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Drops Of Oil On My Door

There are oil droplets (oderless, tasteless and colorless) on my door and in my sons room. Not sure if it's Godly or not? Any advice? I'm sort of worried about it. We're moving soon anyway. If it's good, wonder if it will follow?Do I need to worry that it's evil? Help please!Any advice appriciated!

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 ---Oil_AppearingHelp. on 12/11/07
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Evil, no. Toxic, yes.

Take a sample to be analyzed if you're worried.

Otherwise, just clean it up.

And PLEASE, assume any odd occurrence has a natural source, rather than a supernatural one.

The odds of it being natural are infinitely greater than supernatural, after all.
---Nancy on 12/24/07

lovable_linda, Yep same ol' Elder that slipped in around the year 2000 and haven't been able to get completely away.
Thanks for caring.
I see we still get the "strange" blogs.
Ya know, oil drops from my car... wonder if there is an angel in the crankcase??
God Bless
---Elder on 12/14/07

Elder, you've been away a very long time.
Is that really you?
---lovable_linda on 12/14/07

Maybe your door was squeaking and keeping God awake. Maybe a neighbor or angel oiled it. Or maybe a stray dog............... Oh I hope not since you tasted it.
Humm..... something strange appears on your door and you taste it..
Don't eat those round things on your car after birds fly over.
To Leslie, we can tell who reads the Bible by your foolish statement.
---Elder on 12/14/07

I would not welcome oily doors. Also this manifestation is common to door handles on public restrooms. This could be condesension (humidity droplets) from temperature changes, or perhaps someone in the house has oily hands.
---Eloy on 12/14/07

** All of you who claim this is of the devil, and God does not move like this,**

Leslie, please give a list of all Biblical verses where God caused oil to appear on doors.
---Jack on 12/14/07

**Mold can start with what appears to be oil...Don't be giving a spiritual overtone to it.**

Sounds like common sense, to me, Susie!

YOu might want to read Leviticus 14 about what to do should the house have leprosy appearing on the wall.
---Jack on 12/13/07

Mold can start with what appears to be oil. Don't be tasting stuff that you don't know about. This could be something chemical that is happening inside the house. Don't be giving a spiritual overtone to it.
---Susie on 12/12/07

All of you who claim this is of the devil, and God does not move like this, have never read their Bibles or seen an actual miracle-you limit God. In the Bible, God DOES move in unusual ways. This still happens today, even to a greater extent, because of the Holy Spirit being poured out on ALL flesh in these last days. Do NOT limit God, He can do anything and all things. Whatever He chooses to do (even through oil) He will do.
---Leslie on 12/11/07

things like this worry me because you cant find it happening or spoken of in the Bible. as a rule you need to run your experiences thru the filter of Gods word. that's not to say that the source couldn't be God but i would fast and pray about this. God is not the author of confusion and His works bring peace not fear. If its source is demonic, if you have been baptized into the covenant in Jesus name, you have the power of the name and the blood of His covenant and that will prevail.
---Kraus on 12/11/07

Any chance that this oil has a perfectly natural cause? Did this occur to anybody but me?

May I add that tasting unidentified substances is not a good idea.
---Jack on 12/11/07

It probably Is not from God. God generally as a rule will not work like that today.However, He will do some amazing things. I do not want to come off as limiting God. IF you want to see amazing things from God these are reserved for His people that are walking neck to neck with the living God.
---catherine on 12/11/07

These kinds of things happen all the time to Christians - it is a supernatural miracle. If this causes you to praise God more and fall crazy in love with Him - it is of God, and you are blessed. The devil does bring counterfeits though, so if this causes your love for God to increase, it is from God for real, otherwise it's from the devil. Just know that this is God's way of showing His love to you.
---Leslie on 12/11/07

I certainly wouldn't think it is something evil. Pray that the Lord will bless you in your new home and dedicate the new home to the Lord before moving in.
---john on 12/11/07

Be HAPPY!!! I would be thrilled if this happened to me, God is ANOINTING his beloved bride, sending oil, diamonds, angels, THIS IS WONDERFUL, rejoice, this has been happening these days to Christians, consider yourself, exceedingly blessed, do you feel an anointing, or different in any way?
---Whisper on 12/11/07

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