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Forgive A Wife's Affair

I have evidence that I gathered from my wife's blog proving she had an affair recently but She won't admit to can I salvage my marriage knowing this has happened?

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 ---David on 12/10/07
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I enthusiastically hope that it all works out.
---kevin on 1/8/08

Many years ago, more dating questions from singletons.
Perhaps, some of those bloggers have indeed passed away.
But for others, they simply morphed into a new characters for a different year.
Out with the old, in with new.
Although, the language stays the same. "DUH".
---Mike on 1/8/08

Read the story of Gomer, bible, and how her husband pursued her per God's instruction. Same way God has pursued his people from the time they sinned. It takes a real man to work that hard for a woman.
---dan on 1/8/08

we spent the holidays together and it was great being around her again she almost told me the truth but said that it was a friend that had done the deed. i believe that is as close as she will come to telling me and i love her so we are going to work things out i asked her for a recommitment ceremony and she agreed enthusiastically.
---david on 1/8/08

I've been there... as the wife that acted wrongly. I'd give anything for my husbands forgivness. Instead he's trying to figure out if he even wants to be here. I love him. Don't give up. She'll come around.
---Michele on 1/1/08

Pray for God's direction, follow your convictions. If your wife is having an affair pray that she would repent and be honest to you or if she doesn't want to stop with the affair, pray to God that she would leave to continue in sin if you don't want to divorce her. I can tell you love her so stay in prayer.
---francine on 12/20/07

I asked her if there was anything she needed to tell me she got defensive and said that I need to trust her. I love her and would forgive her of anything but I need to hear her tell me.
---david on 12/15/07

I would confront her on it, and tell her you'd like to work things out. As hard as it is, try not to accuse her, for that will put her on the defense and possibly push her away farther. But if you allow God to give you the words to speak, perhaps there will be reconcilliation in the future.
---kady on 12/11/07

You are given a free will and so is she, You must get some time to discuss this situation with her, and talk it out, of course any thing is possible with God, but the key element here, is LOVE, with forgiveness, READ THE BOOK OF HOSEA, AS HE KEPT TAKING BACK HIS PROSTITUTE OF A WIFE ''LOVINGLY''
---Whisper on 12/11/07

You should be asking God.
Do you want to salvage your marriage or would you like to gather enough evidence to prosecute her with? Are you going to hire a detective?
The further gathering of evidence will not lead to forgiveness or restoration - you need an intervention of the God kind.
---lovable_linda on 12/10/07

I am so sorry you are going through this.

Confront her and explain that she needs to be honest with you, show her the proof if you haven't already, and go to a Christian marriage councelor, even if she won't go with you. It will be difficlut to trust her, I know. I had the same problem with my husband, we have worked it out, but it's hard to trust him.

My prayers are with you!
---melia4558 on 12/10/07

Stop tormenting yourself, If you truely love her ,your love for her will bring you through this tough time,forgive her and stop dwelling on it.and stop bringing up the subject to her ,in time she'll feel as though she can talk to you about it.Shes just not ready yet.
---judy on 12/10/07

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