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How To Pray For Someone

If your church asks its members to pray for someone in particular do you feel that you have to pray about this in the church prayer meeting or do you feel that praying about the issue in the privacy of your own room, on a bus, whilst walking the dog etc. is just as effective and important?

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 ---RitaH on 12/6/07
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Did the preacher ask you to pray for them right then? Then yes all so when you pray be for bed are when you pray of a morning or when you think about them pray untill the answere come
---Betty on 12/27/07

Did the preacher ask you to pray for them right then? Then yes all so when you pray be for bed are when you pray of a morning or when you think about them pray untill the answere come
---Betty on 12/27/07

Where two or three are joined together is the most effective prayer that doesn't mean of course that you can't pray alone but the unity of the body is most effective.
---shirley on 12/26/07

Thanks Kady, it is often difficult to make the reason for our question crystal clear with only 50 words. Sometimes we have to wait until the question is printed and then add more when the answers start coming in.
---RitaH on 12/7/07

RitaH, well I posted before reading your response to Whisper. In this particular case, yes I agree that it is off-balance. We should not use prayer as a spirituality measurement. But God knows those prayers that are sincere, and those that aren't. Those that want the attention, well, that's their reward, but God hears the righteous regardless how or when they pray, and is just in his answers.
---kady on 12/7/07

Mysteries!! There is power in corporate prayer where there is agreement without doubt. We are instructed to pray without ceasing. You can pray on a bus, while taking a walk or lying in bed. Whispers, shouts, thoughts...God hears the prayers of the righteous.:)
---jody on 12/6/07

Rita I so much understand, and the ones puting on a crying act simply disgust me, as I see it as only a "show of insincerity" false and hypocritical, however, I do recognize those that are true prayer warriors and intercessors, but certainly there is a clear line of demarkation that separates them when discernment is operative.
---Whisper on 12/6/07

Anywhere you pray God hears you. Even if it's at the bottom of an ocean. Always pray for ones salvation if in doubt of it, before asking God for the moon. God is not interested in helping or blessing unbelievers.
---catherine on 12/6/07

I'm surprised this is an issue. As brothers/sisters in Christ we are to lift one another up in prayer. The Bible says where two or more are gathered He is in their midst, so why wouldn't you want to pray together? If you don't feel led, then just be quiet, but be in agreement with those that are praying. God looks at the hearts of his children, and answers in his sovereignty. Prayer by yourself and with others are both healthy ways of praying.
---kady on 12/6/07

My church expects praying aloud so when it comes my turn I do so.I actually prefer praying alone or with one or two friends praying with me and yes I do pray while walking my dog,driving,washing dishes and sitting in my recliner whereever.
---shirley on 12/6/07

If you're praying prayers out of a recipe book, put it down.
Try listening to God's Voice by the Holy Spirit, and pray a truly effective prayer that will receive an answer.
---lovable_linda on 12/6/07

A friend of mine was using a recipe book of prayers for her marriage. Over and over, she repeated the set of prayers, day after day.
One morning, she heard God say, put that book down. Speak to Me.
She did and from that day, her prayers began to be answered - one by one.

Method and structure aren't nearly as important to God as the heart.
---lovable_linda on 12/6/07

Methods of prayer are not nearly as important as having the faith to lift the prayer off the ground, power of agreement.
The Holy Spirit makes the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth.
When are words are so inadequate, praying with the power of, in, through the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ - you can be assured that's a prayer that God will listen to.
God listens to a child's prayer and it may be a string of very few words, but Oh how God loves the prayer of a child.
---lovable_linda on 12/6/07

Cooked up prayers out of a recipe book were effective for the person writing them. To repeat someone else's prayer over yourself, over and over, is not something God wants to hear.
He wants a connection with your own heart and He doesn't care about your sentence structure, as long as it's honest and directly from the heart.
How many times have you listened to someone who's practiced the prayer, even over the offering plate, deliver a prayer that's as dry as an old dogbone.
---lovable_linda on 12/6/07

Whisper I am so glad you said that. My reason for asking is that my previous church seemed to have the attitude that, if you did not pray out loud in the prayer meeting you did not pray. Those who prayed the loudest and longest and could cry as they prayed were always considered to be the most spiritual. My guess is that there was a lot more praying done behind closed doors than in that prayer room and I think I know which was the most sincere. I hate prayer being used as a showcase.
---RitaH on 12/6/07

Effective prayer can come from any location. For a prayer to be effective. Construction of that prayer is more important than location. Corporate prayer is very acceptable when possible. To understand something about the effectiveness of prayer consider studying first John 5:-14-15-16
---Mima on 12/6/07

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I have ALWAYS been offended with the "Simon Says scenario" I would appreciate enough common sense and sensitivity, to request and ask me first to 'PRAY IN SECRET' in my prayer closet, unless it was an emergency, and honestly, I follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and Very Often! I might add it is in direct opposition, to some trying to be a leader, or a pastor, in the church, who, is not at all inline with the Holy Spirit, but some are on target, discernment is key.
---Whisper on 12/6/07

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