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Illegal To Spank Your Kids

Did I hear right? Will it soon be illegal to spank our kids in the U.S.? Is it illegal in some states already? I know it is in some countries, such as Sweden.

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 ---melia4558 on 12/11/07
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I think the most convincing argument to the "scientific" mind would be simply looking at what crimes kids performed 30 years ago when spanking was the norm, and nowadays when it's borderline or is illegal. Shame of these fools for perpetuating this insanity.

And to whoever cried about being spanked as being their first memory and therefore they don't like spankings. Unless it was abusive, you probably did something wrong to deserve it and you should be thankful that you had parents who loved you enough to discipline you! you have no idea how you might have turned out without getting spanked. Maybe you should speak to one of those child killers and ask them if they ever got spanked when they needed to be. Hint: the answer is no.
---Jonathan_of_NV on 7/12/08

I was spanked as a child.
It's my earliest memory.
I don't think that's a good thing...
I'm against it, any physical punishment is abuse, plain and simple.
---victoria on 3/24/08

spanking and beating are two different things.
The State has gone to far.
Abuse versus spanking with palm of hand on the bottom is effective and does not cause psychological damage.
The state is going to far.
to burn, beat, cut, puncture, draw blood or welts or bruises is abuse.
A little red bottom is not abuse.
---lisa on 12/27/07

Well,I have news for you in some states it is already illegal.Indiana where I live is one.I think my children may have had 5 in their entire lives.They knew it was possible they could get one though so they behaved.My grands had an occasional spanking.My great grands may never have one.Time will show which is right but the Bible permits spanking and I believe the Bible.
---shirley on 12/27/07

Some of these answers seem to say that we should look for reasons to beat a child to save its soul.
---alan_of_UK on 12/27/07

This spank the kids issue is one of the top ten on the SDA sites. I see it here often.
---lovable_linda on 12/26/07

The ways of His Wisdom, will be the remedy
of parents for their children.
Prophecy have predicted that children shall
rule over parents,this is a curse that shall
be removed when certain other scriptures
shall be fulfilled.It is written, people are destroyed for the lack of Knowledge.
---Jack_8773 on 12/24/07

1)Let the child KNOW that U are representing God in the execution of the punishment. Explain to him that parents represent God before their children and that they are ministers to execute His judgment. Ps103:13 "Like as a father PITIETH his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him." So God is like a father and He chooses fathers and mothers to represent Him in the punishing of children. Let the child realize that as a parent do not punish him properly, U are being disobedient 2 God.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/20/07

Before punishing the child tell him what wrong he has committed. Talk sternly and deliberately without a display of temper. After the spanking, tell him why you did it. While he is still crying have him sit down. Explain to him again what the crime was.

Parent should have a brief prayer with the child. Lead him to realize his sin was really against God. Ask the child to pray asking God to forgive him. Allow the the penalty of DOING wrong to be cut deep in his mind.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/20/07

Parents who spank their children run the risk of harming them.
If your not abusive -- can you understand that many people are- and maybe for the good of all children - we should rethink the spanking.
I didn't abuse it, but I could have used other means
---Andrea on 12/20/07

Francis wrote: "if you spank your child even a good hair pull will get you in trouble with the SS (Social Services)."

You are complaining because you can't pull your child's hair? That is abuse, my friend. That is much worse than a paddling. Children who have their hair pulled or yanked should be given loving homes where such abuse will not happen to them.
---Gena on 12/20/07

YES, and if we don't respond, our children will be forced to grow up without discipline. The bible gives us specific instruction to chasten our children while they are young. We know this does not mean beat them, but a good old fashion spanking never did anyone wrong. I think this is why so many children are doing terrible crimes. They needed a few more tanning were the sun don't shine.
---jody on 12/19/07

2)Parent who spanks the child teaches him 2 have wisdom. Prov 29:15, "The ROD and REPROOF give wisdom:

"but a child LEFT 2 HIMSELF(UNDECIPLENED) bringeth his mother to shame."

Oh, the heartbreak endured by parents who have failed to discipline their children. Many such are decaying in old folks' homes across the nation/around the world. They sit by silent telephones and search through empty mail boxes made so by the ungrateful child whose life is bringing shame and reproach.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/19/07

3)The parent who spanks his child guarantees him a clean life. Prov 20:30
The parent who spanks his child offers for himself more opportunities for service to God I Timothy 3:4, 3:12
One reason God blessed Abraham so mightily is the fact that He could trust him to "command his children and his household after him," according to Gen 18:17-19.

The disciplining parent adds years to the life of his child. Ex 20:12

Such a parent guarantees his own child a happy old age Pro 22:6
---CiNdY92714 on 12/19/07

Eli, forfeited great blessings from God because he did not properly discipline his sons.
1Samuel 3:12-14 God's judgment upon him. 13 "because his sons made themselves vile, and he restrained them not." Judgment fell upon his house bc he did not discipline his sons.
The parent who corrects his child will save the life of the child. Pro 23:13 says, "Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he SHALL NOT DIE."
---CiNdY92714 on 12/19/07

Amen. I agree.

Many would probably deny or dispute the generational curses that many have brought on their children.
Those children are born in sin with no hope.
But nobody wants to think about that one.
Such as Solomon's sin being visited on his children.
And there are other references to that they could find.
It is very serious to obey the Lord. And that includes not sparing the rod.
(with measure, not abuse though)
---Frank on 12/19/07

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An aspect of sparing the rod that spoils the child not spoken of.

The Rod comes forth from Jesse. Jesus!

That Rod is the Word of God.

When parents spare, or do not teach the Word (rod) to their children they spoil (rob) them of eternal salvation.

If preachers do not use the rod (word) of correction they spoil the child (babes in Christ) of their salvation.

That rod works both ways as a double edged sword.

Teach and rebuke or you spoil the child.

---Frank on 12/19/07

The Bible is clear that children ARE BORN IN SIN. Ps. 51:5, "Behold, I WAS SHAPEN IN iniquity, and In SIN did my mother conceive me." Ps 53:8, "The wicked are estranged FROM THE WOMB, they go astray AS SOON as they be born, speaking lies." Because of this God has given parents 2 children 2discipline them, 2 spank them, and to teach them the awful results of wrong. The plain teaching of the Scripture is that the parent who disciplines his child does both child and parent a great favor.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/19/07

Only 3 times in my 70 years was I ever spanked, because my folks found a better way. In my case it was being sent to my bedroom. (This was when the bedrooms were empty except for a bed and dresser.) There at more effective ways, but they require time. Parents would rather be "pals" than parents. Plus, they don't just spank, they hit and usually in anger. However, to make it illegal in not the answer. All that will be be done is to give children the "green light" to mis-behave.
---wivv on 12/19/07

Shirley, one day do some research on what the percentage is of adults who were spanked as kids in prison now. I bet you'd be surprised! I'm so sick of this argument. Hitting works if you want your kid to be good for the wrong reasons: I'll be good or I'll get hit, or if you want somebody to do what you want, just hit them. Wouldn't you rather have your kid be good because it's the right thing to do? The only thing that really works is COMMUNICATION, prayer and love.
---sue on 12/12/07

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when can we vote on it? cause that is obsurd.
Spanking is one thing..abuse is another.
thanks God My mother spanked left no marks..however it did set me straight!
And I obeyed her from then on!
---lisa on 12/11/07

Not being able to spank children is what got us in the mess we are in now. They stopped paddling in schools and look what we have now. Hopefully we will get some sensible law makers in during the next years election that will keep this stupid stuff from happening. Timeout does not work. Putting kids in timeout and not disciplining in a biblical way has left us with a generation that cannot do right.
---Tony on 12/11/07

Actually I dont see why it takes a stupid LAW to make parents not spank kids. I think it's wrong and I never spanked mine. It was hard, but worth it. My kids were good because they wanted to be good, not because they feared pain. I dont think Jesus would spank kids. Shepards used a 'rod' to GUIDE their sheep, not hit them.
---sue on 12/11/07

Stupid idea.They have that law in IND.too.If i had not been spanked I am sure i would be typing from a prision.I was a hard headed child and determined to have my way in everything.I only had 3 whippings that I remember but I needed many more.My daddy told me if I was ever paddled at school I would be whipped again when I got home.Thank God for my dad and mother.
---shirley on 12/11/07

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I'm sorry but those heavy handed tactics brought to mind another group whose insignia was SS.
A child must be raised by a reward and punishment process (either only when deserved). It helps instill humanity at an earlier age.
---Thom on 12/11/07

It is ridiculous. I recently got visited by SS because my preschooler went to school with a small scratch not even as long as my pinky nail and he told them mommy did it. I accidentally scratched him with my fingernail. Luckily it was dismissed but it was still humilitating to go through that.
---anonymous on 12/11/07

Here is how to find the Proposed Massachusetts Legislation on Google:

1. Search for "The 185th General Court of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts"
2. On that page under Current Legislation select Text House Bills
3. Insert 3922 select button PDF or HTML
4 The text of bill will be displayed

It is direct at any Adult and applies to Children under 18 and applies to any form of corporal punishment.
---notlaw99 on 12/11/07

Thanks everyone,my parents spanked me when I was out of line, and I also have spanked my kids, and they are better for it. It is a rediculous law!
---Melissa on 12/11/07

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Spanking is banned in some countries in Europe!
---a on 12/11/07

I know "they" have been trying to pass this law in CA, but to my knowledge it has not gone through yet. I haven't heard about other states. Just remember that as we near Jesus' second coming, what is good will be perceived as evil, and evil will be perceived as good. We must stay alert, pray for the saints, and not fear man. God is with the righteous.
---kady on 12/11/07

The law being considered Massachusetts is about spanking in schools, not about spanking in general.

I spanked my kids when necessary and I dare any government to tell me how to raise my children!
---Debbie_in_Ohio on 12/11/07

Spare the rod and spoil the children.

In some states I know it is unacceptable if you spank your child even a good hair pull will get you in trouble with the SS (Social Services). I know people who had many troubles with the SS and some that even had there children removed. We live in a scary society today especially if you have children. If you have more then 2, then the SS looks for reasons to take your kids away.
---Francis on 12/11/07

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I've heard things like that too. I think it was in California. I think that's a ridiculus law! No wonder kids today cause more trouble! The government is taking away parent's rights to discipline their children! Growing up, I received spankings, and when I got one, I knew I had deserved it!
---Katie on 12/11/07

Yes, It was on the news, a little boy did something wrong, when the mother was putting him in the car, he got a minor spanking, she was sentanced to jail, in the U.S.A. I hate how the Government thinks they have the last word ABOVE GOD, so be it these law makers will spend all of eternity in a devils hell, and what gets me, is that MOST of them are too stupid to even reallize it.
---Whisper on 12/11/07

Oh you can spank them, if you want Child Protective Services to take them away. I think the biggest problem with this generation is its lack of parental disapline. My parents spanked me and I'm glad they did. I'll go a step further, if a teacher told me that they had to belt my kid because he got out of line. I'd apaligize for his behavior and spank him again when we got home.
---AdamM. on 12/11/07

Such a law is being considered in Massachusetts. It has not yet been passed, and obviously would not apply elsewhere if it does.
---Jack on 12/11/07

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