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Substitute Curse Words

Some people use substitute versions of a cuss word. How do you feel about this? Do you think it is still cussing to use these words?

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 ---Kella3336 on 12/11/07
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If the tongue were cut out could the heart still be heard? Curse words or their substitues do not originate in the mouth or the brain but are released from the heart. The substitution of a different word may cleanse the mouth however the heart would still be diseased.
---PHILOSOPHER on 12/19/07

Define "cuss word".
---j._nonymous on 12/18/07

One can take anything and misuse it,and so have its been done.What is soft ,and what is
hard must be separated.otherwise...
---Jack_8773 on 12/13/07

Hi Loveable Linda, I was diagnosed at 16 (maany years ago lol) with Tourettes, fortunately I'm in the majority who do not have the cussing problem. A couple of times as a child I blurted out humiliating things and later found out why but most of us with Tourettes are spared that problem. :) The brain is an organ and it too can be sick
---Mary on 12/12/07

It is demonic in nature.I'm not saying total possesion but strong oppression.Even a sinner unless provoked strongly or under the influence of drugs would not carry on like that in public.The poor man or woman needs prayer for deliverence and then to accept Jesus as Savior-IMHO
---shirley on 12/12/07

Judy, FYI "God" is not God's name!
---1st_cliff on 12/12/07

Some people suffer with Tourettes.
While standing in line at the Post Office, theres a man in town with Tourettes.
The lines are long and he cusses up a blue streak. Everyone's face is bright red by the time you reach the window.
Blankety, blank blank, one indescribable word right after another one.
Do you think it's a spirit? What would cause someone to curse like that?
How do tiny children with Tourettes know how to curse those words when their families don't use them?
---lovable_linda on 12/12/07

What we say does matter. How people perceive it matters more. We are to flee the perception of evil. That mens we need to keep our tongues and body in check. If people think we are saying something bad, why say it. BUT if you think it, you have said it in your heart already.
---Tony on 12/12/07

Cussing is useing Gods name in vain.if you use any words in the wrong pretext you can turn them into something sinful but its not cussing unless you add God to the word.
---judy on 12/11/07

This is called using Christian cuss words (ie: son of a gun, gosh darn, etc.). The Bible says to control our tongue. This is not controling it. I am guilty of it too.
---Leslie on 12/11/07

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