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Raynaud's Disease Causing Pain

I have had Raynaud's Disease for 10 years now and can no longer deal with the pain. I can not take prescription meds. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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 ---Melissa on 12/11/07
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Other than a miracle or drug regimen, the only thing you can do to control your pain is prevention. Wear layers of clothing to help keep the core of your body warm. It's when your body feels cold that your circular system shunts blood flow to vital organs, resulting in raynaud's symptoms. Keep hands warm, drink warm liguids, and most importantly: avoid nicotine and caffeine, and any medications that cause vasoconstriction like pseudophedrine. I deal with it the best I can, trusting God's will in all, and being a wise steward of the information He has given me. Just as a diabetic is careful in amount of sugar and carbs they eat, I am careful to limit my exposure to cold. God Bless!!
---rntj123 on 10/15/12

I agree but I dream the post should prepare more info then it has
---raynauds_disease on 8/7/12

Just wanted to respond .I have it real bad I refuse to go on disablity.So far without pain meds I can not stand or work at all its so painful.So I pray to the Lord to help me understand that pain meds are just a pill to help me function and take care of my family.The thorn in my flesh , does keep me humble .I will pray as well maybe he will heal you or help you except your condition and how to live with it.Praise God for trials of many kinds
---michah on 1/18/11

My mom says that she read that scotch bonnet pepper is good for pain. It is best that the seeds are taken out and can be tolerated in salads rice and soups however Jamaica is the best place for recipes for pain. Like every other advice please ask if your on any medication if any herbs are compatible with your medication in the State where you live FIRST before taking any home remedies!
---Carla on 4/21/10

Hi Melissa, how are you feeling today?
---Mary on 1/2/08

Have you considered acupuncture or holistic healing? (The first interrupts nerve transfer and the second treats the whole body, not just the damaged part.) Herbal healing might help too, but make sure you confer with your primary physician to make sure that there are no contraindications to herbals.

I'm confused, though, as it is highly unusual for someone not to be able to take ANY prescription meds. Is it just the painkillers you can't take, or is it all? And if the latter, why?
---Nancy on 12/24/07

Hi Melissa, just an update to let you know, me and several friends were praying for you last night at our church, and we will continue to pray for you, dear. We've asked God to physically heal you or at least give you encouragement and comfort as only He knows how.
---Mary on 12/14/07

Hi Melissa, I am sooo sorry, we will pray for you tonight at my church's prayer meeting if it's okay, hon. I wish I had some great advice but I will indeed pray.
---Mary on 12/12/07

The herbal extract Ginkgo Biloba helps circulation and has been used in the treatment of Raynaud's Syndrome. Another natural help is essential oil of Black Pepper. A maximum of 20 drops, thoroughly mixed into 100mls of hand lotion, can be helpful. Both of these products are extracted from God-given plants. They are there for us to use to His glory.
---RitaH on 12/12/07

I just read on this problem and it says to keep the part that gets cold covered and to keep it warm. Run warm water over it. God increase her circulation right now in the name of Jesus and restore her health. Thanks for the healing.
---Marilyn on 12/11/07

According to my net research, Raynaud's Disease is rare, but very painful, with extreme constricting often of finger and toe blood vessels in response to cold or stress. But ones say, can help to keep warm, and avoid stressful stuff. I think of how Jesus says with Him "you will find rest for your souls." (in Matthew 11:29) Possibly it could help to have quiet prayer time and relaxing activities???
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/11/07

Melissa, pray to the Lord Jesus and ask Him to heal you. Seek the healer and He'll provide the healing. Ask the Lord to send you someone with the GIFT of healing, and let them pray for you. I find that if someone humbly cries out to the Lord to heal them, and continually seeks Jesus, He either sends His anointing and heals that person or sends that person to someone who moves in the gift of healing. E-mail Jesse Duplantis Ministries. He moves in this gift. Ask him for advice. I will pray for you.
---Donna on 12/11/07

I worked with a chain smoker that developed Raynaud's.
If you smoke, quitting will help.
She had to wear gloves at all times because her hands were cold and circulation was poor.

Jesus Christ sent us the Holy Spirit - the miracle working power of God. Ask God to heal you of Raynaud's.
---lovable_linda on 12/11/07

OW ! ! ! Here I am nice and comfy at this computer, and you are a reminder for me that there are people, right now, who are suffering a lot, who need however I can care about you and pray for you.

My friend is suffering excruciating agony stuff. You could pen pal me your Christianet e-dress and I could let her have it so you can share together and help each other.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/11/07

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