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New Year Resolutions

Should Christians make New Year resolutions?

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 ---Paul on 12/10/07
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For all that dont think we should make reslutions, dont you know that when you except Christ you've made a resolution to do no more sin. "Let everyone that nameth the name of Jesus Christ depart from iniquity." That is when Satan and his evil minions come at you to try to make you brake your resolution. So by all means challenge him. Either fight him here or live with him there.
---jody on 12/27/07

Blessings Paul, I see nothing wrong with making a New Year resolution. I would suggest making a resolution to cling to God. Matt. 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Donna, good spiritual insight! God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 12/12/07

That depends on if the vow is made to self or God.
Vows made to ourselves don't really hurt except if it gets our hopes up too high.
The word says better to not vow, than to vow and not pay.
And to vow, fall short and say it was a mistake angers God and he will destroy your works.
Jesus even said to make no vows.
---Frank on 12/11/07

I don't think its a good idea to make a resolution .this is just the devils way of getting us to lie.because we say were going to do something and then don't keep with what we say and thats a lie.and lieing is a sin.If we just pray and ask God to help us with a situation and have faith that he will,thats all the resolution we need.GOD IS OUR RESOLUTION AND OUR SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING WE NEED TO CHANGE IN OUR LIFE!
---judy on 12/11/07

While it is good to strive for self-improvement, making vows to do so can be a trap.

An important part of a vow is a curse we bring on ourselves for non-compliance. Thus, we end up placing ourself in bondage, living under compulsion (and then later under condemnation if we fail).

We are supposed to be free from the curse. We should let our yes mean yes, and no mean no, and no more than that.
---StrongAxe on 12/11/07

Sure, why not? It's always a good day to start fresh. But let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Otherwise the resolution is made in vain.
---kady on 12/11/07

I made a resolution many years ago and I kept it:

I made a resolution that I'll never make resolutions.
---Caring on 12/10/07

Yes. Like get into a diet, finish school, and go back to church.
---georg8594 on 12/10/07

Only if they have the POWER of the Holy Spirit dwelling in them and if they are devoted to keeping it. "Apart from me you can do nothing." Thought I'd remind folks of that little scripture Jesus said in the gospel of John. Love you folks!
---Donna on 12/10/07

Yes ... it as good a time as any.
---alan_of_UK on 12/10/07

Why not? Every day I pray to God to make me what He wants me to be and more like Jesus.Isn't that more or less the same thing.
---shirley on 12/10/07

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