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Christians Witness To Jews

How to witness to a person that cusses like a sailor and doesn't follow the Jewish holidays. I want to ask her why she doesn't believe Jesus is the Messiah, then tell her why He is the Messiah. What other questions can I ask her without offending her?

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 ---Donna on 12/5/07
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Donna, keep praying for her and allow the love of God to shine through you in your manner of living. Our light, the light of Christ should be shining through us to others. People should see Christ in us, Amen? Trust the Lord and He will do the rest. One question that you could ask her is has she ever thought about where she will spend eternity after her life ends here. Just a suggestion, my friend. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/9/07

Why not show her who Jesus is in the laws and prophets and allow the Spirit of God to open her eyes?
Such as:
Abraham our righteousness who believed God when he said into thy hands I commend my Spirit.
Isaac who was sacrificed for our sins.
Jacob of whom the voice from heaven said this is my beloved Son.
Samson of whom David said the Lord is my strength.
Noah who was a preacher of righteousness and built an ark as Jesus made a way to God through the cross.
A few to share.
---Frank on 12/7/07

Mima, in that case I forgot to add that I pounded on her door after dark and scared her silly, talked to her until she was yawning every two seconds, and then spent all weekend agonizing over the thought of her going to hell! I'm all for boldness, but I'm learning that with boldness also comes wisdom. I do appreciate that God has used you in street witnessing, and enjoy hearing your stories as well.
---kady on 12/7/07

To---kady I really enjoyed your story about witnessing.
---Mima on 12/7/07

Donna-I was told one evening that my elderly neighbor didn't have long to live. I panicked because I hadn't shared Jesus with her, and didn't know where she stood with the Lord, and I was going away for the weekend. I gave into fear, and rushed down there to tell her about Jesus. I didn't get the chance to share, but later that week God moved, and we had a precious moment of prayer together. Sometimes we just need to be patient and trust that his timing is better than ours. God bless!
---kady on 12/7/07

You have a heart for your friend and that is good. But understand the The Holy Spirit saves and not you. If you want her saved, PRAY for her salvation and PRAY for God to work through you. Have patience and be persistant with your prayers and she will be saved (by God) and it will be an awesome witness to you.
---jody on 12/6/07

john, our beloved brother - I don't think telling her to stop celebrating the Jewish holidays is a good place to start witnessing to

kady- what a WONDERFUL word in season for me-thank you my dear sister. I'll wait and continue to be her friend, but I'm so afraid if I move in May, I'll miss the opportunity to tell her about Jesus, her Messiah.

Linda - great questions, thank you!
---Donna on 12/6/07

Donna, I don't mean for my answer to be curt, but it sounds as if you may be trying to lean on your own understanding (or ours). You are praying, and God has given you a directive, to be a friend. So do just that. God knows you want to share with her. Trust that he will give you the appropriate words in his timing. This isn't something that should be forced. God loves her. Be still, and know that he is God.
---kady on 12/6/07

Ask her to come to your church, listen to your praise and worship team and participate with the congregation.
Ask her to watch the Christmas parade, what does she think of your float, etc.
Ask her what she thinks about your church after the service is over?
---lovable_linda on 12/6/07

I actually have been praying for her since last May. I have interceded for hours for her. I've been a good friend to her and will be getting together with her on Christmas Eve. Thus the reason for my question. The Holy Spirit told me to be a friend to her and we have been very good friends. I gave her a Hanakkuh gift on Tues night-she loved it. Now I want to ask her about Jesus the Messiah. What other questions can I ask her?
---Donna on 12/6/07

Finding Scripture about blasphemy would be good. I don't know why you would want her to be in bondage to keep Jewish holidays? Do you see somewhere in the NT. that the Church is to follow those? I thought Col.2 was quite clear in telling us we don't need circumcision, new moons sabbath days and holydays. Jesus is all those.
---john on 12/5/07

A Dr. usually writes a prescription on a piece of paper.

I would turn to the book of James, and start writing my Biblical scriptural Prescription for her re, everything having to do with the tongue that I can find then seal it in an envelope and hand it to her.
---Whisper on 12/5/07

Does she have Tourettes Syndrome?

In a previous answer, you said you believe the Holy Spirit does the convicting of sin.
Do you believe you should pray for this person first and allow the Holy Spirit to do the convicting?
Prayer is always a good place to start. Jumping in without prayer leads to offense.
---lovable_linda on 12/5/07

Why are you so worried about offending her? Christ is offensive to many people.
---Ryan_Z on 12/5/07

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