tip after giving bad service thinking "What a mug he/she is" and will think it's O.K. to give bad service because they'll get a tip anyway. If you want to 'witness with a tip' leave a tract under your plate.
---RitaH on 12/24/07

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I don't know about the UK but in the USA, restaurant workers/waiters/servers do not make the regular minimum wage. They only make $2.60 per hour plus tips. That's about half of minimum wage and no one in a factory hardly ever makes minimum wage . . they make more.
---Gena on 12/23/07

I tip 20% plus if I ask for anything extra - send something back or want a second cup of coffee I throw in an extra dollar or two.
We are to witness all the time and sometimes use with tips.
Yes I do tip for bad service - usually 10-15% but that's only been 3-4 times in many years.
If they give me a hard time I take it off the top
---Andrea on 12/21/07

I always tip.When i was just a kid I worked as a waitress and part of their wages is the tip.Sometimes if a person ignores me is rude or obnoxious i don't but that is probably a bad attitude on my part and not very christian of me.
---shirley on 12/21/07

Whenever I go out to eat, I leave a big ol' tip. They deserve it.
---sue on 12/21/07

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Side story about tipping. In China there are no beggars on the streets. The only place I saw beggars was at the door of the "passport church" this church made up of many different nationalities is the only church in which the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned. And without a passport you cannot get in, Another words the only Christian Church in China. And the beggars knew for certain that they would receive handouts from Christian people. That's practical Christianity in practice.
---Mima on 12/20/07

Always over-tip your wait person, especially for a breakfast bill. Go ahead and leave 3 or 4 bucks for an $8 breakfast, or do you think your server will be thrilled with $1.20 for a half hour of her efforts. Those people who go to the pains of figuring 15% to the penny probably shouldn't be spending money on eating out to begin with.
---Jasper on 12/5/07

My husband is a great tipper. It took me awhile to realize how important this practice was when we first got married. Even if we get bad service, he will tip. I have seen people who were having a terrible day at work turn their attitudes around immediately when they receive a good tip. Most waiters/waitresses make their living off tips. You can never outgive God. He blesses everyone who does good things.
---Susie on 12/4/07

1. In U.K. we have laws regarding what people should be paid i.e the minimum wage for different age groups. It is absolutely illegal to pay less than this. There is no reason why a person on the minimum wage in a service industry (e.g. waitress) should expect a tip when someone in a sewing factory, on the same wage, has no chance of being tipped. Should the machinist be expected to tip the waitress when they both earn the same?
---RitaH on 12/4/07

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2. The waitress wont be adding 15% to the cost of the garment made by the machinist when she buys an item. Should anyone feel they should ever tip anyone? I think it is an obnoxious practice and should be banned and employers should have to pay fair wages to their employees. Tipping is a con, service charges are a con. Prices should be fair for the service or product provided and all employees paid fairly.
---RitaH on 12/4/07

Absolutely. I love to tip big. And God is very concern on how we treat other people. We never look down on people. After all, who are we?
---catherine on 12/4/07

I have worked as a food server in the past. Because I understand the job from the inside I tip a minnimum of 20%, sometimes more if the server goes above and beyond. I love tipping, it is the Sicillian in me.
---Ryan_Z on 12/4/07

Food servers and certain other workers are taxed for tips they should be receiving at the rate of !5% of each receipt, whether or not a tip was paid.

It's an important part of their income, and wages are paid accordingly.
---Jack on 12/4/07

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That is a nice and compassionate thing to do for anyone not just a christian. Kindness is for everyone to share. Helping others is a great way to receive an instant high and wonderful feeling that lasts a long time. I do tip. Not always large but I do believe in showing my appreciation to others in some small way,if possible. Tipping a waiter or waitress is one of those ways.
---Robyn on 12/4/07

I qualify!! I strongly believe in tipping, I also understand that some people do have the money to tip but I do and I'm going to. I have never been a waitress but I did drive a taxi for the experience of having done so. This situation is a bone of contention among many people. And as I write this answer I want to say, thanks to God for my many financial blessings. Strangely, this question has deeply touched
---Mima on 12/4/07

I believe that your statement was too general. I respect waiters/waitresses and tip according the the service.
---Annie on 12/4/07

Nothing wrong with tipping big.
At the end of the day, it's good to let your good deeds be done in secret, rather than standing on the street corner telling everyone about them, or making a big production out of it at the restaurant.

It would be better to quietly slip the tip in their pocket as you go out the door and leave it at that. It's then up to that person to share it with coworkers if that's the practice.
---lovable_linda on 12/4/07

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