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Best Parts Of The Bible

Why do most Christians pick and choose which parts of the Bible to guide their lives?

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 ---Michael on 12/12/07
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Most people find themself in a church, not based on what is in the bible, but rather based on their relationship with another person: Be it parent, close friend or in most cases spouse. Then they defend whatever that church teaches.
Example: I have heard several people of varing denominations claim to have come to christ through a Billy Graham crusade. How is it that he teaches " truth" but people end up with different beliefs?
It is because they go where their friends go, and not where bible studies would lead.
The other reason is this: Most people get into a church then later find out why it teaches what it teaches, then are forced to defend it.
Example: How many ever studied the 4th commandments before joining a church?
---Francis on 8/11/11

Paul preached the cross work of Jesus Christ . We are saved today by the cross, not at the cross (Eph. 2:16, 1Cor, 1:18). One cant be saved today apart from believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1Cor. 15:1-4). That truth is not found in the ot. or in the Matt-Johns gospels. salvation is not available today unless we recognize right division and the distinctiveness of the gospel of grace revealed by God to Paul. Under the principle of progressive revelation, we should follow the most recent information that God has given to man. That was the revelation that was given to Paul over about a 40 year period and that is what God is currently operating under today, since we have a complete Bible.
---michael_e on 8/8/11

One chooses what to follow according to what they choose to believe. 2 Timothy 4:3
"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears,"

One may "use" the word to support outright deception(s), (wrongly divide...), Instead of seeking the Lord and His revelation of the Word, going deeper, maturing, feeding of the meat of the Word
1 Cor 3:2
"I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able."
A true believer WILL be led into (all) truth, as He works in us, but some do mature faster then others.
---chria9396 on 8/8/11

Most don't understand the meaning of 2 Tim 2:15. It is all truth, it takes study to see where we fit in. While all the word is for us(Rom 15:4) it is not all about us (Rom 15:8) We rightly divide the truth to see where we fit in.
God's "time past"(Eph. 2:11-16) dealings with the nation of Israel, which had Israel "nigh" unto God and us Gentiles "far off", is NOT the situation today.
---michael_e on 8/8/11

//Most don't understand the meaning of 2 Tim 2:15//
---michael_e on 8/2/11

study, in the academic sense, is just a subset of spoo-dad-zo, working diligently (study) to show yourself approved unto God, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly dividing (handling) the word of truth.

the question we divide through action or just through academics?
---aka on 8/7/11

Because the bible is like a road map. It leads us to where we need to go. We should read and study the bible so we can apply parts to our lives.Some of the old testament is a lot of history and is there for our information and growth. Parts of it. But we must study and then apply what we learn. But the entire bible is for our correction and teaching.So we can know what is right and pleasing to God.
---Robyn on 8/3/11

Most don't understand the meaning of 2 Tim 2:15
---michael_e on 8/2/11

When the tempter tempted Jesus to do only one work, Jesus answered and said, "It is written, Not on bread only lives man, but on every word coming out by mouth of God." Matthew 4:4. Love God is part of the Bible, but also Love man and Love your enemies is also equally God's Word which must be obeyed.
---Eloy on 12/29/07

Jesus prayed for unity for true believers. So what was it that caused confusion in the New Testament? Jesus sowed truth (wheat) and Satan sowed lies (tares) the New Testament is the field. If you want unity, then do as what Jesus taught---period! Clearly, Paul never taught anything that Jesus taught. So, is this the correct answer to this question?
---Dr._Rich on 12/26/07

Thats because they are lost,and they are trying to find an sasy outlet.
These type of people are trying to have
their cake, and eat it too.
It is written,in vain they do worship Me.
---Jack_8773 on 12/24/07

I have found that at different moments in my life different parts of the Bible have seemed more alive to me. Many days I ask God to open the Bible to where I need to be reading for a particular season of life. Remember always that life is a journey and the Bible is our map. I don't always get lost in the same place.
---PHILOSOPHER on 12/19/07

Why? Deep within their hearts they can't believe every part of the bible. They change doctrines to suite their purposes. The JWs can't believe that God created an everlasting hell. Most Christians believe that they will be raptured to escape the tribulation. Most Christians believe that the 10 Commandments were nailed to the cross. And the list goes on and on. Read the seven letters to the seven churches to show different doctrines and beliefs. So, how much do you believe - all, part or none?
---Steveng on 12/16/07

Lovable Linda ... of course you are right. God offers us salvation, and we are free to say "Thanks and yes" or "Thanks, but no"
But if you look at the "God wishes all men to be saved" blog, you will find we are put firmly in our place!
---alan_of_UK on 12/14/07

Christians have a freewill to choose to follow Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the Word.
Pickers that create a church based on one or two scriptures usually become off base or cultish.
---lovable_linda on 12/14/07

Most Christians do not, only nonChristians do.
---Eloy on 12/14/07

All of it..every single word for all of it is to be applied in our life for it is life to those who know the Lord
---Mary on 12/14/07

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Because we like to stay within what is comfortable for us. Our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak. (Not saying this is right or condoning this as the way to go, just stating a reason for the question).
---kady on 12/13/07

I'm sure we all pick and choose sometimes but we all pick and choose different parts, because we are individuals with our lives going in slightly different directions from the lives of others. What speaks to me and helps me will not be the same parts that speak to and help another Christian. Whilst picking and choosing though, we must remember that the book is meant to be studied and accepted in its entirety. 'Bible dipping' is not a good way to study the bible or to find 'God's word for today' for us.
---RitaH on 12/13/07

We tend to choose what we want because we are horrible at being Christians. We cannot stand failure and so we use God's word to justify our life. We need to get back to basics and go with what God said and not what we say.
---Tony on 12/12/07

Shirley, you are correct.

Also people tend to pick and choose because of what is written in Hebrews 4:12-13.
---Rob on 12/12/07

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My favorite Old Testament book is Tobit. It is absolutely charming!
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/12/07

I think we believe certain things are pertinent to our lives and some areas please us more.We like to read about the old testament heros,Jesus birth and resuerection.We don't enjoy the parts as much where we get our toes stepped on are reminded of our sins etc.
---shirley on 12/12/07

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