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What Is Blaspheming

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: What does it mean?

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 ---j._nonymous on 12/10/07
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it means when you say something that is from God is not, like if someone is speaking though holy spirit to you, and you say it is not true that is one way for sure
---dawngordon on 1/10/08

Catherine is Correct. The Holy Spirit is the "Spirit of Truth." Many will grieve Him away by constant denial of the Truth that He brings from the Father to bear witness to thier conscience. Eventually, by hard stubborness toward tradition rather than Truth...they "sear thier conscience (harden it)" and "He sends them strong delusion to believe a lie for having loved not THE TRUTH"
---SamtheMan on 1/3/08

Where's Rejection of Salvation in this?(Mat.12:22-32 Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil,he healed him.[24]the Pharisees said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.[28]But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God,then the kingdom of God is come unto you.[31]I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.Shortened to Fit)
---Tommy on 12/26/07

I agree with Cynthia, as to what the word says,,the context was in the fact that they were attributing the work of Jesus being done by the power to the devil... instead of THe holy spirit...
---Tarns on 12/25/07

You know what, catherine, that's the same SDA interpretation that you've been giving for almost three years now.
I will never agree with it, it's not scriptural.
---lovable_linda on 12/24/07

*We did NOT need anymore prophets ever since Jesus left*

Very true, but try telling that to the Adventists who must believe Ellen White was a prophet on the same level as any prophet mentioned in the Bible.
---lee on 12/21/07

This sin is that of deliberate rejection of Christ and His salvation. It is the ultimate sin that by its very nature puts a man beyond the opportunity of salvation. The reason for this is that it is the Holy Spirit who brings the offer of salvation to the heart of man. To reject Him is to act "presumptuously" and thus to "blaspheme" God. Those who reject His offer of salvation are in reality blaspheming the very nature of God Himself and the genuineness of His grace.
---catherine on 12/21/07

Once again,allow the passage to speak for and interpret itself,it gives us the answer.In Matt.and Mark a particular case of this blasphemy is the allegation of the Pharisees that Jesus Christ casts out devils by Beelzebub.To attribute to an evil source acts which are clearly those of the Holy Spirit,to call good evil.Why is it people do not allow the Bible to speak for itself?The people in these passages were not rejecting salvation,but making accusations against the work Christ was doing by the Spirit.
---Tommy on 12/21/07

Please note that you can read more on 'blasphemy' in Rev. 13. Isn't it interesting that 'faith' allowes one to believe a lie or to practice a lie without feeling guilty about studying and knowing the truth? Here is the thing: The Holy Spirit is here with us now. We did NOT need anymore prophets ever since Jesus left. That is why when we lie about the Holy Spirit it is serious stuff! To say the Holy Spirit inspired you it just may not be the truth.
---Dr._Rich on 12/20/07

Lionel, you are absolutely correct. Blaspheming the Holy Ghost is the rejection of Christ. It is the only sin that will send anyone to hell. The Holy Ghost was sent to earth to convict men of sin and to draw men to Christ. How horrible it must be for the Holy Ghost to have someone reject His drawing, reject Christ. Christ can and has forgiven all other sin, but without Christ, there is no forgiveness of sin.
---Debbie_Jo on 12/20/07

Sooo sorry, lionel.

That is the false SDA interpretation of the Scripture.
---lovable_linda on 12/20/07

That interpretation has been posted almost every week for two years, and I will not ever agree with it as long as it goes on being posted. Not now, not ever.
---lovable_linda on 12/20/07


NO FORGIVENESS..................
---lionel on 12/20/07

I always thought that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was believing (or saying) that the spirit that worked through Jesus was an unclean or demonic spirit. At least that belief comes from the context where it was discussed. Mt.12:31.

If we cannot recognize demonic spirits then the church is without discernment, nor can we minister to those with unclean spirits.
---lee on 12/20/07

I agree 100% with Cynthia.
---shirley on 12/20/07

Prayerfully study Luke 12:10, Mark 3:29, and Matt. 12:31-32. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is the denial of His action in the Ministry of Jesus Christ and is denying the Holy Spirit's work and giving the credit of accomplishment done by the Holy Spirit to the devil. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/20/07

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Lionel, welcome to the blogs. Get ready for some GROWTH. What you said on your post, well said. Have a good day.
---catherine on 12/20/07

No more
Lovable Linda
Confuse Linda
You dont know me......
I have only been on this blog for about three months,that said you are making statements that are not true.
The word says all SINS can be forgiven except BLASPHEMING THE HOLY GHOST.
If one receive Jesus as savior he forgives their SIN,If one do not receive Jesus as his savior,they retain their SIN and can not be forgiven.
The holy spirit tryed to witness to them ,they did not listen,they rejected the witness{HOLY GHOST}.
---lionel on 12/19/07

In Mark, chapter 3 we see that they blasphemied when they said Jesus had an unclean spirit.
We are supposed to have the Spirit of God in us.
In like manner, should any of us, myself included, say another has an unclean spirit because of what they post, it is blapsphemy if that person did indeed post what the Holy Ghost shewed them.
That is why even though we disagree, we don't call others lost, in need of deliverance, of the devil and such.
---Frank on 12/19/07

Loveable Linda, there is only one gospel and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul said there were two ways to be saved, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles. This is nonsense! Jesus said that He came here to teach the truth. Truth matters! He is the sower of truth (wheat), Satan sowed lies (tares) the bible is the field. It is your choice who to believe. I place my bet on Jesus and Him alone!
---Dr._Rich on 12/19/07

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Dr. Rich, I do believe that you're probably fighting with yourself over the prosperity gospel, but do you know what it means to be "poor in spirit"?
---lovable_linda on 12/19/07

Blasphemy is serious stuff! It is making God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit a liar. Therefore when someone states that the bible is the in-errent word of God or the inspired word of God, they have just called God and the Holy Spirit liars. The same goes for writings from EGW, Joseph Smith and even Paul who called himself a liar in the bible. Yes, the bible contains the word of God but you must search for it. Trust in the words of Jesus only!
---Dr._Rich on 12/19/07

Its all about respect.When you take God's name in vain BY refering to Him in a slang
fashion or negative expression ot thought,
You ABUSE hIS DEITY.He then becomes of less
value in your life.You don't abuse,neglect
nor injure anything you love....if you love it.OTHERWISE,.......YOUR'LL LOSE IT.
---Jack_8773 on 12/19/07

lionel, no need to role play, I know who you are.
You know exactly what the SDA doctrine is.

For two years, almost every week, you've been giving us this very false definition of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. But you do not believe that the Holy Spirit is God either. You've never been able to say those words, not for two years now.
However, some of your roles have softened up what you truly believe.
---lovable_linda on 12/19/07

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Lovable Linda
Lets get this out the way first,I do not know what SDA mean.
Your user name should be SUSPICIOUS LINDA,without a cause.
Regaurdless if you don't understand,
When one does that there is no other way to
be save.

---LIONEL on 12/18/07

I'm asking you bluntly, lionel -

Do you actually follow the SDA doctrine or is this part of your comparative religions course homework?
If it is part of your homework assignment, or you simply find it fun to throw it and around all of the blogs, you take the chance of falling for it.
---lovable_linda on 12/18/07

If you actually follow the edicts of EGW, all of her works were of a condemning nature, spirit.
As a follower of Ellen White, you will be of the same spirit, mindset.
Your gift of prophecy will have the same tone of condemnation and oppression. It will lead to depression in your spirit as EGW was not in her right mind either.
---lovable_linda on 12/18/07

"To the Law and the testimony, if they speak not according to this Word it is because there is no light in them" "The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world can not recieve." "The Saints..Keep the Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus" Rev14:12
---SamtheMan on 12/18/07

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lionel and Frank - why do you need to hide as a coward would do if you are truly a prophet?

I know that you're not David or Elijah, no one is chasing you - why hide behind all of the names? That in an of itself is not trustworthy.
---lovable_linda on 12/18/07

Loveable Linda,

I am not SDA.

There is a difference between a prophet prophesying and the scriptures that were given as holy men of old spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

As Paul said, we should give honour to the word that is in truth regardless of the messenger. As long as it is the rightly divided word of truth.

---Frank on 12/18/07


When one reject the witness of JESUS by the holy spirit,is there any other way one can be saved.REJECTING JESUS IS BLASPHEMINGTHE HOLY SPIRIT.

What is SDA?
---LIONEL on 12/17/07

Frank, once again, that's SDA teaching.

And I suppose it goes with the territory, when you're asked to join the SDA church... if you believe in the gift of prophecy because Ellen White was a "prophet".
Then it stands to reason, that as an SDA you can assume you all have the gift of prophecy.
---lovable_linda on 12/17/07

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Do all SDA's believe in the Trinity today - that The Holy Spirit equal in power and authority with God the Father and God the Son?

The answer is No. There are some who--and they are in the minority--who do accept the Holy Spirit occupies the third position of power in the heavenly council, but they reject that the Holy Spirit is equal with God the Father and God the Son.
---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

I read the SDA definition of the unpardonable sin here almost every week.
It is incorrect.

To corrupt the Word of God, you corrupt yourself.
---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

If we allow the passage to speak for itself and interpret itself as we should let the Bible do,it will give us the answer.In Matt. and Mark a particular case of this blasphemy is the allegation of the Pharisees that Jesus Christ casts out devils by Beelzebub. The general idea is that to attribute to an evil source acts which are clearly those of the Holy Spirit, to call good evil, is blasphemy against the Spirit, and sin that will not be pardoned.
---Tommy on 12/16/07

This is an SDA quote about the Holy Spirit.

"It would be safer as we study the role of the Holy Spirit to what has been revealed in the Bible, instead of drawing conclusions that are not necessarily warranted by all information that was granted us by inspiration."
---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

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More of the SDA belief about the Holy Spirit.

" The Holy Spirit seems to be the Power of God manifested sometimes through the angel Gabriel, other times identified as the angel of the Lord, and sometimes as God himself. It can't be equated with the angel Gabriel in every instance, otherwise, we would have to conclude that Jesus was the Son of the Angel Gabriel. "
---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

If you corrupt the Word, you corrupt yourself.

The Word does not say that refusing salvation or refusing Jesus Christ is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, "lionel".
That is corrupting the written Word.
That is also a SDA definition, because most SDA's do not believe in the Trinity.
---lovable_linda on 12/16/07

One form of blasphemy of the Holy Ghost Jesus mentioned and is not taken seriously is to "speak a word against the Holy Ghost."
In other words if a man speaks with the anointing of God and you speak against that.
Also, the prophets spake by the Holy Ghost. To teach contrary to their teaching is blasphemy.
If a man speaks by his spirit or heart it's not blasphemy to disagree.
---Frank on 12/15/07

Rejecting the only way of salvation{JESUS}.

---lionel on 12/14/07

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The renunciation of faith or more simply put the denial or rejection of faith. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
---Shawn.M.T on 12/11/07

Anything that upraises itself above the name of the living God is blaspheming in a way. It more is just like a lot of biblical terms used to de-meaning God. e.g Salvation : is a term that means accepting that you are a sinner and accepting Gods forgiveness thru Jesus Christ.
---Brian_madembo on 12/11/07

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