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Why Bother Repenting

If one believes in once saved always saved, what is the role of repentance after being saved?

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 ---Kella3336 on 12/15/07
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Duane-There are alot of "Gospels" that are false and in the end people will wish they had read and applied the true Gospel to their lives instead of mixing imaginationitive concepts with Pagan Baal worship. My prayer is that you will understand it better by and by.
---yochanon on 1/23/08

Being saved does not mean that you are perfect just forgiven.
Hebrews ch 6 4-6 4For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,
5And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,
6If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.
---brent8575 on 1/22/08

Because being born again is one thing and repentance is something else. You have to maintain your salvation. Once saved always saved is not true. You can become weak and backslide. If you backslide you are in danger of Hellfire and if you do not repent and get back straight with the Lord, you can lose your soul and got to Hell. Repentance is when you admit you have done wrong(to God) and you need and want forgiveness for what you have done.This puts you back in right standing with God.
---Robyn on 1/22/08

Because being born again is one thing and repentance is something else. You have to maintain your salvation. Once saved always saved is not true. You can become weak and backslide. If you backslide you are in danger of Hellfire and if you do not repent and get back straight with the Lord, you can lose your soul and got to Hell. Repentance is when you admit you have done wrong(to God) and you need and want forgiveness for what you have done.This puts you back in right standing with God.
---Robyn on 1/22/08

Christ saved us from past sins. That does not mean we can do as we wish nor does it mean we cannot sin. To many are listed as falling for the "once saved, always saved" doctrine to be true.
---Frank on 1/22/08

Christ came to do away with sin. HE either did it or HE didnt. There is no in between.
We dont overcome sin, we are set free from sin, (dead to sin.) How else could there be salvation?... This is the Gospel.
---duane on 1/21/08

I cannot answer your question as I do not believe "once saved, always saved." I believe the truth which shows that Demas left loving the present world after knowing the truth and that those who have tasted the power of the world to come cannot be renewed when they turn back to perdition.
---Frank on 1/19/08

If today's preachers would ever become men and preach some good old hell-fire and damnation messages like they used to maybe people would fear God enough to live according to the word and put this prosperity and "you are somebody" foolishness aside. Once saved, always saved removes that fear of God. There were only 8 people saved in Noah's ark. 3 out of 4 from Sodom. 1 widow spared and 1 leper cleansed.
---Frank on 1/19/08

At 1st I did'nt relize that the reply to Duane was'nt too ME, And I said to myself is this person even reading what I'm writing, WHAT a relief to see that it was'nt a reply to ME (Duane M.)
I thought i was in the Twilight zone...
YLBD/Your Loving Brother Duane(M)
---Duane_M on 1/18/08

Duane, you seem to repeat the same issue and not think about what you are saying in light of scripture. You have learned to let sin reign over you. Rom 6 CH It's dangerous in the end. Christ bears our sin, but does not give us a license to sin. We have a covenent responsiblity to Obey Him through His laws. We can sin less with the power of the Holy Spirit. That is true Christianity and Grace.
---yochanon on 1/18/08

When we repent, we turn to Christ. We dont repent of sin and expect to be free from sin.(the flesh will always sin).. We need the sin bearer, Jesus Christ.
Man has been trying to overcome sin (repentance of sin) for thousands of yrs. and he is still a sinner.Thats why Christ had to die. Look to the Cross and not the flesh and be set free from sin.We are saved by grace through faith in HIM, nothing else.
---duane on 1/18/08

I think this is one of the tentacles of Anti-Christ False religion and evil imagination mixed with Baal worship calling itself Christianity.

Jesus didn't mean for us to only have head faith that we do not act on. Turning from sin and allowing the Holy Spirit to live through us and help us sin less to practice the righteousous of God is not being taught. Repentance is part of Bibilical Atonement in OT/NT.

Luke 24:47

Read your Bible dont outsource the truth to a LEADER.
---yochanon on 1/17/08

I understand what you're asking. My pastor and I have talked about the once saved, always saved concept many times. I don't believe in it, but he does. The purpose of what Jesus did was for the atonement of our sins, but that doesn't mean that we can sin without asking for forgiveness. Salvation is not that hard to get or keep if we will just let God be God in all aspects of our lives. Man complicates things, not God.
---Dennis on 1/16/08

Rev.3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment, and I will "NOT" blot out his name out of "the book of life", but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.
---Duane_M on 1/16/08

No their is No Differance Mima,
If your having to repent everyday for the same things, Something is wrong, You are not to dwell on the Sins that God has forgiven you, and you are not to keep commiting the same things over & over!
It's hard to rid yourself of Shamefulness for the things one does in life, But God does forget your sins as he says he does.
2 Books: Book of Life & Book of Records
---Duane_M on 1/16/08

---Duane_M is there a difference between the book of life, and the Lambs book of life?
---mima on 1/16/08

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My wording for this question gave the impression that I do not believe repentence is necessary. There is no Salvation without repentence. I believe we are to cont repenting after we are saved.
---Kella3336 on 1/16/08

My question was asking that if one believes in osas, what is the main reason to repent(from that perspective) after one is saved. I am sorry. I should have worded it differently.
---Kella3336 on 1/16/08

Why bother repenting?..We repent(turn to Christ) to be saved. Repenting of sin will never save you. We must turn to Christ to be saved. When we turn to Christ we wont want to sin. We serve and turn from sinful ways through love. We are now dead to sin and alive to God.
---duane on 1/15/08

Jesus said, "go & sin no more", Not, go do what you want & I'll see you again Next Week and we'll talk about it...Gods Commandments are'nt to Grievious to Keep, Don't Fornicate,Kill,Steal,worship other Gods of. Do you remember what Peter & Saul(paul)told the Head Jewish Christians that tried to burden Gentile Christians with Jewish LAWS?Jesus told you what to do. YOUR NAME CAN BE BLOTTED OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE!YLBD
---Duane_M on 1/15/08

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Simple: Without repentance, there is NO salvation.
---Michelle on 12/18/07

I agree answers.

If a saved person misunderstand the plane of salvation in fullnest,TRUTHS thats put before them can not be Seen.
When we turn{repent}to God and believe,we become sons of God forever.If God children sin the relationship don't change{when our children disobey does not change the relation to us}the fellowship is broken.
To restore fellowship we need not Repent we are told to Confess our Sins,He is faithful to forgive,{restore Fellowship}.
---Lionel on 12/18/07

Yes I believe repentence is "Essential". I can see why I was misunderstood. GOD BLESS
---Kella3336 on 12/17/07

Repentance is a result of salvation, not a cause. Salvation happened on the Cross way before we were born.
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/17/07

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(1)Before we are saved we must repent of all (our) sins & accept the Word of God made flesh Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
Once we are saved it is only the flesh that is condemned to sin & death. This is one reason we continue to repent. A more important reason is:

We must continuously repent of our sins to show the world that this is the proclamation of the message of Christ to the World, so all may hear and repent of their sins.
---Shawn.M.T on 12/17/07

(2)If you no longer proclaim Christ before man, this is Blasphemy and He will not proclaim you before God.

If we hope to truly be saved, we proclaim and keep this vow for the rest of our lives because we are in Hope of the Promises of God through Faith in Christ. Who in his own self bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness.

So the role of repentance after being saved is so you may live in this flesh unto righteousness?
---Shawn.M.T on 12/17/07

Matthew 27:3
[3] Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders,

Not only did Judas repent but Easau tried but found no place of repentence.

God does not have to accept the repentence of those who sell their birthright, or in other words trample underfoot the blood of Christ!

---Frank on 12/17/07

oh my, my the answers....once you are born again you are born again of God's seed, you can't undo that just like you cannot undo your biological father. Repentence for your sins as a christian has to do with the state of your fellowship/relationship with your father. Do you want peace in your life? Then get back in fellowship with God. It really is that simple.
---Michael on 12/17/07

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Because you can decide at any moment to leave Christianity.
You can decide to become a pagan or an atheist today.

You can be once saved - forever lost, like Judas, if you die without repenting.
Judas never repented for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

Peter repented and Judas did not.
Peter was restored and Judas was not.
---lovable_linda on 12/17/07

Because we contiue to sin. And unforgiveness can lead you out of fellowship with God. No fellowship with God you are out of God's will. So can you make it to heaven under those conditions? I do not think so. In order to make it to heaven you must be forgiven of all of your sins. God does not allow unredeemed sinners into His Kingdom because they would ultimately wreck it. Those who have not been content to walk in the ways of the Lord in this life would certainly not be content to do so in the next life.
---catherine on 12/17/07

For the saved repentance plays the role of cleansing, confessing being released from the responsibility in your own mind of your sins. Failure to repent or confess does not cost you your salvation, but your peace of mind. To have a clear mind in your relationship with God is available through repentance. If you understand that Jesus is the perpetuation for all you can understand what repentance does. And for that I thank you Jesus!
---Mima on 12/17/07

(2) If we are really once-saved-always-saved, repentance changes us to live in God's own love (Romans 5:5). And God's love has us living exactly the way Jesus means every love commandment in His Sermon on the Mount. God's all-loving almighty love makes this easier and better, as we g-r-o-w in this...sharing personally with You in this love. Repentance keeps improving us in this. God's word accomplishes this and no less.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/16/07

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(3) So, if we really believe God's word means once saved, then unconditionally always saved, we also believe the unconditional guarantee of Isaiah 55:11, that Your word "shall" have us succeed at doing every New Testament command the way **You*** mean each commandment.
This includes, "Do all things without complaining and disputing,"
(Philippians 2:14) > "in this world" > "because as He is,
so are we in this world." (in 1 John 4:17)
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/16/07

Try living with a spouse who was raised a Methodist. It is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! He thinks that since he got saved thats all he needed to do, he stops at nothing to do anything he wants with no feeling of conviction, after many years of experiencing this in action firsthand I can tell you it is a DOCTRINE FROM THE PIT, 'DOCTRINE OF DEMONS'. And I have had to pay a huge price.
---Whisper on 12/16/07

"'So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth,
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.'"
(Isaiah 55:11)

(1) So - - God's word is unconditionally guaranteed to accomplish all that God pleases...all **He Himself*** understands His word to mean. If you are truly once-saved-always-saved, God's word "shall" succeed at having you do all He means by every New Testament commandment.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/16/07

IMHO, repentance has much to do with turning away from whatever, especially what one knows is wrong, takes the rightful place of one's Maker in his/her life, and truly regretting ever letting that get in the way of the relationship to begin with. What do you think?
---Mel on 12/16/07

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Because being truly saved includes changing so that "as He is, so are we in this world." (in 1 John 4:17) Repenting of sins and wrong nature brings us to become loving like Jesus is, "in this world." This is guaranteed to happen, if we are truly saved. Repenting changes us to this, more and better, as we grow in God's own love "in our hearts" (Romans 5:5).
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/15/07

If you are saved and sin, you would want to repent, and would repent.
If you don't feel you need to repent, it unlikely that you were saved in the first place.
This applies whether you believe in OSAS or not.
But strangely some OSAS people do seem to behave quite rudely and cruelly to other Christians and enquirers, and seem to justify their behaviour by OSAS. I don't buy that!
---alan_of_UK on 12/15/07

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