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Do You Give To Everyone

How careful are you all with your charitable giving? Do you give to every organization that asks and drop coins in every collection box pushed under your nose? If you refuse to give do you get harrassed and how do you handle that?

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 ---RitaH on 12/6/07
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I have never been harrased for not giving.I almost always give to church orginizations.The ones I give to at this point in time are a medical missions group,a christian school and a mission that helps ex addicts to turn their lives around.
---shirley on 12/26/07

Blessings to you RitaH, If I gave to every organization that asked, I would not have anything left. When someone ask for a donation, I first Pray about it and ask God for guidance as to whether or not He would have me to give to this organization. After all, the money that God Blesses me with is His anyway. One Christian organization that I do give to is Voice of the Martys in addition to what I give to my Church. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 12/7/07

Mima, what exactly do you mean by "If I don't like a certain ministry of charity"? Why give anything at all to a charity about which you have doubts? Shouldn't all our gifts/offerings/tithes (whatever category you wish to put them in) be given with great care? We are told to be good stewards of that which God has put in our care. I feel that every single penny/cent should go where we know that God (not man) will use it and not where we have doubts.
---RitaH on 12/7/07

WE need to be selective and good stewards. I do not tolerate harrassment. I hang up the phone or if in person, I stop the conversation or walk away.
---jody on 12/6/07

I let the Spirit lead me in my giving. Not the ministry,organizations or preachers.Charitable organizations are not churches and are usually not even associated with a church. A lot of the money is misused and abused.Churches do the same thing. I would prefer to directly bless others with what I have. Buy groceries, give food and clothing to the homeless and poor, myself. That way I know they did receive it.
---Robyn on 12/6/07

Good question indeed. Maybe now I can confess here: although I love the Salvation Army (and shop there often as possible), it makes me uncomfortable this time of year when I've just been grocery or Christmas shopping and I go out and someone wants what money I have left--I feel guilty for feeling this way, does anybody else feel that pressure?
---Mary on 12/6/07

Here is how I handled this. If I do not like a certain ministry are charitable organization I give a paltry sum 1$or something. On the other hand, if like a certain ministry I try to be very generous. Recently I saw a sign about battered women's home. Whereupon, I went into the shop and handed the manager some money to relate to the home. Immediately the manager wanted my name and address to which I said no and hurried out of the business.
---Mima on 12/6/07

No,I don't give to everyone.Certain ministries that I have given to for years who help the poor,sick and children.A couple I have voluntered with so I know they are legitimate and do what they promise.
---shirley on 12/6/07

Alan I agree with what you say about the pushy ones who are paid commission. These are usually the ones who don't want cash there and then but want to sign you up to regular giving. They simply want your bank details. They have a prepared speech about the charity but never any literature that you can take away. My answer to these people is that if I wish to give to them I will find out their address and post a cheque.
---RitaH on 12/6/07

# 1 I have targeted my giving to certain chosen charities and particular missions in addition to my giving to my church, which then gives out to various causes.
Since this is rwegular and recorded, the charities are able to recover the income tax on the amount of my gift, which adds 28% to its value. (I don't think it is like this in the US)
---alan_of_UK on 12/6/07

# 2 So I have already allocated my committed giving, but still have to deal with the collectors.
Often I can honestly say to people with the boxes "I already give to simialr charity" which they usually understand.
If the collector person looks like a dedicated supporting member of that charity, I will give something to keep them encouraged. But some collectors are paid commission on what they collect, and can get quite pushy, and that puts me off!
---alan_of_UK on 12/6/07

No, not all, but some.
---Whisper on 12/6/07

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